How to Find Store Manager Vacancies Near Home

The success of establishments isn’t possible without the help of a store manager. Individuals who are interested in jump-starting a career within this position are required to maintain a flexible disposition, especially in juggling a variety of duties. If you are interested in taking on this position and feel that you are qualified to handle the obligations that come with it, read on to find out how you can find a vacancy near you today.

Nature of Job

Apart from overseeing the day-to-day responsibilities in a place of business, a store manager is also responsible for handling the staff and supervising the overall operations of the company. Other times, a store manager is also required to keep track of the store’s sales and inventory for the day. Often, the duties of a store manager are involved in different areas – from managing the store operation, to hiring personnel, buying and selling goods, taking inventory, advertising, and more.

This position is perfect for individuals who want to learn the different aspects and sectors that make a business successful. It requires personable demeanor and an ability to take control.

Average Job Rates

In the United States, the average salary for a store manager position is $50,688 per year. Store managers in the United Kingdom have an average base pay of around £24,000, while this position in Canada would get you around CA$45,000 per year. In Australia, this position would fetch you a little over AUD 50,000. Meanwhile, in South Africa, the position could earn you around 150,000 yearly South African Rand.


While many businesses belonging to management prefer applicants who have a background or formal education in business or a related degree, many independent stores are now hiring individuals based on the number of years they have worked in the industry.

To qualify, you must have the necessary training, skills, and background in the field, particularly in retail and merchandising establishments. In many stores, however, the company may allow your experience to replace formal education. You must also possess excellent social, organizational, and communication skills.

How to Find Store Manager Vacancies Near Home

To find a store manager vacancy near you, you must create a resume that encompasses your skills and past responsibilities. More than this, you must also visit popular job search websites that allow you to see the vacancies near your place of residence. Some of the more popular sites include:

Indeed is a job search platform designed to show listings in your preferred location. This platform delivered 65% of hires in the United States in 2016, showing a great preference for this service. In this website, you can find store manager positions from retail industries and food establishments, to tech sectors. To filter positions in your area, simply type in your city or postal code.

Glassdoor is a website where employees can their leave thoughts on companies. This platform also allows individuals to apply through its website. It’s become quite popular recently, although many similar platforms compete with it. Many individuals prefer to use this platform because it offers insight regarding the company culture and practices of their intended place of work. Some of the positions you can find here include a store manager position at an equipment store, a vitamin shop, and many more. To filter by location, simply input your city or metro area.

Government Sites & Programs

The government usually also aids in finding store manager positions near you by providing helpful resources. Some of these opportunities are listed below.

  • United States

The US government provides help for job seekers in the country. Through Career One Stop, applicants can search for different careers, types of training, and jobs. This resource is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor and also helps individuals write impeccable resumes, widen their network, and negotiate salaries.

  • United Kingdom

UK’s My Way In campaign allows you to gain inspiration and additional tips to get the perfect job. This particular resource focuses on sharing success stories and advice from both employers and employees living in the UK. The website also provides access to different full- and part-time jobs.

  • Canada

The Job Bank feature from Canada’s Department of Employment and Social Development gives interested applicants the chance to apply for store manager positions. A simple job search will yield available positions in different parts of the country, as well as in different types of stores in the country.

  • Australia

One of the most attractive programs from the Australian government is Jobactive. Through this initiative, applicants can connect with their prospective employers by searching for jobs or positions that are tailored to their needs. The Australian government is rolling out their new employment services model, which aims to enhance service options and an efficient digital platform.

  • South Africa

South Africa’s Department of Labour Employment Services of South Africa (ESSA) is a helpful tool for aspiring job seekers. This website helps individuals create profiles that highlight their skills, which the government will use to match them with potential employers.


Thinking of finding a store manager position near you? Use this guide and the above mentioned resources to get ahead in the game. With a store manager position, you can finally put your years of education and experience to good use.