Career Ideas for People with a Sociology Degree

If you are a people person and like the idea of helping others, then perhaps you should consider pursuing a career in sociology. This subject is all about thinking critically about social issues and phenomena.

Sociology is a broad subject as it covers everything from criminology, aging, work roles, sexuality, attitude development, public policy, gender roles, and much more.

In this guide, we have identified some of the best roles and jobs available for people with a degree in sociology. Read along to find out which job roles fit your knowledge and skills the best.

Career Ideas for People with a Sociology Degree
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Guidance Counselor

One of the top places for guidance counselors to work are schools. They help students navigate in the academic world. They also get to interact with many students to help them make the right academic and career choices.

Furthermore, they use their problem-solving skills to resolve any social issues within the schools as well. The median annual salary for guidance counselors was $57,040 as of May 2019.

Human Resource Representative

As an HR or Human Resource representative, you must be able to assess and analyze work roles, along with the suitability of different candidates for jobs.

As a sociology major, you should be well-equipped with interviewing skills, which are vital for such evaluations. You will also use problem-solving skills to resolve conflicts and personnel issues.

You should also be able to work with different structures for your employees’ benefits. The median salary for human resource representatives was about $61,890 as of May 2019.

Management Consultant

People in this field analyze business issues, research, and develop possible enhancements and solutions for their clients.

You can start as a research assistant, analyst, or a junior consultant and then move up the ladder after gaining experience.

You must be equipped with quantitative and qualitative research skills to understand different business dynamics. This is where your problem-solving skills come into play to generate viable solutions.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a management consultant’s median salary was about $85,769 as of May 2019.

Market Research Analyst

People working in this field test different products and services and also evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

They use scientific research techniques such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, and others to gather data.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, market research analysts earned up to $63,780 as of May 2019.

Media Planner

As a media planner, you will assess different clients’ advertising needs and then design a media plan to enhance sales to different groups.

Using your sociological knowledge, you will study different characteristics of various groups to select the best-suited medium for advertising your clients’ products.

The average salary of media planners is up to $49,900.

Career Ideas for People with a Sociology Degree
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Social Worker

Social workers use the knowledge of social dynamics and social institutions to assess client issues and help resolve different problems.

You need to have active listening skills and good verbal communication skills to determine different issues and advise your clients on possible solutions to improve their lives.

The median salary for social workers was about $50,870 as of May 2019.

Bottom Line

Sociology is a vast and deep subject and can teach both life and professional skills very effectively.

One can learn how to conduct qualitative research, use statistical tools, convey research findings and develop effective communication skills, among others with the help of this subject.

As a sociology student you can try your luck with the lucrative career options detailed out in this article. Alternatively, if you want to pursue any of the jobs mentioned, you now know which field of study can aid you with this.