10 Amazing Jobs That Let You Play with Animals All Day

Do you love animals and find yourself seeking new job opportunities that meet your interest? If you answered yes, then take pride in knowing there are many available careers waiting just for you!

Unknown to many, there is a broad range of actual jobs that let you play with animals all day. Don’t believe me? To convince you, here are the top 10 amazing jobs that involve working with animals. Read on and check them out.

Top 10 Jobs for Animal Lovers:

1. Pet Sitter

Imagine a whole day spent supervising pets at home. Isn’t that marvellous? Generally, pet sitters are people who provide basic animal care to pets whose owners are temporarily away.

Pet sitters are responsible for various tasks. This includes feeding pets, providing them water, cleaning up their waste, grooming them, playing with them, providing medications (if necessary), ensuring their safety, and keeping a clean and safe environment.

2. Dog Walker

Dog Walker

Becoming a dog walker is the perfect career choice for people who are physically active, love dogs, and are currently looking for part-time jobs.

Duties of a dog walker include bringing enough food and water for the dog during walks and guaranteeing the safety of the pet during the whole routine.

3. Animal Trainer

Dog Trainer

Animal trainers are professionals who teach certain skills or behaviors to animals so that they can accomplish certain tasks or withdraw from certain undesirable actions. This is a harder animal-related career to attain, as it does require more knowledge and skills regarding pets.

4. Zookeeper


Zookeepers are responsible for ensuring the well-being of the animals living in zoos. Their most common duties include feeding the animals, cleaning their cages, and keeping them from any dangers or discomfort.

5. Pet Groomer

Dog Grooming

The main duty of a pet groomer is to ensure that a pet is at its best appearance. The job typically requires experience and knowledge of proper animal grooming chores. This includes brushing a pet’s fur, trimming their hairs, brushing their teeth, clipping or filing their nails, bathing them, and styling their fur.

6. Veterinarian

The main job of a veterinarian is to diagnose and treat animals in need of medical care. Their usual duties involve examining animals for possible health issues, performing surgery, administering vaccines and medicine, prescribing medicine, and many more.

7. Animal Shelter Worker

Animal Shelter Worker

An animal shelter worker helps ensure that all animals are in great care during their time in the shelter. This includes feeding them, grooming them, and overseeing them. Other duties also include promoting animal adoption and finding the right potential owners for each animal.

8. Animal Nutritionist

An animal nutritionist is someone who specializes in animal nutrition and the basics of making sure pets eat well. These professionals help develop balanced diet plans for animals and help owners understand the value of providing animals with proper nutrition.

9. Wildlife Rehabilitator

Wildlife rehabilitators focus on providing injured wildlife with medical care. Their duties involve diagnosing the animal, providing proper treatment, feeding the animal, and providing a safe environment until the animal recovers.

10. Pet Photographer

Pet Photographer

This job description is pretty straightforward. Pet photographers are individuals who take pictures of a person’s pet. This job requires a proven talent in photography, knowledge in animal care and how to make them obey, and creativity.

The Bottom Line:

Have you found the perfect job? Which among these titles do you fancy applying for? Check the Local Wise website to discover more exciting jobs for animal lovers.

It’s time to ditch the ordinary and embrace cooler, cuter, and more fun careers with the company of animals day in and day out.