Transportation Resume Samples

The people working in the transportation field should have knowledge about the various vehicles. The transportation experts are in charge of maintaining and operating the vehicles. The hired employee must be skillful in the customer service and must specialize in the automobiles.

Their main work role is to transport various goods for services or passengers. The job description mentioned in the transportation resumes is generally transportation but there are other work duties as well. The person must frequently load and unload vehicles.

They need to maintain and clean the vehicle and assure safe transportation. The transportation drivers also have to prepare and establish the route for carrying the heavy goods. They have to work as per the schedule and meet the customer deadlines. The appointed transportation person has to ensure the passenger safety and help them with any queries in the vehicle.

Transportation Driver

The basic skill required to be eligible for this profession is the safe and proper driving following the traffic rules. The other additional skills are mechanical aptitudes, effective communication, alertness, time management and good numeracy skills. To apply for the job positions in this field, one must have a high school diploma along with a valid driver’s license.

This is a great career option with various job titles and lots of entry as well mid-level designations.

Resume Template for Professionals in Transportation Sector:


Rob Wilson

Transportation Driver

3553 South Street, New York NY 10034


Professional Summary

Innovative Hardworking individual who has exceeded in Customer Service and its ethics. Adept multi-tasker with the ability to handle a number of responsibilities. Successful in the Transportation Field for over 10 years. Efficient, Charismatic and a works great with people.


  • Over 10 years Security/ Corrections Experience
  • Security experience in Hospital (mental ward) setting
  • Supervisory Experience From 10-80 Subordinates
  • First Aid Certified
  • Over 10 years Transportation Experience CDL Licenses Class B with P Endorsement

Professional Experience

Transportation Driver

ABC Transport Services – Atlanta, GA

September 2007 to Present

  • Ability to drive the Community Marta Van, meeting all federal, state, and provincial driving regulations and requirements.
  • Inspect and maintain vehicles in order to provide a clean and safe environment for residents.
  • Assumed responsibility for the Community bus and passengers during transport and provide care in a manner that ensures client safety, satisfaction and retention.
  • Reported accident and incidents to the supervisor immediately
  • Performed Excellent Customer service and organizational skills
  • Followed and adhere to policies, procedures and standards
  • Must know how to operate the mechanical lift on the bus both hydraulically and manually

Transportation Driver/Support Driver

XYZ Drivers – Atlanta, GA

2003 to 2006

  • Operates a variety of motor coaches in both inter-state and intra-state routes
  • Communicates coach mechanical problems to supervisors and/or the garage to resolve issues
  • Checks each coach for safety related and other defects as required
  • Works with a wide variety of people and be able to work with their needs and requests
  • Resolves customer issues to their satisfaction with or without the assistance of the office
  • Completes paperwork as prescribed by the company and Federal guidelines, including Daily Logs and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports.
  • Reads and understands paperwork and notices that are given out for the driver’s information
  • Handles job-related stress that comes from customers, other drivers, road conditions, etc., including last minute changes

Educational Qualifications

High School Diploma in General

ABC Academy Miami, FL


Additional Skills

  • Good Communication.
  • Interpersonal Skills.
  • Great Leadership and Observation Skills.
  • Strong attention to detail and job completion.
  • Experience in food preparation and service.
  • Excellent customer service.


If you are looking for resume samples for specific title under transportation category, you can check them here.

Helicopter Pilot

The main work duty of the helicopter pilots is to safely carry the passenger and land them to the destination. They have to transfer cargo as well. They have to judge the weather and fly the helicopter with their sharp vision. These professional helicopter pilot can work in various industries. To be eligible for this job position, the applicant must have the training certificate received from FFA approved flight school. They have long working hours and must be flexible to fly the helicopter to any location.

Fedex Driver

The main work responsibility of the FedEx Drivers is to pick packages from FedEx courier service and deliver them to the given address. They have to work in flexible hours and ensure that the deliverables reach to the customers on time. The other work duties highlighted in this job position is to receive and answer the customer calls. One has to load the vehicles with the sorted packages. They FedEx drivers also have to collect the customer signature and retrieve the products. As they have to drive to various locations, they must be aware about the local routes. The skills required are safe driving and physical stamina. The high school graduation or diploma is beneficial to get this job.

Traffic Controller

The traffic controller or the Air Traffic Controllers work in the control departments of the aircraft. They are appointed by the hiring team of the control towers or centers to coordinate the aircraft routes for ensuring the customer’s safe safety. They have to signal the pilot for the clearance to take off the plane and do the landing. These professional also have to forecast and prepare the weather reports and choose flight routes accordingly. They need to alert the pilot and continuously maintain a contact during the flight. The essential skills required for the job of traffic controllers are the concentration ability and being calm in stress situation. The Associate’s Degree in a relevant field is needed.

Train Conductor

The train conductors are employed by the railway department to issue and check the passengers travel tickets. They are the part of the train crew who are also responsible scanning the carriages of the passengers before they board the train for the journey. The other work duties for this job position is to check the proper working of the equipment’s and check the travel documents of passengers. These professionals have to provide customer service and answer the passenger inquiries. They have to help passengers and make the important announcements. Those who are willing to work as train conductor must have skills like reliability and ability to work in pressure. A high school diploma is the minimum requirement to get this job but if you have railway training certificate then it is beneficial.

Air Hostess

Air Hostesses are employed by the particular flight franchise to ensure the best customer serve and provide them comfort during the flight. They are the crucial crew members of the airplane and are extensively trained before they can begin the work. They have to handle the emergency and critical situation while the flight is on board. They have to readily available for the passengers security must have possess sharp awareness skills. The other typical duties involves greeting the passengers and guiding them for the airplane safety rules. They have to answer passenger queries and provide with them appropriate food. They must how to swim and should be fluent in communication. The employers select the candidates with the degree in hospitality. The course certification in air cabin crew is beneficial.

Airline Pilot

The airline pilot is the person who is responsible to fly the airplane and carry the passengers safely from one location to another. They have to fly the aircraft with great attention and care. They also have to perform various other tasks such as create the plan and route for flying. They must check the aircraft fueling and supervise the safety of the plane. They have to check the equipment’s and ensure the proper working of system. They must communicate with the traffic controllers and travelling passengers while the flight is on board. They have to handle the unexpected calamities and do the emergency landing. The candidates having the Bachelor’s Degree in an aviation or engineering field can apply for this job position. Employers select the applicants with the analytical skills in their resume. To get selected for the job of Airline Pilot, the prospect candidate must have an Airline Transport Pilot rating.

Tow Truck Driver

These are the professional who are employed by companies to tow the vehicles parked in the no parking area. Tow Truck Drivers are the individuals who also have to tow the accidental or the abandoned vehicles from one place to another. The work role for this position includes answering the query calls and driving the vehicle to the desired destination. The employed candidate has to do some paperwork and maintain the vehicle’s proper condition. They must be able to emphasize a clean driving record in their resume. The employers select the applicant with the ability to drive tow vehicles. It is required to have commercial driver’s license and the undertaking some driving course for it.

Valet Driver

These are the individuals who are appointment by the grand hotels and the restaurants to park the customer’s car. The valet drivers are responsible to take the key of customer’s vehicles and drive it safely to the parking area. They must also get the vehicle and handle the keys back to the customer on demand. They should be able to solve the customers parking queries and other vehicle related questions. They should orange the key collection and must record the location of each parked vehicle. The other duties involved is to load and unload the carriage from vehicle. The employers select the candidates with the great sense of customer service and sharp memory. It is important to have the high school degree in the applicants resume along with previous experience in hospitality.


The movers are the individuals to help the clients move their furniture from one place to another. They are also known as Furniture Movers. They work as self-employed or can be hired by the carriage companies. They have to load and unload the whole house with huge boxed having various applications, equipment’s and other household items apart from furniture. The employers select the candidate who have skills like packing and unpacking the furniture in their resume. They must know how to move items to the truck without breaking or damaging. They should be aware about the various routes. There is no formal education required for this job.

Ups Driver

The UPS Drivers are appointed by the UPS Companies to pack and deliver the packages to the customers. They have to deliver the package on time and in the professional manner. They need to take the customers signature and provide customer service. The work duties involved in this job are carrying packages and contacting customers. They have to drive trucks or any other vehicle for carrying goods. They need to report to the manger and return to the hub. Those who are willing to apply for the position of UPS driver must have physical strength and flexibility to work for long hours. They must showcase high school graduation in their resume with a valid Commercial Driver’s License.


The seamen are the people who work on the decks of ships. They are hired to perform a various work roles such as cleaning the deck and applying the fresh paint. The other duties assigned in this position are to check and prevent the rust formation on the metal surface. The seaman must know how to repair the rusted areas of the deck. The resume of the seaman must show the work experience like loading and unloading cargo. They should be skillful in tying the knots and launching the lifeboats. The employer’s select the candidates with the great physical strength and stamina. One must also showcase skills like alertness and resilience in their resume. A high school diploma or undertaking the on-the-job training is mandatory to get the job of seaman.

Used Car Manager

The Used Car Managers are appointed by the automobiles companies to supervise the staff selling used vehicles. They have to oversee and manage the car inventories. The typical work included in the resume of the Used Car Manager is to achieve the sales goals of the company and sell the used car to attain the profit. They must recruit the new staff and train the junior employees. The hired manager has to set up meeting with clients and close the deals with the necessary amount. They have to provide customer service and solve their complaints related with used cars. The hiring employers select the candidates with the marketing expertise and negotiation skills. To be eligible for this position, the applicant must have a college degree in a relevant area. At times a high school diploma with a clean driving record is sufficient for this role.

Limo Driver

The Limo Drivers are employed by the high-income clients or famous celebrities to drive them to their destination. The duties involved with this positions are typically the picking up clients and giving the dropping services. The limo driver has to load and unload the client’s baggage and carry it to the desired place. If the limo drivers are appointed to drive the disabled clients, then they have to lift them to the wheelchair and help them operate it. These drivers have to maintain the limousine clean and regularly wash it. The have to check the stock of snacks in the car and refill it. The resumes of the limo drivers with the skills such as safe driving and having knowledge of routes are readily selected. To be eligible for this position, the limo drivers must have diploma and a commercial driver’s license.

Route Delivery Driver

The Route Delivery Drivers have to carry the goods to the customer’s house or office premises. They are responsible for transporting each of the items loaded safely without being lost or damaged. The work duties involved with this position also includes selling products and maintain the inventories of the shop. They have to transport and rotate the stock to the given address. The person hired as the route delivery driver has to keep the vehicle clean and must make the delivery report sheets. The employers hire the candidates having the resumes which showcases safe driving skills and customer service. To be eligible, a high school diploma and commercial driver’s license is needed.

Paratransit Driver

Paratransit Drivers are employed by the clients to serve people with problems of medical mobility. The duties involved with this position include to operate wheelchairs as well any other vehicles adapted for these people. They Paratransit drivers also have to provide the pick and drop services to the handicapped passengers. The hired paratransit driver has to follow the schedules and ensure the security of the mobility equipment. They need to assist the mobility disabled client and make the reports. The most important skill which the employers look for are safe driving and physical stamina. The candidate must be able to pull and push weights. A high school graduation and clean driving record is the basic requirement for this job designation.

Cab Driver

The main responsibilities of the Cab Drivers is pick up the passengers from one location and drop them safely to their destination travelling on the quickest route. Their typical work is pick and drop passengers but they also have work activities to perform. The cab driver can work as individual or can be hired by the driving service providing companies. The resume of the cab driver have work experience of keeping the vehicle in good condition and maintaining it regularly. The cab drivers have to interact with the passengers and must collect the payments. They have to help the passengers with loading and unloading their luggage. A chauffeur license is mandatory is required.

CDL Driver

The CDL Drivers are responsible for transporting goods and delivering merchandises to the clients on time. They mainly have to drive the vehicle loaded with the deliverables from the distribution centers to store, small shop or big supermarkets. They have to drive the large vehicle or truck and chose a safe and quick route for delivering the stock. The work duties involved with this positions are assisting workers to load and unload the vehicle. The hired CDL drivers have to maintain the truck in good condition and must clean it regularly. They have to report and solve certain problems pertaining to truck or delivery. They have to take signature and update delivery records. There is no specific qualification or academic training required for this job but having commercial driver’s license is compulsory.

Car Driver

The car driver is an individual who is responsible to take a vehicle from one location to another. They are hired to drive the car to transport passengers or any other luggage. The main work activities performed in this job position are carrying and dropping customers. The car drivers have to arrive the mentioned stop points in time. They have to drive accordingly to reach their clients in time. They need to follow the traffic rules and vary the driving speed. They need to maintain the condition of the car and report the mechanical issues. The candidates with the excellent driving abilities and strong reliability are easily selected. There is no need of education for this job but valid driver’s license is needed.


They courier boys are hired by the courier companies to ensure the proper packet delivery. They are responsible for delivering documents to the customers or clients and taking their signature. The transporting of goods between different locations is also part of their job. The work duties included in the resume of courier person are loading and unloading the various products. They have to pick up the material and co-ordinate with the customer mails or calls. They have to report to main office and provide them with the delivery sheet. The candidate must know how to drive and must be aware about areas of the locality. The applicant must have latest high school diploma to apply for job.

Uber Driver

The Uber Drivers are employed by the Uber Company. The drivers use their own cars or the cars owned by company to transport the passengers. They have to pick up the riders who have booked the cab through the Uber app from their mentioned location. They have to drop them safely and collect the payment if not paid before. The other common duties apart from picking passengers includes maintaining the vehicle in good condition and report issues. The candidates with skills such as safe driving and customer service in their resume are readily selected. The employers hire only those candidates who have some educational backgrounds and hold a valid driver’s license. To be eligible for applying as an Uber Driver, the applicant must also have the Vehicle insurance.

Forklift Driver

The main work role of the Forklift Operators is to handle various hydraulic lifting equipment in warehouses. They are employed to supervise these equipment’s on the construction sites and factories. The other work duties included in this job are moving goods, uploading the items and maintain the inventories. They have to stock the products regularly and keep the area clean. The candidates with previous experience in the forklift operation have high chances to get selected. The applicant must know about safety guidelines should have general education diploma.

Taxi Driver

The taxi Drivers have to pick and drop the passengers to their desired location. They mainly have to transport them between different locations quickly and in safe conditions. The work mentioned in various resume sample for this job includes the responsibilities like taking the passengers baggage and helping them load or unload it. They have to communicate with customers and collect payments. They must drive safely and follow the traffic conditions to avoid accidents. The taxi drivers must know various routes of the local city and have to solve customer complaints. The most sought after skills in the taxi driver is the safe driving and time management. No formal education is mandatory but having valid driver’s license is important.

Aircraft Dispatcher

The Aircraft Dispatchers are hired by the aircraft department to ensure the safe flight. They are also responsible for the in time departures and arrivals of the flights. They have to plan and schedule the flight take off as well landing based on various factors. The other work duties involved in this job are assessing aircraft performance and notifying pilots in case of emergency. They need to decide for the cancellation or delay of the flights. The candidate with the strong aeronautical decision making skills are given more priority. The other qualifications required is the relevant bachelor’s degree and the Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate.

Terminal Manager

The terminal Managers are appointed to plan the transportation and coordinate for its various operations. They have to mainly work in the transportation field and perform duties like monitoring expenses, answering customer complaints and training subordinate staff. They also have to implement certain transport policies and supervise them. They must find solutions to improve transportation services. The skills showcases in the resume of the terminal manager are transportation expertise and leadership qualities. The strong communication and decision making abilities is a plus point. To be eligible for this job, the applicant should possess a high school diploma. The employers readily select the candidate with deep knowledge in computers, geography, and mathematics.


The appointed Astronauts have to operate in the space labs and exploration the horizon. They have to travel in outer space and do the research. The work responsibilities of an Astronaut includes piloting space shuttles and also leading spacecraft crews. Before the hired applicant can travel in space, he/she has to undergo vigorous physical training. This job position is very interesting but it is also challenging and demanding. The applicant requires to have complex skillset and technical expertise to get selected. The candidate must have excellent health with previous piloting experience. To be eligible for this job, the candidate must have at least Bachelor’s Degree in an engineering.

School Bus Driver

The School Bus Driver is way more responsible and have more duties to perform than any other regular driver. They pick the students from their location and drop them to the school on time. They also take the students from the school after it is over and drop safely back to home. They also have to take care of the students and need to handle certain emergencies. They need to pick and drop them sharp on time. They also have to pick students on special events and drop them. They also at times have to help the school staff while taking students on trips or picnics. The skills required to be a school bus driver are safe driving and time management. A valid driver license and undertaking training program is needed.

Bus Driver

The Bus Drivers are appointed by the bus companies to transporting passengers from one location to another in the same city or between different cities. They are responsible to drive safely and reach the passengers to the desired location on time. They need to choose the correct route for travelling and must know about various quick routes of the city. The basic work role of the bus driver is to arrive the bus on time at stop and leave on time from the stop. They have to drive the bus cautiously following the rules. They need to maintain bus and report the mechanical issues. They have to provide first aid customers and stop the bus in case of emergency. The candidates with excellent driving skills and first aid expertise are selected. A commercial driver’s license and diploma is required for this job.

Dump Truck Driver

The hiring managers employ the Dump Truck Drivers to transport various materials from different locations. They usually load gravel, rocks, sand or dirt in a dump-style truck bed. The most basic duty in the resume sample of the Dump Truck Driver resumes is to transport loads. Apart from that, the other activities like verifying the material quality and checking the material weight are also included. They need to cooperate with other equipment operators. The dump truck drivers are responsible to keep the clean and regular do its maintenance. They have to deliver the good in time and with the professionalism. The candidates with the commercial driver’s license and training can apply for it.

Heavy Truck Driver

The work role of the Heavy Truck Driver is to transport various material or goods between different locations. They are responsible to pick the deliverable from one location and transport them to the other using the heavy duty vehicles. The basic role is to load the products and unload them at the destination. They have to drive safely following the traffic rules and must choose proper route which can take the weight of the heavy vehicles. They have to prepare and maintain the delivery prepares. They must report their work to the main office and handle the delivery sheets. There is no such qualification required but having high school diploma is beneficial. To be eligible for this job, the applicant must have commercial driver’s license and ability to drive safely with no past record.

Shuttle Bus Driver

The Shuttle Bus Drivers are employed to provide the shuttling services to the passengers. They have to specifically drive vehicles on predefined routes. They can work on the big restaurants as well on the airports. The basic work role of the shuttle bus driver is to help the passengers and drive them safely to their destination. They need to adapt with the traffic and communicate with the passenger. They must help them with their baggage and solve queries. The resume of the shuttle bus driver with good driving abilities and knowledge about customer service are given first priority. Having the general driver license is compulsory to apply for this position.

  • Dispatch Officer
  • Transportation Coordinator
  • Stewardess
  • Van Driver
  • Train Driver
  • Transporter
  • Forklift Operator
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Jet Engine Mechanic
  • Truck Dispatcher
  • Car Audio Installer
  • Cabin Crew
  • Corporate Flight Attendant
  • Conductor Trainee
  • Toll Collector
  • Steward
  • Trailer Driver
  • Transportation Supervisor
  • Delivery Driver
  • Flight Dispatcher
  • Corporate Pilot
  • Conductor
  • Transportation Planner
  • Commercial Truck Driver
  • Courier Driver
  • Fleet Mechanic
  • Transportation Specialist
  • Dispatcher
  • Rental Agent
  • Transport Manager
  • Trucker
  • Personal Driver
  • Aircraft Electrician
  • Transportation Operations Manager
  • Bus Monitor
  • Professional Driver
  • Route Driver
  • Airline Ticket Agent
  • Otr Truck Driver
  • Professional Truck Driver
  • Truck Driver
  • Ambulance Driver
  • Tour Operator
  • Ups Driver Helper
  • Parts Delivery Driver
  • Oiler
  • Fuel Truck Driver
  • Transportation Driver
  • Otr Driver
  • Long Haul Truck Driver
  • Driver Helper
  • Helicopter Mechanic
  • Aviation Operations Specialist
  • Sailor
  • Transportation Manager
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Tractor Trailer Driver
  • Executive Driver
  • Bus Operator
  • Food Delivery Driver
  • Limousine Driver
  • Freight Broker
  • Driver
  • City Bus Driver
  • Delivery Truck Driver
  • Motor Transport Operator
  • Airline Customer Service Agent
  • Transport Driver
  • Ambulette Driver
  • Petroleum Inspector
  • Terminal Operator
  • Pilot
  • Transit Operator
  • Transportation Engineer
  • Chauffeur
  • Airport Customer Service Agent
  • Auto Body Painter
  • Class A Driver
  • Passenger Service Agent
  • Ramp Agent
  • Transit Bus Driver
  • Box Truck Driver
  • Flight Attendant
  • Transportation Dispatcher
  • Deck Cadet
  • Company Driver
  • Fleet Manager
  • Traffic Management Specialist
  • Pizza Delivery Driver
  • Commercial Driver