Compromises Between A Career You Love And A Career That’s Lucrative

Life is quite demanding at times and you have to do what you have to do to stay afloat. In some cases, that means that you have to take jobs just to pay the bills. It doesn’t mean that you have to love that job; you’re just doing it to take care of a need. However, putting off the career you love just to make money does come with compromises.

There may be times when you have a highly lucrative job but it isn’t something you love doing. Unfortunately, what you love and would rather be doing often doesn’t provide nearly as much money. How do you weigh the benefits and costs of each career?

Well, one thing to consider is the compromises you have to make. So, what are the compromises between a career you love and one that’s just lucrative? Check them out below.


Stability Vs. Independence

Now, the first compromise that you have to face when it comes to either picking a job you love or one that pays well is the struggle between stability and independence. With a lucrative career, you’ll have stability in life, as you can easily plan years ahead without having to worry about your income.

Then, with the job you love, you probably have some degree of independence. You love what you do, so you will likely feel more fulfilled. Independence can create a sense of peace that your body and mind will appreciate in the long run.

Money Vs. Passion

Clearly, money is a factor is nearly all decisions we make, and choosing a career is no different. When you choose a job you love over the lucrative one you’re obviously compromising what you could have earned.

On the other hand, it is a common saying today that money isn’t everything and you can feel fulfilled doing what you love. It also means that you’ll be able to put in more than what is required because you’re passionate about it. All in all, you have to know yourself to determine if money can provide you with satisfaction or you need to pursue what you love to keep yourself going.

Quality Of Life

As much as people base their career choices off of the pay they will receive, just as many people base their decisions on the quality of life they will have. This is not just a good life that money can buy you, but one that is full of satisfaction. Doing something that you love helps you have an improved quality of life. This is another compromise that comes into play when choosing between a lucrative job or a job you love. After all, that lucrative job may require you to work long hours in an environment that doesn’t bring your happiness.


Between a job you love and one that’s lucrative, which one are you likely to make career growth in? Probably it’s the one you love since you have passion and love for it. But it can also be the one that pays the most, as money is also an incentive to remain motivated.

Overall, this likely depends on which industries you are involved in. However, you should consider the growth potential before committing to a certain path.



There are a number of compromises between a job you love and one that is lucrative. And while in most cases, you may be tempted to do a job that gives you the most pay, at times you should look at the ramifications. Overall, these factors are all about finding a balance.