How to Find Accounting Analyst Job Vacancies Near Home

If you enjoy reviewing and evaluating numbers and figures, then you might be interested in a job working as an accounting analyst. If you’re looking for accounting analyst job vacancies near your home, note that this requires planning and extensive information on where to begin. An accountant analyst must have various connections in different companies to have a clear view on how to secure a job.

How to Find Accounting Analyst Job Vacancies Near Home

Nature of Job

An accounting analyst job involves the preparation of journal entries by compiling, analyzing, and conducting various financial transactions. The accountant manager is given different responsibilities, including reconciling accounts and performing internal audits as needed to ensure there are continuous internal controls.

An accounting analyst should have extensive computer skills and also be able to resolve various accounting problems. This job requires being familiar with working on balances, statements, cash flows, and financial statements, as you will be evaluating these as part of your duties. You should, more importantly, be accurate, organized, and ready to adapt to set company policies. This is primarily an office job for analytical- and figure-minded individuals.

Average Job Rates

In different countries around the world, the yearly salary for an accounting analyst job varies based on the employer and the type of company. In the United States, the average accountant analyst job salary is $52,796.

In the UK, accountant analysts earn a salary of £29,329, though the pay varies depending on gender, location, level sector, and working experience.

In Canada, accounting analysts receive an average salary of CA$49,000 per year.

In Australia, the salary is approximately AU$80,767 yearly.

And in South Africa, the pay is R295, 686 per year.


An accounting analyst must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in accounting or another finance sector. A master’s degree in accounting or business administration will help you stand out from other candidates, but may not be required, depending on the level of the job. The specialization depends on the employer’s specifications.

Additionally, you must have skills in accounting, finance, evaluating, working with computers and spreadsheets, reviewing, and going over figures, among other duties.

How to Find Accounting Analyst Job Vacancies Near Home

There are various steps set to help you have a clear path on how to secure a job for an accounting analyst job near your home.

Talk to someone in the profession, ensuring that you have advice, job insights, and the requirements to secure a job very fast.

Visit various trade shows; many companies hosts shows to advertise vacancies. Therefore, you should consider dropping a resume at one of their tables that will earn your consideration when a job arises.

You can also go online and upload a resume to a job site or send one to an employer. This will also earn you more chances of getting a job.

There are various sites established to provide numerous posts to job seekers. Most prominent sites include the following.

  • This site entails job lists, ensuring they compile jobs from multiple sources including newspapers and career pages. It also provides email alerts when you save your searches. Indeed is one of the most popular job search sites, and it even has a convenient mobile app where you can search for jobs on the go! Simply enter your zip code or selected city of work in the location bar to filter for jobs near you.
  • This site provides background information from various companies providing numerous job lists. Simply enter your zip code or selected city of work in the location bar to filter for jobs near you.
  • This site is among the friendliest sites providing an opportunity to job seekers looking to secure accounting analyst jobs. You can sometimes have the option of applying right from Monster’s site, too! Simply enter your zip code or selected city of work in the location bar to filter for jobs near you.

Government Sites & Programs

Do you want to find accounting analyst jobs specifically through government programs and initiatives? Do you simply want more job search resources provided to citizens by the government? Visit the sites below established in various countries to start working within government corporations as an accounting analyst, or simply to find more job resources provided by the government!

In the US, you can visit the government-run website to find specific resources for your job search process.

If you live in the UK, you should visit the website to search for specific jobs within the accounting sector in the United Kingdom.

Canada’s valuable government resource also provides job searching systems when you navigate to the Jobs and the workplace tab under their main menu.

And if you live in Australia and are seeking a new job, head to to utilize the job search resources provided by the Deparment of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business.

For South Africans, there are resources provided when you visit online!


Securing a position as an accounting analyst near home is not so stressful anymore since the above guidelines will help you achieve your dream job with less effort. An accounting analyst plays a significant role in various companies; thus, this job is popular.