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A resume is a document which has the summary of education and work experience. It compiles the credentials, accomplishments, and skills required to be eligible for applying for the job. It is one of the important parts of the job application process. Before the candidate can appear for the interview, HR scans his/her resume and based on it approves the candidate.

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Importance of Creating an Impressive Resume

The employer mainly focuses on the candidate’s resume while doing the selection from the various application submitted for the position. Therefore, it is very important to make a resume which immediately gets the attention. The purpose of the resume is to showcase your strength, skills, qualification, expertise and experience in the shortest form.

A well-written and properly formatted resume will create a strong impression on the hiring managers. To get selected for the particular position, one must have a professional resume which includes necessary points. The potential candidate has to provide every correct and accurate information in the resume. An effective resume is the one which has everything mentioned in a precise manner and has readable fonts.

Resume Sample

Rob Wilson

Business Analyst

3553 South Street, New York NY 10034


Professional Summary

Business Analyst with over 5 years of experience supporting business solutions software and analyzing business operations. Aiming to utilize my strong prioritization skills and analyzing abilities to achieve the goals of your company. Possess a B.A in Business Administration and Certification of Competency in business Analysis

Professional Experience

Company ABC – Boston, MA

Business Analyst

September 2012 – Present

  • Develop business architecture using requirements such as scope, processes, alternatives, and risks.
  • Analyze client’s business requirements and process through document analyses, workflow analyses and interviews.
  • Conduct 5 + levels of testing including functional, integration, user acceptance and performance of the product.
  • Communicate the client’s business requirements by constructing easy to understand data and process models.
  • Provide input developing and modifying systems to meet client needs and develop business specifications.
  • Liaise between business and technical personnel to ensure the mutual understanding of process and applications.

Company XYZ – Boston, MA

Business Analyst

September 2010 – MAY 2012

  • Engage client to gather software requirements, business rules and ensure the alignment with the development team.
  • Translate stakeholder requirements into 10 tangible deliverables such as functional specifications, user case, user stories, workflow diagrams, data flow model and ER diagrams.
  • Evaluate risk related to the requirements implementation, testing processes, project communication and training the team.
  • Identify and reconcile the errors in the client data to ensure accurate business requirements.
  • Draft and maintain the business requirements and align them with the functional and technical requirements.
  • Facilitate monthly meetings with clients to document requirements and explore potential solutions.

Educational Qualifications

ABC University – Boston, MA

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, June 2010

  • Graduate Cum Laude
  • GPA: 3.9/4.0

Additional Skills

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visio).
  • Expert Knowledge of SQL and relational database management system.
  • Skilled with Wrike and AtTask project management software.
  • Experienced with EDI standards and processing.
  • Familiar with Agile Software development methodology.

Resume Sample

Best Resume Samples sorted by Categories/Industrial sectors

If you are looking to apply for the job in any category, then check the below-mentioned resume samples. There are briefly mentioned resume samples for various job titles with certain examples. It has various resume samples for each job category in each specific category. There are more than 15 Resumes samples per each job title. Check the various resume samples mentioned and choose the one suitable for your job designation.

Administrative & Clerical Resume Samples

This category has the Administrative and Clerical Resumes which covers a wide range of the work profile. There are diverse career options in the domain and position can vary from entry-level to mid-management. There are many job titles in this industry. Below mentioned are the resumes for the Popular Titles of the administration and clerical roles.

  • Account Executive
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Finance Clerk

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Business Strategy & Analysis Resume Samples

There are various job designations for the business strategy and analysis across various industries. The professional in this field have a very reputed position with a good pay scale. The business strategy experts have to work every part of the organization. The popular titles of the Business Strategy & Analyses Resume samples include:

  • Agile Business Analyst
  • Business Developer
  • Policy Analyst

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Logistics & Supply Chain Resume Samples

There are many different job positions for the professionals in the logistics and supply chains. The resume of the job seeker in this field includes administrative functions and the management skills. The Logistic & Supply Chain Resume samples can apply for the position of packaging, shipping, and warehousing. The other popular titles in the Logistic & Supply Chain sector include:

  • Dispatch Manager
  • Order Puller
  • Warehouse Clerk

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Advertising & Marketing Resume Samples

The Advertising and the Marketing domain has the wide range of job possibilities. All the job seekers who are expert in the advertising and marketing can apply for the job. This sector also covers various openings for the public relation positions. Increasing the sales and marketing the brand effectively are main duties involved in this sector. Popular titles of the Adverting & Marketing Resume Samples are:

  • Advertising Account Executive
  • Digital Strategist
  • SEO Specialist

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Building & Construction Resume Samples

All the careers which include designing and constructing the building are included in this field. The building and construction also cover the work roles related to the maintenance of the building. The improvement of infrastructures designs and urban facilitation is part of this domain. Construction offers various career opportunities. The main titles for Building & Construction Resume Samples are:

  • Architect
  • General Contractor
  • Safety Specialist

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Information Technology Resume Samples

The Information Technology industry is growing at immense pace. There are exciting career opportunities in this field which huge growth prospects. In this quickly growing career field, there are various job openings on the daily basis. All the technicalities such as coding, technical support, and website management come in the work section of Information Technology Resume Sample. IT has interesting job designations and a high salary. The most popular titles in IT Sector are:

  • Coder
  • IT Analyst
  • Storage Administrators

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Accounting & Auditing Resume Samples

There various career possibilities in the field of accounting and auditing. The resumes of the accounting & auditing professional cover all the accounting functions as well industry specific audits. The person seeking to work in this field must include skills such as accounts receivable payable in the resume. He/she must know about payroll. The main titles for the Accounting and Auditing field include:

  • Accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Controller

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Healthcare & Pharmacy Resume Samples

The professionals of the health care industry can apply for various job designations across the sector. One can work as an individual or can be appointed by hospitals. There are vast career options in health care or in the pharmacy department. The work role in the resume samples for this profile includes medicinal as well management tasks. Popular titles in the Healthcare & Pharmacy sector are:

  • Assisted Living Administrator
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Registered Nurse

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Law Enforcement, Military & Security Resume Samples

The resumes for the law enforcement, military and security are assorted as per the job destination. There are various job positions available in the both public safety and the private sector. The Resumes samples for this job sector must have skills like patience, awareness, and discipline. It is a very exciting career where there are missions to achieve for the public safety. The jobs in the military units are very challenging. From various the various job roles, the popular are:

  • 911 Operator
  • Firefighter
  • Security Consultant

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Charity & Non-Profit Resume Samples

In this field, the professionals usually work as volunteers and devote their time on certain services. The workforce capacity and the money is also given in the charity given. To be eligible for this field, one must possess the passion for serving and supporting certain causes. The resume samples for various positions in the charity and non-profit sector has work duties like fundraising, planning events, casework and other functions. Among the various job positions in this field, the main designations are:

  • Development Director
  • Group Home Worker
  • Patient Advocate

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Maintenance & Repair Resume Samples

The required skills in the Maintenance & Repair Resume samples are troubleshooting and quick thinking. This occupation needs the person to be patient and follow the proper directions for maintaining the product life. Various position in this job requires a lot of physical labor. The work role in resumes of the professionals includes maintenance and repairing of various products, equipment’s, systems and automobiles. There are various career opportunities in this field, the popular job titles are:

  • Automobile Mechanic
  • Electrician
  • Maintenance Man

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Software Development Resume Samples

The Software Developers are the experts of the computer coding and designing the software programs. They are skillful in the maintenance and installation of these softwares. The work role mentioned in the Software Development Resume Samples is to run the current software and have knowledge of the upcoming software. Those looking to apply for the job in this field must know a little hardware. It is a very lucrative field with various career options. The popular job titles in software development are:

  • App Developer
  • Java Developer
  • Project Lead

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Artists & Designers Resume Samples

This field includes various work roles comprising of art, creative and design. There are various career possibilities in this field which involved designing or creating any artistic pursuits. The resume samples of the artist & designers can include product designing as well. All the professionals in this sector have a creative vision for the work. There is a huge prospect of career growth in each job title. Most popular are:

  • Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • UX Designer

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Business Management Resume Samples

The Business Management must be prepared to highlight the management and leadership skills. Every company, whether small or big requires a management team. This department of the company is responsible for leading the company and achieving the targets successfully. There are various career opportunities in this field. The prospective candidate can apply for the positions administrative support staff and reach the level of CEO. The various job titles in the Business Management are:

  • CFO
  • Development Manager
  • Project Manager

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Financial Services Resume Samples

There are very lucrative career options in the industry of the Financial Services. There are many job designations in this domain. The Financial Services Resume samples must have work experience of filing the tax returns. The people willing to apply for the financial jobs must know how to make money and secure it. They need to aware about the lending money process to individuals or corporations. The resumes can be prepared according to the particular job designation. The popular job titles are:

  • Financial Advisor
  • Mortgage Processor
  • Commodity Trader

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Media & Journalism Resume Samples

The Media & Journalism is a very competitive industry with the highly qualified candidates. Resume samples of the candidates applying for Media & Journalism must have effective communication abilities and great excellent attention to detail. The various positions in this field require lot of creativity, patience and flexible working hours. The candidates must be aware of latest technology and must remain updated with the news. The popular position titles for the Media & Journalism are:

  • Broadcast Journalist
  • Media Buyer
  • Video Producer

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Animal & Pet Care Resume Samples

Individuals who love taking care of animals and has an interest in the animal well-fare must choose this profession. There are various career opportunities in the animal & pet care section. The resumes of the candidates applying for the Animal & Pet Care designations must have knowledge of animal care. There should be a highlight of skills like anatomy to keep animals healthy. The work in this industry has a lot of responsibilities and requires patience to handle animals. The main job titles in this section are:

  • Dog Groomer
  • Vet Assistant
  • Veterinarian

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Science & Biotech Resume Samples

The Science & biotechnology is a vast field with numerous career opportunities. It offers lucrative salary and has many job designations. The positions can vary from entry-level to the expert. Most of the Science & Biotech Resume samples have the work role of conducting experiments. It also involves observing and analyzing the results. The people who apply for the jobs in this field works in medical research areas as well the industrial section. The most popular titles for the science and biotech are:

  • Biologist
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • QC Chemist

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Fashion & Beauty Resume Samples

This is a very exciting career with great opportunities. This field is chaining continuously and new job opportunities keep arising. The professionals in this domain have to work with big celebrities styling them. The fashion experts can also run their own beauty salon or get employed with big fashion brands. Most of the Fashion & Beauty samples resume have the additional point of being updated with latest fashion trends. These people also have to travel a lot. You can explore various job titles but popular are:

  • Beautician
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Makeup Artist

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Human Resources Resume Samples

The HR of the company is responsible for recruiting the new staff as well for hiring the particular employee. They need to hire the most eligible candidate for the vacant positions. The Human Resources Resume samples have various work roles depending on the candidate’s work experience. Few of the HR’s work solely for the recruitment department whereas the others need to make payrolls and carry out other HR functions. The people who are seeking HR jobs can apply to directly work in the company or with the consultancy. There are various job titles in this role, but the most popular are:

  • Hiring Manager
  • Human Resources Director
  • Staffing Specialist

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Transportation Resume Samples

The people working in the transportation field should have knowledge about the various vehicles. The hired employee must be skillful in the customer service and must specialize in the automobiles. The job description mentioned in the transportation resumes is generally transportation but there are other work duties as well. The person must frequently load and unload vehicles. They need to maintain and clean the vehicle and assure safe transportation. This is a great career option with various job titles like:

  • Bus Driver
  • Fleet Manager
  • Heavy Truck Driver

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Manufacturing Resume Samples

The professional of this field has to constantly improve the manufacturing process of the factory. They must strive hard for long hours to work in any plant, company or organization. The resume samples of employees in the manufacturing business must know how to use power tools and operate machinery. There can be too many options for the positions in this field. The basic work includes product development, calculate the material cost, manage labor work and analyze the trends. The main titles are:

  • Assembly Worker
  • Factory Manager
  • Senior QA Engineer

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Engineering Resume Samples

The field of Engineering is the most lucrative and broad field. It has various career prospects and large career possibilities. Engineering itself it a big field but it has sub-sectors as well which in themselves are huge. Nowadays, there is a need of engineer everywhere and in every company. The Engineering Resumes are most sought after resumes. To be eligible for the engineering positions, one must at least have bachelor’s degree in the relevant category. From various possible positions, the main job titles are:

  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Hvac Engineer
  • Quality Control Manager

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Hospitality Resume Samples

The various job positions in the five-star hotels, brand restaurants, travel industry, popular resorts and costly casinos come under the sector of Hospitality. This occupation has a wide range of positions and a really lucrative pay scale. The job responsibilities included in the resume of the people opting the career in hospitality included hotel management and facilities. These professionals must be expert in customer service and food preparation. There are many other duties involved in the work section of the hospital resumes. There are many options for the job positions in this field. The important job roles are:

  • Bartender
  • Food Services Manager
  • Maid

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Real Estate Resume Samples

In this sector of the industry, the people working as the real estate agents have to typically deal with the buyers and sellers. The work role in the resumes of the people applying for Real Estate jobs includes making deals and completing the transactions. They must need to have to knowledge about various commercial or residential properties and the area prospects. These professionals are the experts in the marketing and advertising properties. They need to check the property before selling. Popular titles are:

  • Apartment Leasing Agent
  • Home Inspector
  • Realtor

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Child Care Resume Samples

This is a great career option for those who understand children and know a little about child psychology. The working parents leave their children with the child caretakers. The people working in this industry have to supervise the children in absence of their parents. The work duties mentioned in most of the child care resume includes buying the grocery for the child, bathing the child and dressing. The skills required for this sector are patience and creativity. The most popular job titles for child care are:

  • Babysitter
  • Child Care Worker
  • Kindergarten Teacher

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Consulting Resume Samples

The field of consulting has grown immensely in the past decades. With a lot of hurdles in the professional and personal life, people tend to consult the consultants before taking any major decision. They are paid to give their expert opinion in the growth and development of individuals or companies. The resume of the people applying for the job in this field must have knowledge about various domains. The skills included to enter this profession are mainly communication and networking. Popular titles include:

  • Career Coach
  • Freelance Consultant
  • Salesforce Consultant

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Government Resume Samples

The government officials are paid very high and they are provided with lots of additional benefits as well. There are various career opportunities and different job designations in the government sector. To be eligible for the government jobs, one must pass the government exams. Many of the government resume samples show the jobs from local city governments as well in various federal agencies. The government employers can participate in elections or any political campaigns. Most important titles are:

  • City Manager
  • Licensed Social Worker
  • Public Information Officer

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Education Resume Samples

To enter in the field of education one must be highly qualified and have a grip over the teaching. All the jobs in the education departments are primarily focused on providing knowledge, training or teaching. There are various job options in this field. One can be a teacher of a kinder garden or a play school as well professor in the college. The professors with great knowledge and expert on the subject are always in demand. The skills mentioned in most of the education resume samples are the patience and command on language.  The best among the various job titles in the education which you can explore are:

  • Academic Counselor
  • Elementary Teacher
  • Private Tutor

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Insurance Resume Samples

There are numerous job designations which the insurance industry offers to each and every individual entering this field. All these career options range from analyzing the stats to the Insurance Agents. The basic work role mentioned in many of the Insurance Resume samples is selling the insurance policies to customers. As the need for insurance is increasing in the present day, the jobs in the field are also growing. The other duties include generating sales and processing it. The most popular work role is:

  • Claims Processor
  • Insurance Agent
  • Underwriter

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Research Resume Samples

The people who are keen to the depth of every detail are the most eligible candidate to be a researcher. They have to work for various job positions in different domains of the industry. Some researchers work in the in the lab doing the experiments whereas other do the marketing surveys. The job designations mentioned in various Research resume samples cover a wide range of industries. The researchers can work both in the field of both academia as well in the business industry. The important work roles in research sector are:

  • Internet Researcher
  • Librarian
  • Research Technician

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Banking Resume Samples

All the different job designations related to managing the finance of the individuals or companies comes under the banking sector. They bank managers usually help people in maintain and growing their money. The work roles defined in most of the banking resume samples includes checking the cash at the bank counter, writing and scanning the loan application, and advising on invest the capital in the bank. The resume of bank professional is highly sought after whether it’s the government bank or the private. From the dozens of the job titles in this field, the most common are:

  • Banker
  • Loan Processor
  • Mortgage Loan Officer

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Fitness Resume Samples

This is an exciting and growing career field to choose. It includes all different kind of job positions which involves the physical betterment and health improvement of the customers. This field also revolves a little bit around the sports and activity industry. Many of the fitness resume samples show the job designations like coaching and professional sports agents. They pay scale is also high and there are chances to the personal trainer of the famous sports personalities and athletes. The main job titles are:

  • Athletic Trainer
  • High School Football Coach
  • Zumba Instructor

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Medical Resume Samples

The jobs in the medical sector are very demanding and need lot of work but it is a very rewarding career choice. One has to work long hours and deal with the emergency cases as well. There is wide range of jobs possible in this sector. Once can be the helping hand of the doctor where you can also get a reputed position in the hospital. The main points noted in most of the medical resume samples are the flexibility of the working hours and comfort for traveling. The popular titles include:

  • ICU Nurse
  • Paramedic
  • Patient Care Coordinator

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Therapy Resume Samples

This is the best field to choose for the people who have the passion to help others and improve their life. The major work involved in the field of therapist is to advice the patients for the particular exercises. The resumes of the people working as the therapist must have some emotional sentiments. The therapist work as individual or can be appointed by the hospitals. They need to track the improvement of the patients and change their exercise on the timely basis. The well-known work positions are:

  • Home Care Aide
  • Massage Therapist
  • Mental Health Therapist

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Retail Resume Samples

The retail industry is huge and has enormous jobs prospects for various candidates. All the retails jobs include the person to work in either small store or the independent big stores. The work in the retail industry includes selling the various store products. The resume of the people working in this section must have the knowledge about the product they are selling and the basic graduation. The positions in this industry can vary from entry level to the higher authority. The famous work titles included are:

  • Cashier
  • Key Holder
  • Sales Merchandiser

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Legal Resume Samples

It is very interesting and challenging to work in the legal industry. It not only offers a great salary but also some lucrative career options. You can begin your career from Paralegals and can reach to the level of Federal Judges. The legal advisor can work as individuals and can also be appointed by big firms. It is a very competitive field which requires high analytical skills. Most of the legal resume samples depict the professionals with great qualifications. Some most important job roles in this field are:

  • Attorney
  • Paralegal
  • Public Defender

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Sales Resume Samples

Most of the business or the company gets the success because of the powerful sales team. The sales department is the most crucial part of any small or big firm. The Sales person is highly responsible for getting the new customers and maintaining the engagement with them to sell the products/services. The skills mentioned in the sales resume samples are communication abilities and the extensive knowledge of the products. The successful sales professionals can easily get personable. The main job positions are:

  • Online Sales Manager
  • Sales Associate
  • Telephone Sales Representative

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Other Resume Samples

To apply for any job in any sector, it is very important to make a proper and impressive resume. To land a dream job, the key is the error free and well-formatted resume. Mention all the educational qualification and work experience require for the particular job position. Whether you are applying for the entry level job or for the higher position, the hiring managers will always first scan your resume. It should properly showcase your skills and demonstrate the applicant’s work history. Check the below resume samples for the various popular work titles:

  • Chemical Plant Operator
  • Group Home Manager
  • Shift Leader

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Some Quick Resume Tips

The stats depict that hiring employer spends very less time on checking one resume. The hiring panel scans the resume for hardly less than a minute. So, it is very crucial to make an imperative impression on them the proper resume. One has to write resume such that it quickly makes a big impact on the employers.

Writing the resume randomly will not lend you the job. You follow these tips to make the proper resume which can easily get you a job:

  • Make Resume Suitable to Target Job Position.
  • Change the Resume Writing for Different Companies.
  • Always Mention Work Experience and Skills Experience.
  • Properly Highlight your Credentials and Accomplishments.
  • Make it Readable and Simple to Skim.
  • Mention Certain Keywords and Write in Active Language.
  • Be Honest and Give the Correct the Information.
  • Use the Pointer and Sum Up Every Information in Short.
  • Write the Resume in Readable Fonts.
  • Always Proofread the Resume and Check the Errors.

Ways to Write a Perfect Resume

All of the submitted resume application gets mixed and recruiters give only a few seconds to each resume. Therefore, it is very important to have impressive and flawless resume application. The perfectly written resume can help you land your dream job.

To make your resume almost perfect and to the point, you need to write it short. Be polite in your sentences and mention every information correctly. Showcase your skills and display your work experience. Write about volunteer work and qualifications. Attach a cover letter and thank you note.

Things You Must Include in Your Resume:

Preparing the accurate resume with all the information is a tough task. At times, in order to include all the information, you may end up making a lengthy resume. And other times, to keep your resume short, you might skip adding some critical information. Apart from making resume perfect, you need to add certain points in your resume. While making resume, include little about the job designation.

The most important thing to mention in the resume is the contact information. Both the working contact number and current address are important. The objective and the summary statements must also be mentioned. The work history and relevant URL’s to it should be provided. Educational qualification, accomplishments and the achievements also help in getting the job.

Tips to Write Work Experience in Resume:

The work experience section of the resume is the part which the employers look to set up the interview call. It is also the section by seeing which the employer can immediately reject you. You need to make that section impressive and include relevant work points. It is very important how you label and highlight this section.

You need to include all the work duties you performed. You must mention the company name, your position, and the employment period. The work role and the responsibilities must be mentioned in brief. You must format this section properly and mention every small detail. Write the work experience without mentioning about the gaps.

Tips to Write Skills in Resume

A well-written skill section in the resume can easily beat the other submitted resume applications. This is the section where you can showcase your talents and skills. You can also highlight your hobbies and achievements under this category. You can expand a bit and write about the abilities which are relevant for the job you are applying.

A powerful set of skills can easily impress the hiring managers. Be relevant while writing skills. Format well and use bullets. All your useful capabilities can be mentioned in this section. You must note down all the skills but be short and simple. You must include the technical skills as well which can help you get the job.