7 Easiest Ways to Immigrate to New Zealand

Have you wondered what it would be like to immigrate to New Zealand for good? It is the dream of many because of the lower cost of living, temperate climate, high-paying jobs, and the lush scenery.

For decades, the country has been granting Skilled Migrant Programmes, providing working visas in exchange for specialized skills in the fields of construction, healthcare, and technology.

If you plan to immigrate to New Zealand, here is a complete guide to help you with the process of moving, visas needed, and other important information.

How to Easily Immigrate to New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand requires time, planning, and lot’s of research. Obviously, tourist or holiday visas aren’t the way to go when deciding to immigrate to this country.

There are other visa options that you can check out if you want to settle permanently in New Zealand.

1. Skilled Migration Visa

The best visa to get is the Working visa, which is granted to skilled individuals in in-demand industries. Before you are granted a working visa, finding an employer is the first step. Either you have direct contact with an employer from New Zealand or you are planning to explore online job sites; you can apply for this visa only if a job is offered to you.

Business Man

2. Business Residence

Another way of settling in New Zealand is through the Business Residence visa. This is only applicable for individuals who have been participating in business within New Zealand and those who have a capital to invest in the country. Individuals who qualify for this visa will be granted residence to stay in New Zealand permanently.

3. Employees of Relocating Businesses

In the event that the company where you worked has moved its operations to New Zealand, you can file for a Business visa under the Employees of Relocation Businesses category. In order to grant residence, you must be an employee with a key role in the company, meet the minimum requirement of standard English, and be healthy and of good character.

Partner Visa

4. Partner Visa

The Partner visa is for individuals who have a New Zealand resident or citizen as a partner and wish to live in New Zealand with them. Under this visa, the person applying for the partnership visa must be legally married to a resident or citizen and must meet all the requirements. The acting sponsor of the visa applicant must also meet the eligibility requirements set by the government.

5. Sibling and Adult Child Visa

Applicants can apply for this visa only if a New Zealand resident, parent, brother, or sister will sponsor their application. Upon application, the interested party should have a job offer from a New Zealand employer to sustain his or her stay in the country. A residence is granted only if these conditions are satisfied by the applicant.

Working Student

6. Study to Work Visa

In some cases, an applicant can study in New Zealand, get a job, and apply for a residency once their job is already stable. The way to go is through the Study to Work visa, which is granted to applicants who wish to study in the country and work at the same time. No employment offer is needed to qualify for this category; however, the applicant must satisfy all visa requirements, including the capacity to study and live in New Zealand.

7. Work to Residence Visa

This category is also a qualifying procedure to immigrate to New Zealand. Applicants are provided with a temporary Work visa or Permit as the initial step to settle in the country permanently.

There are four streams under this category, which are Talent Work Policy for applicants with skills required by the New Zealand employer; Talent (Arts, Culture, and Sports) for applicants with exceptional talent in arts, sports, and culture; Long-Term Skill Shortage Policy for applicants working under long-term schemes; and Long-Term Business visa for applicants who are genuinely keen on establishing a business in the country.


There are a lot of options you can choose from if you wish to move to this wonderful country. Consider the listed options to legally move to and settle in New Zealand.