The Best Higher Secondary Schools For Professional Careers

How is your high school preparing you for the next step? The type of school you attend plays a part in determining your future. Therefore, you may want to consider some of the best higher secondary schools that can help you get a professional career.

Higher secondary schools involve vocational training that equips students with the necessary skills to start a professional career. The schools are ranked based on their performance, resources, courses offered, and the accreditation from the State Government.

To get the best education possible, it is important to choose the best higher secondary schools. To help you with this decision, here is a list of the best higher secondary schools for professional careers.

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What To Look Out For

High school is the foundation for great minds that want to join professional careers in the future. An excellent high school is the one that provides an advanced curriculum and different extracurricular activities that meet the needs of every student.

Besides academic performance, students should be prepared adequately in other sectors that help support their talents. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there is a list of the best schools determined by various factors.

Before ranking the schools, NCES focused on different factors such as; student reviews, graduation rates, SAT AND ACT scores, the strength of the school curriculum, geographical diversity, clubs, student-teacher ratio, and the percentage of college-bound students.

Take a look at the schools that made the top of the list below.

Best Higher Secondary Schools

Thomas Jefferson High School For Science And Technology

This school focuses on shaping the future of students who want to join professional careers related to mathematics, technology, and science. The curriculum is designed to focus on problem-solving skills, social responsibility, intellectual curiosity, and other values.

By the end of the course, the students will indeed have gained essential skills to help them join college and pursue their dream careers. The students have an opportunity of learning through a STEM-based system.

The school curriculum also involves foreign languages, biology, technology, and English. Students also participate in different sports and other festivals.

Liberal Arts And Science Academy

This school offers AP courses, including statistics and music programs. All classes are project-based. Therefore, students garner essential skills that they can apply in their future professional careers.

Students, at times, work in groups to research, design and present projects based on science and humanities. Besides classwork, students can participate in different clubs such as chess, philosophy, debate, and future teachers.

Stanton College Preparatory School

The school curriculum emphasizes cultural understanding and trains students to be responsible citizens. Students also participate in different service clubs, music courses, academic teams, and honor societies.

In addition, 99% of the students join universities after graduation, since the school has partnered with several prominent universities.

Carnegie Vanguard High School

The school curriculum contains AP courses and different honor electives. The teachers focus on student-teacher programs, taking time to recognize different talents. Also, the clubs focus on academics and community services.

By the end of the course, students have the essential experience to help them chose and excel in their professional careers.

Gilbert Classical Academy

Besides the AP Courses, students in this school benefit from having an opportunity to join clubs, athletics, and exceptional art programs. By the end of the program, students can join architecture, statistics, and other careers.

Brooklyn Latin School

The students at Brooklyn Latin School have an added advantage. Besides the liberal arts curriculum, they obtain a strong background in Latin, art history, modern language, math, and sciences.

The teachers focus on students’ abilities in public speaking and writing. The school curriculum prepares students for what awaits then in the real world. In addition, they can join courses involving literature, philosophy, politics, and managerial work.

Gwinnett School Of Mathematics, Science And Technology

This school bases its curriculum on STEM education. Students spend the most time on practicals, allowing them to develop an interest in a particular area.

Also, the school has embraced advanced technology to help students develop skills to use in their professional careers.

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Bottom Line

Overall, high school is the foundation for students to build interest in a specific job and earn the marks to enroll in a university. Therefore, these schools have the resources and advanced curriculum to help shape your child’s life.

Students from these schools have what it takes to join a professional career and play a significant role in society in the future.