Walmart Sales Support Manager Job Description, Roles and Responsibilities

Walmart sales support manager has various task on his daily to-do list. As you know, sales job is indeed a tough job. But when you are at a higher position in sales, your job gets tougher. I know few sales support managers from Walmart. Hence, I know what is their work and what are their roles and responsibilities.

Walmart Sales Support Manager Job Description, Roles and Responsibilities

What Exactly Walmart Sales Support Manager Do?

To answer this question, I gathered information from various sources as well as personally contacted few sales support manager from Walmart.

Let’s know Walmart sales support manager job description in detail…

First, let me tell you about the goal of sales support manager.

Goals of Walmart Sales support manager:

  • Manage the sales operations.
  • Achieve sales goals.
  • Improve Company’s growth.
  • Take care of customer’s need.
  • Help others to improve and grow.
  • Self-learning and teaching.

Generally, the role of Walmart’s sales support manager is to work along with sales associates. He/she needs to coordinate with the sales associate to improve and manage the analytical reporting along with providing the support for sales.

The person with this role also needs to provide effective support for the administration of the store in achieving its sales goals. They are also a part of recruiting process. They also need to train and guide the sales staff members. They also have to direct the sales staff to ensure regulatory procedures and processes are followed. Teaching the fresh sales staff about the products and how to use them efficiently is also a small part of the job.

He/she is also responsible or is a part of sales planning. Not just planning, but also to check if the plan is properly executed or not. Now, when doing this, they also need to find and note down the flaws in the current process and take necessary steps to improve it.

Walmart sales support manager must keep track of the daily sales by checking the daily sales reports. They also need to track inventory and supervise the shipment. Taking care of the offloading and stocking of merchandise is also one of the tasks they have to do.

Companies generally do not directly hire sales support managers. Mostly the junior members are promoted to this level as they can take over the position and easily adjust in the conditions.

As you can observe I mentioned quite a few times about customer support, customer satisfaction, etc. Walmart sales support manager is not directly connected to the customers. They will only come in contact with customers when the things are complicated.

There will be some issues which need high-level attention. In those cases, only the support manager comes directly in touch with the customers. Hence, Walmart sales support manager will only handle and resolve the complex customer requests as well as complex complaints which are difficult to solve by the junior staff members.

Required Skills and Knowledge for Walmart Sales Support Manager:

  • Previous Experience is must for anyone in this field.
  • Expert in handling multiple tasks at a time.
  • Futuristic and smart thinker.
  • Must have expertise in understanding the situation from both the sides [client and service].
  • Must understand and speak the language used by targeted customers.
  • Must be updated with the external market scenario.
  • Should be aware of the market rate/competitor rate of the product/service.
  • Good Written and Verbal communication qualities.
  • Must be actively participating in planning and executing the duties.
  • Should have the ability to work single-handed as well as can manage a team of a large number of members.
  • Must have knowledge of tracking and analyzing the data.
  • Should be able to set high-target goals and achieve them within the time-limit.
  • Must have knowledge in teaching and training to staff.
  • Should be able to review the sales process and find the faults in the current plan.
  • Should know how to promote the products and services by planning new promotional activities and advertisement tactics.

There are few more responsibilities which are very generic such as:

  • Ensure Customer is getting the service and enough required attention.
  • Inventory control.
  • Loss prevention.
  • Improving sales process.
  • Safety of the employees working under him/her.
  • Encourage & help staff.

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Hope you got the information you were seeking for.
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