Seasonal Jobs To Look Out For This Summer

When you think about summer, the last thing that comes to people’s minds is work, but sometimes you can find seasonal jobs that might just be fun. And even if they’re not fun, for some people, like students, summer is the only time they can work

Seasonal jobs are fantastic because you don’t have to dedicate more than a few months to them. In fact, you can even try a few different ones within the same summer. They are essential to supplement the money you get during the other months and they can add weight to your resume.

Whether you are looking for a summer job, a flexible job, or want something to keep you busy, we have selected some of the best seasonal jobs that you should give a try this summer season, come along with me, and let’s find out.


This entry job involves handling different payment forms, checking customers out, processing returns, and even using the point-of-sale system. Depending on the state you live and who you work for, you will be paid up to $9.18 per hour.  

To qualify, you need to have basic math skills and you should be a people person and be trustworthy. And you should create a resume that highlights any other skills you have, especially if you don’t have any job experience.

Stock Clerks

These people are usually found in big department stores that have high turnover and high traffic. Such stores often have items scattered all over the place, and it is your job to keep shelves looking orderly and clean. You will be moving between storage areas to the store floor to ensure everything is in order.

Likewise, pay depends on where you live, but you will be paid up to $11.14 per hour. You need to have clerical skills; you should always pay attention to detail, have customer service skills, and managerial skills to qualify.


Have you ever entered a store, and you found displays that are hard to ignore? Or have you ever found some things convincing you to buy them, and yet you just went to buy milk and bread? That is the job of a merchandiser.

They set up product displays to grab the attention of buyers. They focus on design, inventory, and placement. They are paid up to $12.04 per hour, and you need to be a detailed person with fantastic design skills, excellent organizational skills to qualify for this job.

Store Security

Whether the business is running as usual or the stores are already closed, every store needs a security officer to keep an eye on things. You will be paid an average of $11.65 per hour. You need to be a detailed person and be willing to undergo a security check.

Retail Store Manager

If you are experienced in the retail world, there are many opportunities to try. The store manager is one of them, and you could work in either industry or store where summer is a busy period for them. 

You will be responsible for store policies, payroll, managing staff, opening and closing among other things. Pay varies, but you will be paid an average of $14.65 per hour, and you will need math skills, leadership skills, organization skills, customer care skills to qualify for the job.

Customer Service Associate

This stands to be one of the most challenging jobs when it comes to the retail world. However, if you have a way with people, this can be the best retail niche to try out. In your line of work, you will face many challenges like customer complaints, questions, product returns, so you have to figure out a way out.

In a nutshell, your role will be to resolve matters that come up from clients while providing an excellent customer experience. You will earn approximately $10.63 per hour, and you need to have problem-solving skills, customer service skills, you should be patient and pay attention to details.


If retail is not your forte, then maybe you can give baking a shot. Most department stores and grocery stores have in-store bakeries, you can always supply them with your pastries. It would be best if you are an early bird since you need to get your goodies in before the store opens.  

You will be paid about $11.38 per hour and of course you need cooking or baking skills and punctuality skills.

Bottom Line

There is no reason you should idle at home when you can put that time into good use and earn yourself some cash. These jobs are just the tip of the iceberg as there are hundreds of other opportunities out there depending on where you live.