How To Protect Yourself From Germs And Sickness At Work

Viruses are highly contagious and cause different diseases which can have a substantial negative impact on your life. No one likes to be sick. Thus, there is a need to understand the basics of protecting yourself from germs and sickness while at work.

Coronavirus, for instance, is highly contagious and spreads when you are in contact with an infected person. There is no known vaccine for the virus. Consequently, the best thing is to protect yourself by observing excellent hygiene.

Many diseases infect people when they are not taking the necessary precautions. If you have no idea what to do when in a workplace to protect yourself, this article is for you. Here is a guide on various practices to help you in the battle against germs and sickness that can come from the workplace.

germs and sickness

Always Wash Your Hands

In the workplace, you are likely to come into contact with other people and shake hands with them. Moreover, you will touch different surfaces touched by others who could be infected with a particular disease.

Washing your hands with a bar of soap is the first step in preventing germs and sickness from spreading. Your hands carry a lot of bacteria that you can transmit it to your body while eating, covering your mouth with your hands while yawning or coughing or when touching your face.

Wash your hands regularly with clean water and soap. Workplaces have water in the washrooms. Therefore, take your time to clean your hands often to prevent infections caused by germs.

Cough Etiquette

While coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth with a handkerchief or tissue, or otherwise use your elbow. It’s easy to transmit germs into your mouth if your hands are unclean and you were in contact with an infected person. To be safe, avoid using your hands while coughing.

However, if you use your hands, wash them immediately with soap and water for about 20 seconds and ensure you scrub every corner of your hands. It’s also recommended to use an alcohol-based hand rub to disinfect yourself and prevent sickness from spreading in the workplace.

Sanitize Your Surroundings

If you are working in a place with other people, ensure you disinfect your surroundings with approved disinfectants. Use different cleaning products but read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you follow the right mixing procedure.

Confirm the expiry date for the cleaning products and use gloves while cleaning. Office appliances such as printers and keyboards are regularly used. Thus you are at risk of being infected with different diseases and germs when touching these items. To help with this, clean them often.

Insist on cleaning the most touched areas such as door handles, tablets, and printers, among others. There are several approved disinfectants that have been tested and proven to work effectively. Use such disinfectants for effective results.

Having a messy desk puts you at risk of being infected by germs and sickness. Clean old soda cups, food containers, and if you have any food at your office, seal it to protect yourself.

Keep Your Distance

While at work, avoid sitting close to other people. Keep your distance since some illnesses are highly transferable. To protect yourself avoid sharing phones, pens, snacks or being on a close-range with coworkers.

It’s hard to know who is infected if they have not started showing any signs or symptoms. So, keep your distance and use a hand sanitizer regularly anytime you are in close contact with any one.

Create Awareness

If you are clean and have taken every measure to protect yourself, great job. However, this will only go so far if those around you are not adopting the same practices. Therefore, there is a need to educate others. If your coworkers do not understand the various ways they can contact a disease, it will still be dangerous for you.

When your colleagues are infected, you are at a high risk of being infected. Advise them on how to maintain hygiene in a workplace to prevent the spread of germs. If everyone around you uses a sanitizer and disinfects their desks a surrounding, you are reducing your chances of being sick.

germs and sickness

Bottom Line

Germs and sickness can be avoided if you make efforts to protect yourself in different ways, such as maintaining personal hygiene. Ensure that you have hand sanitizer to clean your hands regularly. Also, adopt a habit of not touching your face with your hands.