Here are The Top Jobs For Beauty Lovers

If you are passionate about beauty, and you find yourself often following the latest trends in the beauty industry, then pursuing a career in beauty might be the ideal career path for you. A job in the beauty industry does not just mean working as a hairstylist, though that is a great job. Unlike what you may assume, there is a wide variety of jobs available within the beauty industry.

Jobs in the beauty sector often allow you to run your own business and choose your own services. Such jobs often give you a certain degree of flexibility that is not available in other industries. Further, if you are a social person, many positions in the beauty field allow you to meet clients and maintain client relationships. 

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of opportunities available for you to grab regardless of whether you are artistic or not. To explore some of these options, read this article. Here are our top picks for you, have a look, and see which one fits you.

jobs for beauty lovers
jobs for beauty lovers


Well, this is one career you should consider if you are into beauty. These are doctors who specialize in hair, skin, or nail concerns. However, this job is not for the faint-hearted; you need to have passion for your career and also have the nerve to handle whatever comes with it. You should expect to be paid about $60,080 per year.

Eyelash Technician

I bet you have seen people with beautiful eyelashes. Yes, you can make a career out of this since fluttery eyelashes are trending nowadays. Plus, guess what, you do not have to study for a whole two years to be certified in this area. Two to three days are enough for you to become a pro. As an eyelash technician, you can expect to earn about $30,500 per year.

Product Developer

If you have an interest in science, this could be a great position for you. Product developers usually test and bring up new beauty products. It’s always about mixing different products, getting the right consistency and perfecting the texture. If you can do this your product will be up for sale. You will earn about $55,900 per year doing this kind of job.

Starting Up Your Spa

There are beauty enthusiasts who are passionate about business as well, and this might be the right career choice for them. The best part is that you will be your boss, set your prices, and create your own schedule. If you are a trained therapist, you can consider opening a saloon alongside your spa and manage your stuff.

Nail Technician

Everyone wants to have nice looking nails, meaning nail technicians are very much in demand. The best part is that you can decide to work in a saloon, under someone or choose to be a freelancer and only work on call. The latter, however, is the best after you have established your clientele. Expect to earn about $24,530 per year doing this kind of job.

Hair Stylist

If you have an eye for styling, this might be the best career choice for you. You can either be a jack of all trades or decide to specialize either in coloring, doing wedding hair, extensions, styling, or even work towards becoming a celebrity hairstylist. You will earn approximately $61,830 per year, depending on the state you live in and the services you offer.

Beauty Writer

Did you know there is a large market for beauty writers? Well, now, you know. If you are gifted with words and have a love for beauty, approach beauty magazines and websites or even start your own blog. Whatever direction you choose, you will be writing about the latest trends and products in the beauty market. You will earn about $50,300 per year in beauty writing.

If you love beauty and are still confused at which career path to take, consider these options. You can even try multiple options to determine which one is best for you! It is important to love the work you do. So if you want to engage with the beauty community daily, one of these positions could suit you well.