WhatsDeleted – How to Recover all Deleted or Unread Messages with this Application

When having fun reading through a series of chats with friends, colleagues, or partners, you would get stumped when you suddenly come across a message that was deleted, and like a lot of other people, you would want to know what exactly that message was.

Other times it could be a picture, a video, or a status message that was suddenly deleted while you were viewing or reading, leaving you wondering and trying to guess at the remaining details.

With the WhatsDeleted App, all these worries are well taken care of, and you easily view and read all deleted messages. 

WhatsDeleted - How to Recover all Deleted or Unread Messages with this Application

WhatsDeleted App

The WhatsDeleted app is one that helps you read all deleted messages on Whatsapp, including attachments, statuses, pictures, and almost any media shared via Whatsapp.

Launched by Dronax Studio Inc. in January 2020, the app has seen an update, which was done sometime in February 2020 to address some minor issues. With this app, you no longer have to worry about what you might have missed when you see a deleted message, a deleted status update, or any other deleted media via the chatting app.

Who Is it For?

This app is rated for those who are 12 years and above and who can efficiently operate mobile devices. The app is also completely free and can be downloaded from the Google Playstore and any other mobile app stores where it is available.

Everyone who uses the Whatsapp chat medium and would not want to miss reading up on deleted messages would benefit from using this app.

It requires very little technical knowledge and can easily be used by anyone who knows how to operate a mobile device comfortably.

What’s Included?

The app’s icon is quite similar to that of Whatsapp. The only differences being a waste bin in the middle instead of the phone receiver and a small red circle with a smaller white circle divided diagonally across it to the lower right of the comment bubble.

When launched, it opens up to a menu that allows you to start, share, rate, or read on the privacy settings. 

The Start further opens up to a menu that enables you to navigate between all messages, status saver, help, and settings, making it easy for you to use it.

Overview of Features

Several features available in this app make it quite interesting, and we would be looking at them here.

Firstly, with this app installed on your mobile device, you will be able to recover every deleted message on your phone. This it does by scanning through your notifications, ensuring you don’t miss out on any crucial information or gist.

All attachments, including videos, voice notes, animated gifs, pictures, and stickers, can be readily recovered with this app, allowing you easily access the information you need from such media.

The app comes equipped with an in-built preview system that allows you to check the video or picture before downloading it to your device.

It also has a status saver or downloader that permits you to download or save statuses that you like, ensuring that you don’t lose out on anything that may be beneficial to you.

A few drawbacks of the app are its restriction to Whatsapp only and no other messaging apps. It also won’t work if chats are muted, notifications are turned off, and if permissions have not been given.

How to Install and Use

There is no special process for using this great app. All you need to do is install it from the Google Play Store or other mobile stores such as APK Downloader.

Once downloaded and installed, all you need to do is grant permission to the app to read notifications, and you are all set to enjoy the app.

Pros and Cons

Like all things of life, this app also has some pros and cons associated with it, and we look into them here.


  • All messages can be recovered.
  • Attachments can also be recovered.
  • Allows downloads of statuses
  • Enables preview of pictures and videos


  • Only works with Whatsapp
  • Contains lots of adverts


There are some other apps which you can use if you find that the Whatsdeleted app unsuitable or unsatisfactory.

Two of such are the WhatsDelete: View Deleted Messages and Status saver app by Muster Apps and WhatsDelete: View Deleted Messages and Status Saver app by TheHexCoders.

WhatsDeleted - How to Recover all Deleted or Unread Messages with this Application


Reading or viewing messages that were deleted or lost could be considered a miracle, and with a tool such as this app, it has been made possible and very convenient.