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Bloomberg is a financial services company that uses business intelligence to generate accurate financial information, that is used by businesses globally. Bloomberg’s career profiles include engineers, financial analysts, and data scientists, among others.

To ensure customer outreach, Bloomberg careers also include media and news research for business news and market analytics, with an in-depth analysis of the financial scenario in real-time. These careers include finance, content, and data specialists, among others.

The Operations job profiles also include supply chains, and IT systems and network engineers. Among the myriad Bloomberg approved careers, we are sharing some interesting profiles here with their responsibilities and eligibility conditions.

Find a Job with Bloomberg Careers

Data Analyst

The role of the data analyst is to use Business Intelligence (BI) to design and implement technical solutions, measure data, manage databases as well as communicate with clients. They are required to work on improving the data quality of the customer service as well as the team workflows.


The eligible candidate will require a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Finance and STEM subjects, experience in data visualization tools, and knowledge of GitHub. They should also have a keen insight, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills.

The expected salary of a data analyst is from 1490 to 1600 USD monthly.

Project coordinator

A Project Coordinator is responsible for all the phases of the project and they work to develop processes, procedures, and documentation to maintain the operational workflow. They need to

understand the project requirements and coordinate with the key stakeholders to ensure timely project delivery.


The eligible candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree and excellent written and verbal communication skills. With experience in managing time-critical multiple projects, they should have team management skills, attention to detail, and organizational skills. They should be able to shift priorities and focus on short notice and must be adaptable to shifting deadlines.

The expected salary of a project coordinator is from 6000 to 6500 USD annually.

Network Engineer

A network engineer is required to handle the installation of wide-area networks, including recommending the system hardware and software configurations. They are responsible for maintaining the technical infrastructure, including product upgrades.

Moreover, they provide support to the IT staff and work on identifying potential exposure areas and taking steps to reduce vulnerabilities.


A network engineer is required to have previous work experience with LAN, WAN, routers, switches, and dynamic routing protocols. They need to have experience in the installation and troubleshooting of the configuration of highly complex network environments.

Network engineers should be able to analyze the cost-risk factor and give an objective report for any proposed upgrades. With excellent communication and multi-tasking skills, they should be able to remain calm under pressure and adapt to a fast-changing environment.

The expected salary of a network engineer is 12750 to 13740 USD annually.

Quant Researcher

A quant researcher is an applied scientist who works on index design among the various asset classes and investment strategies. The work that they do helps offer data-driven approaches to the creation of investment portfolios.


An ideal candidate will have a Post-Graduate or a Doctoral degree in STEM subjects, or a similar quantitative field, and expertise in statistical models, data structures, and algorithms. They should be fluent in a programming language, such as Python, and GitHub, and proficient with the Unix shell environment as well. Work experience in data-intensive modeling also counts.

The expected salary of a network engineer is 43470 to 47050 USD annually.

Find a Job with Bloomberg Careers

The Bottom Line

With a plethora of interesting jobs to choose from, you can join the world leader in financial news and insights. Applying to Bloomberg career approved job is going to be the first step to establishing your flourishing career.