5 Signs Your Boss Is Not Happy with You

Having a satisfied boss means having a fulfilled and fun week. On the other hand, if you have a manager who never seems to be happy with your work, you will have miserable working days and often have to repeat projects over and over again. Having a happy boss also means your chances of getting a promotion are high.

Are you in a situation where you are not sure of your position in your workplace? Well, this article will show you five signs your boss is not happy with you. Read on and find out more.

angry boss
angry boss

Your Boss Stops Giving Feedback

If your boss suddenly starts canceling meetings with you or cuts short your conversations, chances are that they are not happy with you or the work you are delivering. We all know what an unhappy boss could lead to, mostly if you are trying to advance career-wise.

Forget things we see in movies where bosses who are unsatisfied will start yelling and throwing tantrums. The truth is, you can have a boss who is not happy but still keeps their cool, smiles, and greets you as usual. If you want to know whether your boss is not pleased, watch out to see if they still invest time in you or not.

They Start Micromanaging You

If you feel like your boss is tracking your every step, take time to find out what their motives are. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where even when you sneeze, your boss seems to notice? That is a red flag right there. Well, some people are naturally micro-managers. And they might do it in the wrong way. Has your boss suddenly started to micromanage you? That might be one of the signs your boss is not happy with you or your work.

They Stop Inviting You to Meetings

Although most employees might view this as a blessing in disguise, it could turn out to be a curse if it’s more than unintended oversight. To some bosses, your opinion no longer matters, and that is why you are not being invited to meetings. That is why, as an employee, if you feel like you are no longer relevant to the company and your boss, step back and put yourself in order.

They Shut Down Every Request You Make

If you find yourself in a situation where your boss doesn’t give detailed feedback, pause and rethink your position in the company. This can be as small as feedback on requests for promotions or raises. If they don’t get back to you, it’s high time you revamped your resume. Being shut down without an adequate explanation seems more personal, rather than professional. If your boss does this, you’d better start looking for a job somewhere else.

They Constantly Recheck Your Work

Likewise, any boss or supervisor who checks your projects with a fine-tooth comb most probably is not happy with you. If they are satisfied with your work, they will not closely monitor your every move. They will trust you enough not to constantly keep track of your progress and what you do.


Working under an unhappy boss is quite daunting. You can never thrive with a manager who never appreciates your work. These are the signs your boss is not happy with you. If you notice all of them to be true, it’s time to revamp your resume and possibly look for a new position elsewhere.