ESPN Careers: Combine Work with a Love for Sports


ESPN belongs to the family of thousands of leagues, sports, and teams’ industry employers. However, it is the superstar of the world’s sports broadcasting and leads in cable sports broadcasting space.

The company creates authentic programming for radio and TV and posts content on, which is among the leading sports websites globally. Moreover, its operations are in 200 other countries.


ESPN is the ultimate place to work at if you are a sports and TV enthusiast. It has a high-intensity environment, which also rewards greatly. It has numerous employment opportunities, as detailed below.

ESPN Careers: Combine Work with a Love for Sports
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About ESPN

ESPN has always been innovative with their ways of interacting with sports fans wherever they are. In 2019, ESPN had 1.78 million viewers in the United States alone.


The channel operates 24-hours and carries various live sporting matches and programs related to analysis and news.

Currently, ESPN has been involved in TV series, unique documentaries, and talk-shows original programming. In fact, the network has gone beyond leading in TV sports.

It has become a force to reckon with in the societal culture due to its popularity. But do you have to be a sports fan to get a job at ESPN? Kristen McKenna, a talent acquisition director, says no.

ESPN Locations

ESPN offers excellent careers and has over 8000 employees globally; half of which are located in the US. The quality looked for in a person to work in this environment is of utmost collaboration, and ability to work within a team.

ESPN’s corporate office is located in Bristol, Connecticut. Additionally, the network has offices in New York City, Charlotte, Washington DC, Florida, Texas, Austin, Seattle, North Carolina, and Los Angeles.

The company also has international offices in the United Kingdom, Brazil, India, Mexico, and Argentina. With the fast growth of the network, it recruits 700 new employees.

ESPN Careers

ESPN has several entry-level jobs across the company for all the recent graduates. You can find most of the open job opportunities here,

Most level-entry jobs are available in sales and marketing, production, and technology areas. If you are a college student, you have the opportunity to apply for internship consideration at ESPN.

ESPN recruits students for summer, fall, and spring internships. These internships can help you acquire the necessary experience and skills for future similar work.

The company typically hires its successful interns into full-time roles at the end of their internship. However, this is not a guarantee. The company offers these interns opportunities to learn and network.

Other than internship opportunities and entry-level jobs for recent graduates and college students, the company has several lucrative career positions.

The career areas are divided into business support, guest/customer service, and marketing and sales.

The business and support department has several job sections. Here, there are categories such as education, legal, compliance, social responsibility, citizenship, etc..

The guest/customer service has categories such as the call center, hotel, park operations, food, and beverage, among others. The marketing and sales department of ESPN is also packed with careers.

This department is full of creative people. Moreover, communication experts, digital ad sales individuals also operate within this bracket. Depending on your area of interest and expertise, ESPN offers  a myriad of opportunities!

ESPN Careers: Combine Work with a Love for Sports
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How to Apply?

Position of a reporter at ESPN will require you to have at least a communications/journalism Bachelor’s degree. Sometimes, you may be needed to have a minimum of two-years -experience in broadcast journalism.

Another area of interest with ESPN is the Sports broadcaster. To qualify and get this position, you need a bachelor’s degree in communications, broadcasting, or related fields.

You are also required to complete an internship to gain experience and skills. Then you can advance with experience.

The company also has roles in technology. If you are a technically oriented person, these opportunities are for you. In this post, you will be responsible for building ESPN’s network.

The above-listed careers are just a few offered by the leading sports company. ESPN pays handsomely, with the highest-paid individual earning $8million annually. Additionally, an average ESPN anchor pockets $69,089 annually.

To land a job at this prestigious company first check on for open positions. Then, browse on the current list of available opportunities via the site’s career page. You can then select the branch of ESPN relevant operations and apply.


ESPN is a magnificent company, with a healthy-environment to work, especially for sports fans. There are opportunities available in all their location, ranging from internships to full-time careers. Browse their page today, and check on the available opportunities!