The Top Marketing Collateral of 2020

During the pre-digital era, the most common marketing collateral was flyers or business cards to promote products or services. Now, the concept has significantly changed, and it covers everything from offline and online media to boost sales.

Marketing collateral is nowadays covering a broad array of media, such as blog posts, videos, ads, email, and many others. Every business in the world has to employ marketing collateral to boost the marketing process and score higher sales of the goods or services it offers. 

The catch is that collateral has to be customized to the individual customer to target specific sales. In the following lines, we’ll show you the top marketing collateral of 2020 to better promote your products and/or services.

The Top Marketing Collateral of 2020

The Landing Page

As you may already know, the landing page is the unique page on a website that targets a particular marketing goal. That respective objective is dedicated to specific clients. Mostly, visitors of a landing page reach there after clicking on an ad on another site or social media.

The idea behind a landing page is to obtain the contact information from visitors to turn them later into clients. Many people, however, don’t want to give their contact information for nothing.

Accordingly, to attract potential clients, a landing page might need to offer something for free. It could be anything from discounts to free guides or reports, obviously depending on the respective business marketing goals.

Email Marketing

Another marketing collateral is email marketing. Emails remain one of the best ways to promote goods and services. When a client visits a landing page and offers his or her contact information, including the email, a marketing campaign can begin.

The whole idea with email marketing is to turn leads into active customers. Emails could be promoting a new product, presenting details about the offered products and services, etc. Personalized emails are much better than scripts. Customized emails address to the potential client directly and have more chances to reach the inbox instead of the spam folder.

Post on the Blog Section on Your Site

Blog posts represent excellent marketing collateral. A business can boost its clients’ confidence via blog posts. Even more, reliable articles on the specific keywords for your business help the respective site appear higher in search results.

For instance, if your company offers human resources services, you should invest in blog posts writing about new legislation in the field, ways to write a strong resume and cover letter, and so on. Anything related to the activity field of your business is great to include in blog posts.

The blog section is ideal for inbound marketing strategies. Your blog section should include helpful information, guides, and so on to ensure a successful marketing campaign in the long term.

Online Videos

Since the television emerged, commercial ads have become the greatest way to promote goods and services. Nowadays, more and more people prefer online video platforms instead of TV. So, businesses observed a new opportunity for their marketing campaigns.

Online videos as marketing collateral can either be short ads to promote specific products or services or brand videos that are more informative and designed to build the business’s brand.

It would help if you came up with short and entertaining videos that attract potential customers to find out more about your business and the services and products you sell.


Newsletters are more complex than email marketing as marketing collateral. Newsletters can include videos, ads, articles, and so on to keep the customers engaged with your company. Thanks to the Internet, businesses can easily send thousands of newsletters in a few minutes to customers. 

They are also much cheaper than the classic brochures printed on paper and delivered directly to clients’ mailboxes.

Another advantage of using digital newsletters is that they attract more visitors to your site. Also, since you have to include call-to-action content in your newsletter, you might boost the number of leads and returning clients.

The Top Marketing Collateral of 2020


Marketing collateral has evolved significantly since the Internet became the new norm in the world. Several techniques such as email marketing, newsletters, online videos, blog posts, and strong landing pages, new marketing collateral is essential for the success of your business. 

The tips presented above are still working in 2020 and, hopefully, will help you get more leads and clients, especially if your company has just emerged in the market.