Highest Paying Engineering Jobs That Will Blow Your Mind

Have you always dreamed of becoming an engineer? Well, you don’t have to look far, this is the right article for you. In life, almost everything you use was designed by an engineer. From that coffee machine to your phone to the laptop you are using to read this article, even to the house you live in, everything was planned and built by those who work in various engineering fields.

Thank God for technology; it makes landing such jobs even more accessible. This field has become one of the best-paid and fastest-growing professions in the world. Whether you are a graduate or you are looking for an internship or an apprentice, there is something for everyone.

If you are interested in a career in engineering, you’re in the right spot! We will explore the various fields of engineering. Keep reading this article to find out which field is right for you!


Civil Engineer

Whenever you talk of engineering, the first thing that comes in most people’s minds is civil engineering. It is one of the oldest engineering disciplines, and all they do is maintain, build structures, and other natural environments.

You might specialize in areas of construction, structural, environmental, coastal, forensic, surveying, or transportation. Due to the nature of this job, you need to be a go-getter and be able to work well under pressure. Also, depending on where you work, you can expect to earn about $83,540.

Mechanical Engineer

This is another common discipline in the engineering profession and focuses on anything that has to do with movement. You need to be well versed with the following to thrive in this profession: structural analysis, mechanics, materials science, among others. You will likely be hired by most factories or manufacturing plants. Expect to earn about $84,190 as a mechanical engineer.

Electrical Engineer

If this is the career you are opting for, you will be responsible for running power stations, as well as implementing and running other control systems. Likewise, electrical engineers are diverse and can be employed by most operating plants. Luckily enough, as technology advances, so do these job projects. You will also earn about $98,670.

Chemical Engineer

These engineers work with businesses seeking to transform materials, chemicals, and other energy sources to turn them into usable products such as synthetics or plastics. Other than having a background in mathematics and science, this job also requires knowing economics. Working as a civil engineer, you will earn about $98,440.

Petroleum Engineer

If you are aware of the discovery of natural oil resources within your state, this is where petroleum engineers come in. They come in with their expertise in oil, water, and gas to advice the relevant bodies accordingly. If there are any potential drilling sites, it becomes the responsibility of petroleum engineers to identify them.

As a petroleum engineer, you have high chances of being hired and paid handsomely by energy companies. As such, you will earn about $130,380 or even more.

Bottom Line

Careers are quite a few different careers in engineering. This list was just a drop in the ocean. If you want to consider a career in this field, it will be the best decision you will have made. This is especially true since the jobs are always available, especially in areas of IT and engineering.