5 Reasons You Are Not Getting Hired

Many people dread the job hunting process, regardless of what stage of career they find themselves in. Researching job opportunities is quite a difficult task.

Once you land that job, you will have to be positive and proactive throughout the entire hiring process.

You’re probably wondering why you are not getting hired. Below are a few tips on how to ace your interview and stand out among other applicants.

Congratulating a job applicant

Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter is your first impression. It is an opportunity to bring you’re A-game, so make it stand out. Are there holes in your resume? Your cover letter should address this. Use this opportunity to state why you are the best fit for this role, and indicate if you are open, for instance, to relocate.

A cover letter should be a place to sell your qualities and expertise. Use this opportunity to show how you will be beneficial to both parties. Be precise and to the point. Only state facts, and avoid rambling or repeating whatever is in your resume.

Your Resume

Another reason you might not be getting hired could be your resume. Only include vital details, including your former places of employment, education background, skills, and most importantly, what you accomplished in each role.

Take your time to go through each role, and ensure each section has action verbs that demonstrate success. Use words like “expanded,” “achieved,” “produced,” etc. as a sign to show you contributed to the growth and achievement of your company.

What Is on Your Social Media Profile?

Most employers use online searches or social media searches to screen applicants, according to the Chicago Tribune in 2016. To make matters worse, in the past year, more than half of these companies disqualified candidates because of information discovered in their searches.

When looking for a job, remember to clean your profiles or turn them private. Ensure all your pictures are professional. Your photos say a lot about your personality. Go through all your posts and images to ensure nothing posted is offensive or derogatory. Even after getting the job, be mindful of what you post on social media.

What Are Your Salary Expectations?

By all means, avoid turning a potential employer off by overvaluing yourself and setting an unrealistic salary. Do your research based on your education and experience, but also be flexible, keeping in mind the competition.

What makes an offer attractive is not just the salary. You should consider things like bonuses, insurance, paid time off, education, and training bonuses before you come up with a definite figure.

Are You Enthusiastic Enough?

Well, attitude is everything, especially when it comes to job hunting. Are you a team player? Are you willing to learn new things? Simply put, if you do not sound excited about the job offer, you will not get it.

To show your seriousness about the position, always follow-up after the interview. Send in a thank you note or make a phone call expressing how you are going to be beneficial to the company. This shows how confident you are. There is a fine line between sounding desperate and being enthusiastic, so make sure it is natural. Calling in too often might come off as being desperate.


True, checking everything on the job description can help you set your foot in the door, but to surpass all other qualified candidates, you must take the ball to the goal. Check yourself, and you might find that the reason why you are not getting hired is right under your nose.