How To Work For Instacart Delivery Service

Getting a job can be a challenge today. The world economy keeps on shifting, leaving a number of people losing their jobs and unable to find new ones. However, there are also new markets appears that present new opportunities. In fact, you could work for Instacart.

Today, with the threat of COVID-19, people can’t move around as much as they did before. In fact, in most major cities across the world, people can’t even go outside. That has brought about the need for delivery services, such as Instacart.

Delivery service businesses have bloomed over the last couple of weeks and they lack the people to keep you with deliveries as the demand goes up. Therefore, now is a great time to begin working for Instacart.Work for Instacart

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What Is Instacart?

As stated before, this is a delivery service provider in the US. The difference is, with Instacart, you get your grocery shopping done. The shoppers can help you with your shopping list while you’re at home or work and deliver the groceries to your doorstep.

And, as the main marketing point goes, Instacart is the leader of grocery delivery in North America. So, you know you have the real deal when you order via the service provider.

Jobs & Eligibility

Basically, you have two types of jobs that are available with Instacart. You have the full-service shopper and the in-store shopper. Both play a different role and have different requirements for getting the job.

For a full-service shopper, you have four major values that are the selling point for the job.

  1.   You earn as quickly as possible
  2.   Know your community
  3.   Shop on your schedule
  4.   Shop and deliver

Who doesn’t want such as a job that gives you freedom? You have to meet the requirements of the job, however. First, you have to be 18 years old and eligible to work in the United States. You then need to have access to a vehicle.

The other requirements are you need to have the ability to lift at least 50lbs. Lastly, you need to have access and be able to use a smartphone. You need to have at least an iPhone 5 or new, Alternatively, you can have at least an Android 4.4 or newer

For an in-store shopper, on the other hand, you need to have a flexible schedule. Your main job will be to shop. So, where and when you’re called you need to be available. You, however, unlike a full-service shopper, don’t need to have access to a car.

How To Apply

It is safe to assume that there are always jobs available for you when you want to work with Instacart. Especially, if you are a full-service shopper, where you are part of an independent contractor agreement.

For an in-store shopper, on the other hand, this is like a part-time job. As such, you have to check with the Instacart website to find out about available vacancies.

For the full-time shopper, there is a review of the contract agreement that you’re required to sign before you can begin. A more detailed fine-print of the particulars of the requirements can be found there.

To sign up, you can visit the Instacart website and begin the process quite easily by clicking on the role section. Once you are there, you can find all the information about what you need. Just fill in the form there and produce the documents that are required.

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If you want to work for Instacart, you now know how to get started. Instacart offers you the chance to be a hero with a job as either a full-service delivery or an in-store shopper. This is a highly important role during these times.