Find the Best Jobs at Walmart

Walmart is a place where you can go shopping for your monthly groceries, hop in to buy a gallon of milk or loaf of bread, buy a new mattress, and also get advice on your tax return. You can even get your tires serviced here or choose to visit the garden center.

Everything provided by this corporation is under one roof. According to Glassdoor reviews, Walmart is reported to have some well-paying jobs for its employees.

If you are thinking about the prospects of pursuing a career at Walmart, here are some of the best jobs you can choose from.

1. Store Manager

Store Manager is one of the best jobs at Walmart, paying an average of $140k per year, plus other benefits. One of the former employees who worked as store manager wrote in a review on Glassdoor how he enjoyed great compensation packages and was also able to work with a diverse group of people.

However, this job comes with its stressors; they are responsible for supervising employees, enforcing regulations, tracking inventory, processing payroll, etc. It comes with so many responsibilities and a fat paycheck, as well.

2. Shift Manager

According to Glassdoor reviews, shift managers at Walmart earn more than $65,000 yearly. When you add bonuses and other incentives, it comes to about $78,000. Most shift managers at Walmart complain of working long hours, having a challenging work and life balance, plus too much workload. Despite all that, this job topped our list because it comes with advancement opportunities, even for people without degrees.

3. Assistant Manager

Assistant managers earn an average of $45,000 per year. If you factor in incentives and other bonuses, it comes to around $48,000 per year. To qualify as an assistant manager, you need two years of college experience, one year of retail experience, and one year of supervisory experience.

You will have to meet financial performance goals, manage associates, and implement customer service guidelines. Whereas this might sound like too much workload, it is an excellent opportunity to polish your skills and move up the career ladder.

4. Pharmacy Manager

A pharmacy manager at Walmart earns upwards of $125k per year. When you factor in cash bonuses, you could be earning even more! They are usually responsible for increasing profit and driving sales in Walmart pharmacies. They are also responsible for keeping customers’ records and information confidential.

They are also responsible for all community outreach programs. This position is not for everyone; you must hold a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, and you must also have a pharmacy license.

5. Order Filler

If you are an order filler at Walmart, expect to be paid hourly, with a rate of over $18/hour. As an order filler, you can make overtime and earn much more than the average rate if you have experience and years under your belt.

You will be responsible for moving merchandise into the company’s fleet of delivery trucks, ensuring the warehouse is organized, and operating machinery.


Whereas there are well-paying jobs at Walmart, they come with their stressors. Do not get discouraged if you have to inject extra time to complete some tasks. (Do not worry, as your spare time will be compensated). For as long as you have a positive attitude, you’re devoted to working, and you remain persistent, you will make it in the Walmart job market.