Discover the Best Criminal Justice Careers

The criminal justice system is the field that handles lawbreakers and criminals. This field can be demanding both physically and emotionally, requiring you to manage intense emotions and feelings.

This field can be challenging and time-consuming for most people. However, let this not discourage you as this field offers some of the world’s most distinguished careers.

Criminal justice offers many lucrative career options for individuals with experience and an excellent educational background. Below is a description of some of these careers, how you can pursue them, the duties and the pay.

Discover the Best Criminal Justice Careers
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A lawyer or an attorney represents a party involved in a criminal or civil trial. They must advise their client on their legal rights and responsibilities.

Lawyers also offer advocacy services to their clients regarding personal or business issues following the law’s provisions, research, and judicial decisions.

A lawyer may specialize in a specific dimension of law such as civil law, criminal law, bankruptcy, or intellectual property, among other fields.


To become a lawyer, you must finish four years of an undergraduate degree and complete three years in law school to progress to the examinations and get the bar license.


You can be sure to earn between $74,980 to $163,320 annually as a lawyer.

Private Investigators and Detectives

This group of professionals offers unique methods for law maintenance, evidence collection, criminal apprehension, records examination, and solutions to crimes.

Private investigators collect evidence using face-interviews, records search, and observation to help in raids and arrests. Detectives can either be licensed or unlicensed, based on the company they work for.

The majority of them work for inter-agency task forces, police force, or private firms. They mostly specialize in areas such as forensics, homicide, SWAT, or frauds.


For you to be a detective, you have to start as a police officer. Then, you will be given written assessments and psychological examinations, and tested for physical fitness.

Upon successful completion of these tests, you can be considered for employment.

If you are a law enforcement professional, you can gradually progress with your career once you acquire experience with added training in the criminal justice system.


If you land this job, you can earn up to between $59,320 and $92,700 annually.

Police Officers

A police officer’s duties are to instill order in public, gather facts, pursue and apprehend lawbreakers, testify during trials, perform investigations, report suspicious behavior and detain and arrest criminals.

Police officers respond to people who require their services. Their duties range from the Federal, State, or local agencies, and based on a strict code of conduct of their activities.


In order to be a police officer, you need to complete written, physical and medical assessments.

It would be best if you accomplish psychological examinations to prove emotional, intellectual, and physical preparedness or employment qualification. Once you excel at these tests, you graduate to the police academy for training.

You will have a high probability for consideration if you have finished your studies in a justice administration or law enforcement associate or a bachelor’s degree program.


Annually, you can earn between $38,850 to $64,940 as a police officer.

Discover the Best Criminal Justice Careers
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Federal Marshals

Federal marshals are a significant entity in the U.S. Government executive branch. Their duties revolve around offering security to federal courts and protection to court structures and officers.

A federal marshal ensures that the judicial system operates effectively by serving arrest warrants, security maintenance, and determining where the arrested people are to be kept.


For you to be a federal marshal, you must obtain a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. You are also required to have three years’ experience in this field and possess a transparent background.

You will also be needed to clear written, psychological and physical examinations to be considered for this opportunity.


You can earn up to $38,511 to $48,708 yearly working as a federal marshal.


Criminal justice offers impeccable careers. With the right education level and training, you can have one of the best-paying jobs, while making a difference in the society.

If you feel you qualify for any of these jobs, there is no better time to apply. Best of luck!