Therapy Resume Samples

This is the best field to choose for the people who have the passion to help others and improve their life. The major work involved in the field of therapy is to advice the patients for the particular exercises. The professional people working as the therapist must have some emotional sentiments attached with the patients.

The experts in therapy work as individual or can be appointed by the hospitals. They need to track the improvement of the patients and change their exercise on the timely basis. Apart from assisting the admitted patients and completing their therapy, the therapist have to perform various other tasks as well. For the candidate looking to apply for the job of the therapist must showcase the experience and educational qualification in the resume.

It is also very important for the applicant to highlight the various course certification in his/her Therapy resume. The most successful therapy resumes are the one which showcases the skills like compassion, professionalism, communication abilities and interpersonal skills. While preparing the resume to apply for the position of therapist, attach the state licensure.

Resume Template for Professionals in Therapy Sector:


Rob Wilson

Physical Therapist Assistant

743 Xyz Abc Road.
Chicago, IL – xxxxx

Email: | Home: xxx-xxx-xxxx | Mobile: xxx-xxx-xxxx


Seeking a position as a Physical Therapist Assistant with a team oriented company where I am afforded the opportunity to utilize my knowledge base to provide quality, comprehensive and compassionate therapy services.

Professional Summary

Competent Physical Therapist Assistant with over 5 years of dedicated career experience providing quality patient care in rehabilitative settings. Exhibits a calm and reassuring personality and employs strong communication abilities.

Work Experience

1) Physical Therapist Assistant

ABC Therapy – New York, NY

March 2016 to Present

  • Provide Care Following PT Plan of Care.
  • Manual Therapy.
  • Monitor Patient Progression/Make Recommendations to PT.
  • Provide Patient Objective Measurements to Supervising PT.
  • Documentation in RainTree.


2) Physical Therapist Assistant

XYZ Therapy – New York, NY

November 2015 to March 2016

  • Manual Therapy.
  • Vestibular Interventions.
  • Oversee Day to Day Operations of Satellite Clinics.
  • Monitor Patient Progress.
  • Progress Patients as Needed.
  • Pelvic Floor Therapy.


3) Physical Therapy Technician and Marketing Representative

ABC Rehab Services – Melissa, TX

August 2011 to November 2015

  • Assisted Physical Therapist (PT) in patient interventions and care/modalities.
  • Implement Plan of Care per PT Instruction.
  • Business to business marketing and customer relations.
  • New employee oversight and training.
  • Employee Compliance and Annual Training.
  • Achieved a new client increase of 700% in 90 days after being promoted to Marketing Representative.
  • Wrote Company Newsletter that provided company activities to customers.


Associate’s in Physical Therapist Assistant

ABC College – Dallas, TX

November 2014


Associates in General Education

XYZ College – Austin, TX

August 2011


  • Quality Care
  • Customer Service
  • Patient Relations
  • Safe and Effective Patient Care
  • Social Media
  • Microsoft Office Suite


Therapy Resume Samples

Activities Assistant

The activities assistants are appointed by various organization or institutions to arrange different activities. They are employed by the camp organizers, nursing home, care centers, rehabilitation or therapy homes to help people socialize and develop the interest in activities. They are responsible to oversee the execution and the implementation of planned activities in these institutions. The resume of the Activities Assistant must highlight skillset like interpersonal abilities and strong communication capabilities. The Activities Assistant resume must showcase the high school graduation along with the degree in course like hospitality or leisure studies.

Speech Therapist

The Speech Therapists are the professional to aid the patients dealing with language hardships or communication difficulties. They can work as individuals or can be hired by the hospitals. The work role mentioned in the speech therapist resume is usually to identify and solve the speech problems. The other work responsibilities is to provide Medicare as per the treatment plan and track progress. The skills required are empathy and patience. The applicant candidate’s resume must have some previous experience and a Master’s Degree in speech therapy. To be eligible for the job of speech therapist, the prospect person must have a state license.

Elderly Caregiver

The main work role of the Elderly Caregivers is help the old-aged people and provide assistance to carry out certain activities like making meals, beds and bathing. The most important duty of the Elderly Caregiver is to ensure friendliness and companionship to the old people. The skills showcased in the resume of the Elderly Caregiver are physical strength and ability to lift heavy weights. The applying candidate must have patience and courtesy. The hiring employers readily select the applicant showing supportive attitude. If you are applying for this job position, then your resume must have high school diploma along with the certificate of elderly care training.

Respiratory Therapist

The Respiratory Therapists is usually by the hospital authorities to assist patients with pulmonary function disorders. He/she is responsible for administrating the various respiratory therapies. To be eligible for this position the individual must have undertaken and completed some accredited course. Having some advanced training for this work and obtaining the state license is also required. The employers easily select the candidates for this position if they have mentioned great communication abilities and bedside manners in their resume. Employers also give the importance to highlighted skills like infection control, teamwork and judgment.

Radiation Therapist

The Radiation Therapists have to use the radiated lights and treat the tumors of the cancer patients. They can work for their own clinic or can be employed by the hospitals for the radiology department. The work duties involved with this job is to ensure the safety of the patients diagnosed with cancer and use radiated light to treat tumors. The hired therapist also have to update the records and advice the patients. They need to prepare the treatment plans or followed by prescribed by oncologists. The resume of the radiation therapist must have the state license and the certification courses in the radiation therapy programs.

Art Therapist

The work role of the Art Therapists is to help patients or clients express their feelings. They provide the patients an ambience to confront difficult emotions within them by using visual art. The employers give more important to the Art Therapist resume having work activities like developing therapy materials and assessing client need. The hired art therapist must regular organize the therapeutic sessions for patients and must facilitate them with artistic expression. For those looking to apply as art therapist must have skills like patience and creativity in their resume. The qualifications such as degree in fine arts or occupational therapies is required.

Behavior Therapist

Behavioral Therapists treat the patients diagnosed with any mental disorders. Their work is determined to help the clients trying to overcome personal issues and beat the individual problems. The basic experience which must be there in the Behavior Therapist resume is to survey the critical condition of patients and encourage for them positive progress. These professional have to remove all the negative habits of clients and monitor their behavior. Having expertise knowledge and the patience to handle the situation are the two main skill for the behavior therapist resume. Employers seek candidate with a degree in psychology.

Licensed Massage Therapist

The Licensed Massage Therapist provide the ailment to patient’s pain with various massage techniques. These experts use various different massages to heal the injuries and relax the tired body muscles. The work role mentioned in most of the Licensed Massage Therapist resume include duties like discussing the symptoms and injury. The appointed candidate has to heal the patient injured muscles. They have track patients progress report and the physical conditions. The skills required to mention are knowledge of massage therapy and strong stamina. Most employers select the candidate having the certificate of postsecondary training program.

Disability Support Worker

Disability Support Workers are appointed by hospitals or employed by individual clients to provide attention and care to the disabled people. They have to work for the clients with either intellectual and/or physical disabilities. They also have to take good care of people who live in community-based group homes. The work responsibilities mentioned in the resume of the disability support worker are counseling of patients and encourage them to keep affirmative attitude. The skills required to work as disability support worker are knowledge about household chores and having patience. The candidate resume must have rehabilitation courses.

Health Care Provider

Health Care Providers assist older adults for various activities in their homes. They also aid the impaired disabled people in their residential facilities. The person applying as the health care provider must perform various duties like observing the improvement of patient’s health and giving medications on time. They have to help the impaired or old people move and keep the hygienic conditions. The employers look for the candidates having skills of basic health care knowledge in the resume of the health Care Provider. Having first aid skills and some course certification is beneficial. The applicant must have high school diploma and health care training.

Spa Therapist

The main work role of the Spa Therapists is deliver massage treatments to the client. They are responsible to choose the correct massage method for the wellness therapies of clients. The duties emphasized in the Spa Therapist resume are giving various spa services and maintain the stock of the spa. The hired therapist has to ensure cleanliness of the spa and keep the safe work surrounding. The candidate must showcase skills like customer service and marketing strategies in the resume. Having the previous experience in the spa and massage therapy is beneficial. The employers look for applicants with the graduation degree in the relevant field.

ABA Therapist

ABA Therapists are appointed by the hospitals to help autistic patients. They have to recover individuals with this syndrome by using the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis. The work duties mentioned in the resume of the ABA Therapist are knowing the patients’ need and monitoring their improvement. They have to advice the patient or its family over the medications and other care. The essential qualifications which the employers looking while hiring the ABA Therapists are counseling expertise and excellent interpersonal skills. Candidates looking to apply for ABA Therapist must have Master’s Degree and should hold a special license.

Physical Therapy Assistant

The healthcare professionals hire the Physical Therapist Assistants to work alongside them. They are experts in their field and have specialized knowledge in physical therapy. Their main work role is to provide patients with various therapies and help them recover from physical injuries or disorders. The other common work mentioned in the resume of Physical Therapist Assistant is to documents the patient’s medication and keep their record. They not only have to assist the patients with exercise but also teach some physical activities. The skills required for this job are physical fitness. It is compulsory to have Associate’s Degree in physical therapy.


SLP’s are hired by the hospitals to help various patients dealing with speech and swallowing disorders. The work role of SLP is to know about the patient’s condition and conduct several test. They have to prepare the individualized therapeutic plans and give proper medication to the affected patient. These professionals have to collaborate with healthcare institutions and medicine providers. The hired SLP have to monitor the patient progress. The resume of the SLP must have skills like speech pathology knowledge and patience. While hiring, the employer look for the Master’s Degree in speech and language pathology in applicant’s resume.

Health Aide

Health Aides are employed to help disabled or elderly people. They have to assist them with their routine activities. They also have to aid these people with their personal healthcare. The other work duties involved in this job role are grooming, bathing, dressing and administering medications of the treatments. The Health Aides also have to perform laundry and prepare meals. The skills which the employers look in the candidate for this position are stamina and ability to lift weights. The applicant having the high school diploma degree in their resume are eligible for this job. Having some previous training as health aide is beneficial for getting the job.

Physical Therapy Technician

The Physical Therapy Technicians are appointed to offer technical support to Physical Therapists. They have to provide the operational and clerical support to other therapists. The work responsibilities included in the resume of the Physical therapy technician are maintaining an updating the patient record data. They have to check the records and help the patients with their exercises. They have to make the treatment plan and help organize the appointments. The qualification required are good level of physical fitness and strong stamina. Employers select candidates displaying an Associate’s Degree awarded by an accredited school in their resume.

Occupational Therapist

The Occupational Therapists have to encourage their clients to participate and involved in the pleasant activities. Their main role is help their clients overcome difficulties and distress. The basic work role mentioned in the occupational therapist resume is to develop the rehabilitation programs for clients and monitor their health condition. They need to study the client and give them advice to overcome their trauma and anxiety. The skills required for this job positions are good mentorship and counseling expertise. The employers often look a Master’s Degree in occupational therapist resume.

Nursing Aide

The Nurse Aides or commonly known as Nursing Assistants are the Certified Nursing Assistants who appointed in the hospitals to help patients. They have to provide basic care to the admitted patients and have to contact the RN in case of emergency or critical concerns. The duties mentioned in most of the Nursing Aide resumes are maintaining the patient’s activity log and performing other clinical duties. They need to assist the medications of the patients and measure their BP. There are different rules of each country for working as Nurse Aide. Having the degree in the relevant field and some training from community colleges is beneficial.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

The Occupational Therapy Assistants are appointed to work alongside the Occupational Therapists under their supervision. They have to offer advice and support to the patients. They to treat their emotional stress and help them overcome their physical problems. The roles described in the resume of the occupational therapy assistant are taking the client information and verifying it. Adding the data to the sheet and updating the patient’s records regularly. The essential qualifications required to mention in the Occupational Therapy Assistant resume are bedside manners and patient care. One must have associate’s degree in a relevant field.

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

The work of the Pediatric Occupational Therapists is to help the minors dealing with all kinds of physical, behavioral or emotional problems. They have to motivate and encouraging them to participate in pleasant activities. The work activities mentioned in the Pediatric Occupational Therapists include planning, creating and executing the rehabilitation programs. They have to monitor the progress of the patient and provide with proper medicinal mentorship. The ideal candidate for this position must have skills like patience and counseling experience. The employers look for applicants having Master’s Degree in occupational therapy.

Care Provider

The care providers are employed the health care institutions to work with clients who are unable to provide self-support. The people who generally need physical assistant or emotional support hire the care providers. The work duties listed in the resume of the Care Provider are administration and medication. They have to escort the clients and provide the best customer service. They need to carry out various household chores for the clients. The necessary skills required for the position of Care Provider are supportive personality and caring nature. There is no need of formal education for this designation but having home care certification is beneficial.

Health Care Coordinator

The Health Care Coordinators are employees appointed by the health care institutions to completer various activities. They have to answer the phone calls and solve the clients query. They also have to the paper work related to the admitting and discharging of the patients. The other task mentioned in the Health Care Co-coordinator resume is to co-ordinate between staff and the patients. The candidate has to check the hospital stock and order the supplies. The skills required for this position are the stamina, accuracy, decision making and confidentiality. The candidates having degree in public health are readily selected by the employers.

Speech Language Pathologist

These professionals have to diagnose the symptoms of the people dealing with communication and swallowing difficulties and treat them accordingly. The main work duties included in the resume of Speech Language Pathologists are tracking the patient progress and developing their therapy chart. These experts have to maintain the records and change the medicine of the patients as per their improvement. The common skills required in the Speech Language Pathologist resume include speech therapy expertise and the professional demeanor. Employers select resumes with at least a Master’s Degree and a license, depending on state.

Live In Caregiver

The Live In Caregivers are appointed to assist patients in their house. They have monitor the patient and administer the care while living at their resident. The work roles included in this job position depend on the needs and requirement of the individual patients. The resumes of live in caregiver showcases the responsibilities like keeping house clean, preparing meals, giving medications and maintaining personal hygiene of patient. The most sought after skills for this job designation are beside manners and first aid knowledge. There is no such formal education required but having a high school degree with little home care training is beneficial.

In Home Caregiver

In Home Caregivers have to support and assist older adults or disabled people by staying in their homes. They have to help the recovering patients and provide with proper care. The duties mentioned in the resume of In home caregiver are moving the bedridden patients and administering their medicines. They have to monitor the health condition of patient and give them company. The essential qualifications included in the resume of in home caregiver are patient care and bedside manners. Having strong stamina and a proper physical fitness is beneficial. Employers usually look for candidate with a high school diploma degree in resume.

Beauty Therapist

The work of the Beauty Therapists is to administer beauty parlor and provide a wide range of beauty treatments to clients. If you want to become beauty therapist, then you must know activities like manicure and pedicure, body tanning and massage, waxing, facials, and eyebrow trimming. The professionals in this field must communicate with clients and give them beauty treatment of their choice. They have to refer correct beauty treatment and offer the right advice. The strong candidate for this job have the skills like cosmetology expertise and safety guidelines. Employers look for Cosmetology training in Beauty Therapist resumes.

Mental Health Therapist

The Mental Health Therapists are employed by the mental hospitals to work with patients having mental instability. They have to assist the patients suffering from mental disorders and aid their emotional distress. The basic work of Mental Health Therapist is to listen to the patients and provide solution. They have to relive the patient’s pains and sufferings. The other duties listed in the resume of mental health therapist are taking the session and tracking the mental improvement. The essential skills which the employers look in the resume of mental health therapist empathy and communication abilities. A degree in psychology and license is needed.

Home Attendant

The Home Attendants are appointed provide assistance to old or disabled people at their home. They also have to help the convalescents as well other senior members of the family. The most successful resume of the Home Attendant have the work duties like helping the patient with the bathing and grooming. The hired attendant has to change the bed linens and make food. The qualifications required to be home attendant in the training in the same filed and a little bit of experience. The hiring employers look for the skills like physical stamina and ability to perform in the resume of the home attendant. Having strong communication abilities is beneficial.


There are various tasks which the professional Therapists have to perform. They basically have to assist the patients while completing their treatment. Their main aim to improve the health conditions of the patients with the physical exercise. The other work duties included in the Therapist resume are listening to their clients and providing them with the proper medications. They also have to administer the treatments and recommend the therapies to the patients. The skills require for this job titles are professional demeanor and supportive personality. Employers generally look for state license and certificate of completed accredited program for this job.

Marriage And Family Therapist

They are special kind of therapist who work to solve the problems of the couples or the families. The Marriage and the family therapist have to assist clients and solve their individual conflicts. The work duties included in the resume of marriage and family therapist are to meet clients and know them, to help them overcome the depression or trauma and to improve their negative behavior. They have to suggest and advice the client by giving wise solutions. The essential qualifications for this job are counselling capabilities and empathy. The hiring employers look for the candidate with the degree in psychology or psychotherapy along with state license.

  • Physiotherapy Assistant
  • Activity Assistant
  • Health Professional
  • Senior Caregiver
  • Home Care Provider
  • Caregiver
  • Companion Caregiver
  • Personal Caregiver
  • Home Care Nurse
  • Physical Therapy Aide
  • Personal Care Aide
  • Home Care Aide
  • Physical Therapist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Health Care Aide
  • Home Health Aide
  • Certified Home Health Aide
  • Direct Care Worker
  • Home Health Care Aide
  • Behavioral Therapist
  • Home Support Worker
  • Personal Care Assistant
  • Special Needs Caregiver
  • Student Respiratory Therapist
  • Care Aide
  • Care Worker
  • Registered Respiratory Therapist
  • Home Caregiver
  • Physical Therapist Aide