10 Dream Travel Jobs Needing Staff Now

Many people embrace the idea of traveling and making a career out of this. Thankfully, there are numerous travel jobs and career paths that not only allow you to make money, but also help you see the world.

Below are some dream travel jobs you should refer to should you feel the need to change your profession.

10 Best Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

Airline Pilot

1. Airline Pilot

Commercial airline pilots bring airline passengers from one destination to another. The very nature of this job means that these professionals are always on the go. While these airline pilots have busy schedules due to numerous flights, the great thing about this job is that pilots get the chance to explore the world. Often, they have layovers and are provided with hotel accommodations in the city they’re assigned to.

Companies that have openings for commercial airline pilots include Republic Airways Holdings and Air Choice One, among others.

Flight Attendants

2. Flight Attendant

Another job that involves flying and traveling is a flight attendant position. Flight attendants assist traveling passengers. These cabin crew members typically ensure the safety and security of the passengers. They are also tasked with preparing food and drinks in-flight, among other duties.

Flight attendant positions are very hot these days, and job searchers can apply at Republic Airways Holdings, AT&T, Mesa Airlines, and PenAir.

Travel Publicist

3. Travel Publicist

A travel publicist takes charge of creating positive and engaging public images of their clients. Most public relations jobs provide travel opportunities to foster client relations, pitch new ideas, and provide press conferences in different locations. Some of the openings in the industry include a Publicity Coordinator for ABC News under Walt Disney Television and a Publicist at Marvel Entertainment.


There is a large market for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Teachers around the globe. These educational instructors are tasked to teach the English language to non-native English speakers. Assignments and job sites are usually located in specific countries, with training overseas. The Danbury Public Schools, US Department of the Army, and The Center for American Education and Culture in China have a number of openings.

5. Travel Agent

Travel agents and vacation specialists are often given the chance to travel to different locations to get first-hand experiences of their offerings. They are in charge of booking airline tickets and putting together the overall itinerary for a client’s trip. There are job opportunities at Direct Travel and Dream Vacations.

6. Architect

Part of an architect’s work is to travel to gain more insight and knowledge about various ranges of structures. Besides visiting project sites, these experts also get travel opportunities to meet with manufacturers and contractors. Current job openings in the industry include the US Department of the Army and at Burns & McDonnell.

Cruise Ship Bartender

7. Cruise Ship Bartender

Bartending opportunities abound in cruise ships, where guests rely on 24/7 entertainment. With cruise offerings, such as free-flowing cocktails, you can both provide a wide range of drinks and travel through various ports and waters. There are job opportunities to see when you visit Indeed.

Travel Nurse

8. Travel Nurse

Travel nurses move from one location to another while still remaining under the same company. These nurses tend to be assigned to areas that are in need of more staff. Typically, nurses are assigned to a place for months at a time prior to moving to other locations. Travel Nurses. Inc. has career opportunities, and so does Cariant Health Partners.

9. Geologist

Geologists and geological engineers primarily devote themselves to traveling to areas where potential minerals and oils can be mined. Besides safely extracting natural resources, these professionals also travel to various locations to see how they could better design mines for that area. The Antea Group and CH2M have openings in their companies.

Ship Engineer

10. Ship Engineer

Ship engineers are required to maintain the power systems and the overall functions of ships, including the engine and refrigeration systems. The ship engineer also oversees daily operations and manages the crew on board. CTI Group has openings for this profession.

The Bottom Line

Want to travel the world while still get paid to do what you love? Check out these 10 dream travel jobs, and you might just find one that’s right for you.