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The main work role of the Bank Loan Officer is to help the clients with the loan applications. They have to aid the customers in filling the forms and solving their load related queries. All kinds of loans including college, tuition, education, cars, home appliances and home is included. He/she is also responsible for determining the best financing options of customers.

The different tasks described in the resume of the Bank Loan Officer are investigating the customer’s financial resources and evaluating the individual’s creditworthiness. They mainly have to review all the sales contracts for accuracy and wisely scan the documents before approving. They must read the financial papers and sign them for the loan approval.

The hired candidate also have to consult the client for the loan terms, monthly payments and interest rates. The applicants having bachelor’s degree in finance or business have higher chances. The resume of the candidate should also highlight some previous work experience. The people looking to work as Bank Loan Officer must possess the state licensure.

Bank Loan Officer

Bank Loan Officer Resume Sample


Rob Wilson

Bank Loan Officer

743 Xyz Abc Road.
Chicago, IL – xxxxx

Email: | Home: xxx-xxx-xxxx | Mobile: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Professional Summary

Talented, results-driven sales strategist with a 15+ year record of achievement. Demonstrated success driving multimillion-dollar revenue growth while providing visionary sales leadership in highly competitive markets. Tenacious at securing new business, building customer loyalty and forging strong relationships with third-party lenders. Exceptional mentor with innate leadership abilities to train and elevate top-performing sales teams.

Work Experience

1) Bank Loan Officer

ABC Bank – Princeton, NJ

2013 to 2014

  • Close and funded $900,000.00 dollars average volume per month, exceeded the goal by 120%.
  • Evaluate the customer’s creditworthiness.
  • Determine best financing options, loan terms, interest rate and monthly payment.
  • Review all sales contracts for accuracy.
  • Prepare to finance and review legal documents.
  • Present menu options, up-sell intangibles, overcome objections and write the application.
  • Underwrite all deals to the banks “A” Paper and Subprime guidelines.
  • Order loan pay-offs bind insurance warranties.
  • Assure loan is fully compliant with policies and procedures.
  • Order title work, secure any outstanding stipulations, scheduled closing and book the sale.
  • Post audit the final loan documents and send file package to back office for securitization.


2) Bank Loan Officer

XYZ Bank – Newtown, PA

2011 to 2012

  • Close and funded $1.1 Million dollars average volume per month, exceeded the goal by 110%
  • Identifies, develop and maintain a quality network or relationships that serves as a recurring source of referrals for new lending opportunities.
  • Understands the competitive landscape.
  • Keeps management informed of changing industry dynamics, market conditions, competition and customer developments.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to professional ethics, complying with all policies, procedures and regulatory acts including REG Z, RESPA, and FACTA guidelines.


3) Bank Loan Officer

ABC Bank – Newtown, PA

2010 to 2011

  • Relocated and joined ABC Bank. A local, hometown bank with a small footprint in PA, NY, MD.
  • Close and funded $790,000.00 dollars average volume per month
  • Ensure exceptional customer service by maintaining a thorough knowledge of all loan programs and regulatory requirements.
  • Conduct interviews with prospective borrowers, analyze financial and credit data, determine customer objectives, review pricing and product policies, write applications, fund the loan.

Educational Qualification

BA in business administration

ABC university – Newtown, PA


Skills and Strengths

  • Possess exceptional communication abilities (both oral and written).
  • Customer services and interpersonal relationship skills.
  • Achievement-focused professional with exceptional leadership skills.
  • Detail-oriented with ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Customer-focused problem solver, who effectively handles difficult situations.

— References Available upon Request —



Properly writing roles, responsibilities, and skills in Bank Loan Officer’s Resume is very important. It is because the employer or the recruiter will check them to judge your capabilities. Mostly, the points of the job duties performed will come under the section of work experience in the Bank Loan Officer’s Resume. Whereas you can mention your skills within the skill section. The other key or highlighting points can be noted separately.

To get the job, making an accurate resume having precise points is necessary. Hence, here are few shorter examples which will give you a better idea of how to write roles, responsibilities, skills and work experience in the resume for the position of Bank Loan Officer.

From our resume database, I have gathered few examples. These resumes are selected on basis of different location and experience level. These Bank Loan Officer Resume samples of professionals will give you provide with a hint when you are writing your resume. You can change the points according to your location and experience level.

Check these Bank Loan Officer resume samples. I hope you will find something interesting and valuable from these examples.


Few More Bank Loan Officer Resume Sample:

Example 1:


Bank Loan Officer

Location – Chicago, IL

Experience – 7 Years

  • Maintain responsibility for processing mortgage loans for several loan officers, including reviewing application documents for completion and accuracy; verifying income, employment history, and closing funds; and coordinating/securing property appraisals and flood risk analysis.
  • Ensure all required documents are included in the application package and enter detailed information into automated processing application database.
  • Assure all underwriting conditions are satisfied and submit complete, researched packages and report to closing department personnel.
  • Liaise with borrowers, loan officers, underwriters, attorneys and realtors or builders to ensure communications remain open and loan processing times are as quick as possible.
  • Utilize automated processing software to input information from client applications and generate individual credit reports.
  • Handled the tasks of recruiting and training new tellers.
  • Handled the tasks of solving queries and problems of clients and staff.
  • Mainly responsible for looking after the administration and daily operations of the bank.
  • Responsible for approval and rejection of credit application and loan.
  • Handled the tasks of managing vault operations.
  • Supervised daily operation of the bank, especially in opening new accounts and teller line.
  • Responsible for maintaining a daily record of the branch.
  • Build and maintained a good relationship with customers.
  • Supervised all types of transactions that take place at the branch.
  • Handled selling/buying of the currency for the branch.



Example 2:


Bank Loan Officer

Location – Rochester, NY

Experience – 3 Years

  • Met with clients to determine needs, assess risk, debt to income ratios, and eligibility to meet credit and income guidelines.
  • Work with processing to fund loans and work through conditions.
  • Increased branch production at Monroe Ave to 200% over prior year.
  • Tied for 11th place in October out of 137 Loan Officers for application volume in the district.
  • Establish 8 Realtor connections this year for referral sources.
  • Build a working relationship with the Urban League, Neighbor Works, and Marketview Heights assisting Amy Robbins with marketing and then take over as the primary contact when she left for Wells Fargo.
  • Establish a relationship with an Attorney for referrals as well.
  • Very positive results and several letters from satisfied customers on my professionalism, follow up and persistence in closing their transaction.



Example 3:


Bank Loan Officer

Location – Tracy, CA

Experience – 3 Years

  • Responsible for selling loan products and retail services through consultative selling and product education.
  • Manage tellers to ensure customer service standards, scheduling and overseeing daily activities.
  • Collections Manager for any outstanding credits through the foreclosure.
  • Meet with applicants to obtain information for loan application and to answer questions.
  • Listened to all customer concerns and took appropriate action to resolve problems.
  • Explained to customer various loans and credit options, as well as the terms of those services.
  • Submitted applications to credit analysts for verifications and recommendations.
  • Made field visit to evaluate client’s assets before issuing a loan.
  • Help prepare closing reports.



Example 4:


Bank Loan Officer/Trainer

Location – Houston, TX

Experience – 2 Years

  • Assist in the overseeing of sales, service, expense, operations.
  • Maximizing sales.
  • Maintain and meet all financial and compliance standards.
  • Responsible for assisting in the development of short and long-term strategic planning of sales goals.
  • Develop an effective staff through consistent coaching and behaviors.
  • Executing great customer service to deliver an exceptional customer experience.
  • Coordinating/planning promotional events.



These are some sample Resumes/CV of Bank Loan Officer. With the help of these examples, you can create a well-crafted resume yourself. You can select any of the lines/sentences from these all examples. Combine them, edit them and use them to make an effective resume. These resume samples can help you decide what experience and accomplishments to include your resume. It also guides for the proper highlighting points.

There are more than 4800 active jobs online for the position of Bank Loan Officer in the USA. Find the job suitable to you and start applying with your fresh and updated Bank Loan Officer resume and improve your chances of getting the job.


Hope you got the information you were seeking for.

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