Business Owner Resume Sample


Whether small or large, the Business Owner is responsible to function and operate their own firm. They need to get various projects for their companies and handle all the responsibilities towards the company.

They need to create business plans and get the finance for it. They need to recruit more suitable staff and train them for the work. The business owners need to generate and review the sales.


They need to hire the marketing team and discuss the strategies. He/She needs to identify each of the various business opportunities and oversee the work process. The people with creativity and the leadership skills can be the perfect business owner.

They need to have the business judgment and make the decisions based on various aspects. They need to know managerial skills along with leadership.

The other skills to enter in the field of business ownership are communication and interpersonal skills. The knowledge of advanced computer competencies helps in the growth of business. The resume of the business owner must show the Bachelor’s Degree.


The training or internship in the business department is additional. At times, the formal education is not required, but one has to have sharp analytical skills.

There is no fixed income in this field. The pay scale varies with the expertise which comes along with experience.

Business Owner Resume Sample

Business Owner Resume Sample

Rob Wilson

743 Xyz Abc Road.
Chicago, IL – xxxxx

Email: | Home: xxx-xxx-xxxx | Mobile: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Professional Summary

Customer Service professional, skilled in problem-solving and responsive to needs of clients, coworkers, and management. Poised, resourceful and adaptable to any environment. Organizational ability to handle multiple priorities and deadline situations. A self-starter and a quick learner, eager to assume increasing levels of responsibility.

Skills and Strengths

  • Marketing
  • Administration
  • Client Communications
  • Accounting & Account Management
  • Order processing
  • Technical writing and editing
  • Project Management
  • Teamwork

Work Experience

1) Business Owner

ABC Business Name, Inc

September 2010 to Present

  • Successfully built customer loyalty by interacting with clients on a daily basis.
  • Created, designed and operates a profitable small business.
  • Performs multiple operational tasks, works well under pressure in deadline situations.
  • Designed company website, logo, and marketing brochures.
  • Hire, manage and train new employees.
  • Implementing policies and procedures to ensure a safe and caring day care environment.
  • Performs market research activities and competitive analysis to facilitate implementation of aggressive company marketing strategy.
  • Schedule appointments, maintain company calendar and answer telephone calls.
  • Manage payroll, invoicing and billing processing.


2) Inflight Crewmember

XYZ Airways

January 2008 to August 2010

  • Provided leadership, direction, and assistance to fellow employees and passengers.
  • Complied with FAA Regulations, continuously monitored and maintained all safety conditions and emergency equipment while on the ground and in-flight.
  • Provided high-quality in-flight service (beverage, snacks, and other needs), consistent with JetBlue standards.
  • Effectively marketed and sold onboard products and generated incremental revenue from passengers.
  • Acted as an accurate source of information to passengers, initiated service recovery situations.


3) Sales Representative

ABC Salon

September 2006 to February 2007

  • Developed leads through cold calling: met with clients to identify their needs.
  • Managed sales and account maintenance to over 500 hair salons in Boston territory.
  • Independently maintained relationships with company personnel to increase visibility.


4) Owner

ABC Company Name, Inc

September 1999 to September 2006

  • Created, designed and operated a profitable small business.
  • Developed monthly sales plans: set goals: identified account maintenance needed.
  • Performed multiple operational tasks, worked well under pressure in deadline situations.
  • Managed and trained new employees; scheduled employee meetings, goals and activities.
  • Performed market research activities and competitive analysis to facilitate implementation of aggressive company marketing strategy.
  • Scheduled and maintained grooming appointments and answered telephone calls.

Educational Qualification

Restaurant Management

ABC College – Charlestown, MA

—– References Available upon Request –—


Here are few shorter examples which will give you more idea about how to write a resume for the position of Business Owner.

Check these Business Owner resume samples.

I hope you find something interesting and valuable from these examples.

Example 1:

Business Owner/Operator

Location: New York, NY

Experience: 4 Years


  • I am a housekeeper and I clean homes.
  • Advertise and sell my services on a daily basis.
  • Providing exceptional customer service.


  • I have moved my business to different states, and while doing so was always able to keep happy satisfied regular customers.
  • I have run a business completely on my own for about 3 years.

Skills Used:

  • Sales, customer service, accounting, housekeeping. I believe running my own business shows how independent, organized, and resourceful I am as well.


Example 2:

Small Business Owner

Location: Willowbrook, IL

Experience: 3 Years

  • Organized schedule to meet the needs of customers
  • Kept detailed, organized records of jobs performed
  • Created effective marketing campaigns
  • Utilized QuickBooks online for accounting purposes
  • Facilitated marketing plan, resulting in a 20% business growth


Example 3:

Small Business Owner

Location: East Boston, MA

Experience: 4 Years

  • Laser engrave a variety of sports items with personalized information
  • Work with business owners, high school AD’s, colleges, pro teams, and athletes.
  • Responsible for day to day activities.
  • Draw and create logos using Corel Suite


Example 4:

Business Owner/Manager

Location: Chelmsford, MA

Experience: 6 Years

  • Contracting with various companies to ensure the supplies necessary for testing services were available.
  • To check new sources for supplies to be sure we were receiving the best possible pricing for all materials.
  • Kept an inventory of up-to-date testing materials for programs that were used throughout the year.
  • Worked with hospitals and universities, including military facilities, to ensure that we were able to provide them with testing items requested according to their requirements.
  • Provided timely delivery and receipt of materials from programs including any issues with change orders.
  • Kept up-to-date spreadsheets of over 150 programs including contact information to be sure they received necessary info about their purchase orders and contracts.
  • Invoicing and billing according to requirements of individual programs and their purchase orders.
  • Tracked orders to be sure they were received by programs in a timely manner.
  • Excellent organizational, multi-task skills and very detail oriented.
  • Proofreading and keyboard skills with excellent speed and accuracy.
  • Complete charge of accounts receivable accounts payable, bookkeeping using Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet skills, years of experience with proper telephone and online communications, hiring of hourly and contract employees.


Example 5:

Business Owner/Photographer

Location: Walpole, MA

Experience: 15 Years

  • Managed a successful small business of 14+ years, including marketing: branding, web & print advertising, client communications & management, P&L, accounting, and order fulfillment.
  • Technical & computer expertise, computer hardware, software, the internet. Microsoft Certified Network Engineer, extensive desktop, laptop and network experience.
  • Extensive software experience with Adobe Creative Suite, including Adobe Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom, MS Office; Word, Excel, Project, QuickBooks, Adobe Acrobat, basic HTML Coding, WordPress.
  • Networking, SEO, social media management & communication experience.
  • Highly organized and self-motivated; detail oriented team players also proved to be capable of independence and leadership in the workplace.
  • Excellent written and verbal skills, proficient in interpersonal and technological communications.
  • Corporate technology consulting & management background.
  • Adept at working effectively across generations.


Example 6:

Business Owner

Location: Chicago, IL

Experience: 5 Years

  • Directed cross-functional teams with input from IT staff and department heads to develop a new tool.
  • Designed training and implemented performance management tool for 13 call centers.
  • Continue to develop on-going enhancements to support changing business needs.
  • Business Owner of Chat and Email Customer Care
  • Fully managed all aspects of chat implementation for 13 locations across the U.S.
  • Managed staffing, training, reporting, and technical requirements to ensure success.
  • On-going focus on technical and process enhancements to elevate the customer experience and better assist managers.
  • Led project to promote website adoption and improve customer experience.
  • Based on LOE and customer impact, partnered with IT to prioritize, test, and implement enhancement list.
  • Designed training, reporting, and incentives to ensure agent readiness to provide full website support to customer and implementation of the customer self-service adoption plan.


Example 7:

Business Owner

Location: Chicago, IL

Experience: 4 Years

  • Independent leasing agent and business owner.
  • Touring and renting to clients throughout the city of Chicago.
  • Developed a company website for lead generation and social media
  • Created social media pages to engage the audience, create marketing campaigns and build an online reputation for renting units and getting referrals.
  • Monitored Google analytics, marketing campaigns, email marketing and Google Ad words to generate quality leads. Create a Site map, generate keywords for SEO, PPC to rank up on search engines.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Started my own company.
  • Create and Implement social media marketing plus online reputation, i.e. resulted in 50% more referrals.
  • Developed a phenomenal website for lead generation and more exposure for a company which resulted in over 1000 visits plus a month.


Example 8:

Business Owner

Location: New York, NY

Experience: 8 Years

  • Provides pet care services to clients on a daily/weekly or as needed basis. Responsibilities include scheduling care appointments, coordinating additional coverage when necessary, providing regular updates to out-of-town clients, and managing accounts.
  • Handles all aspects of running a successful business, e.g., client recruitment, time management, budget management, and operational responsibilities.


Example 9:

Small Business Owner/Operator

Location: South Holland, IL

Experience: 5 Years


  • Inspecting job site/requirements, determining the scope of work, writing estimates, installation/service of furnaces and air conditioning units (residential), painting, carpentry, electrical (wiring, troubleshooting, installation, and service), installation of windows and doors, framing, finish work. Installation of flooring, appliances, lighting fixtures. Home repairs and upgrades/remodeling.


  • I started a business providing services that people need.
  • I always left my customers happy with the work that I performed.

Skills Used:

  • Customer service, promptness, troubleshooting, carpentry, electrical, painting, performance under stressful conditions, ownership, fabrication, flexibility, decisiveness.


Example 10:

Business Owner

Location: Boston, MA

Experience: 4 Years

  • Sales Accomplishments
  • Achieved highest bonus level for exceptional performance in Sales
  • Received several employees of the Month awards
  • Generated average of $30k a month in sales
  • Named number one store in the Region
  • Awarded for number one store in the Nation for two months
  • Send out 150-200 mailers a month to inquiring customers


Example 11:

Business Owner

Location: Houston, TX

Experience: 7 Years

  • Conduct strategic planning techniques to maximize company efficiency and maintain its long-term goals
  • Perform SWOT analysis to refine our strategic scope in the sectors of development, marketing, and logistics
  • Managing a team of 6 individuals while developing our product
  • Handling legal affairs such as managing and creating contracts between our staff members, managing our company operating charter, and handling our copyright portfolio to be filed under product completion
  • Creating new business ventures and contacts to ensure the success of our product and future projects
  • Allocating funds to various subcontractors working for the company when designing our product
  • Reinforcing our company and brand image to potential buyers, product testers, company consultants, and subcontractors
  • Overseeing preparation and design of product promotion, marketing, and testing


These are some sample resumes/cv of Business Owner. You can select any of the lines/sentences from these all examples. Combine them, edit them and use them to make a nice & effective resume.

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