Here’s Why You Should Never Miss A Meeting If You Can Help It

If you are an employee or business person, you must understand the code and ethics involved in the employment sector. One aspect of this code covers the idea of work ethic and accountability. With this, it is important to show up and give effort on work-related tasks, such as a monthly meeting.

Contrary to popular belief, meetings are essential and help a company connect, plan, and stay on the same page. Meetings are always held with an objective and when you miss a meeting, you lose your chance to be a part of whatever that objective is. If you don’t attend a meeting, it should be for a logical reason, such as an avoidable emergency.

Some business meetings are of high value to employees and some are valuable for high-ranking executives. In any case, all meetings are valuable in one regard or another. Here are various meetings you should never miss.


Financial Review Meetings

Financial review meetings are designed to go over the company’s financial status. It doesn’t matter which rank you serve; you must be there so that you have an insight into how business is running and whether there are any flaws in the financial documents.

Financial statements are read during business review meetings for various departments. Therefore, you will know whether you are making progress or if there is any money missing. False financial statements can result in lawsuits. So, to avoid such cases it is important to be there for input during these meetings.

In these meetings, you will also discuss various ideas to improve the business. If you have noticed inefficiencies in the business, this is your time to say so.

Weekly Performance Review

It’s essential to attend this meeting since it’s an opportunity to share your insight on new strategies to be incorporated in the business. These meetings also entail looking at the numbers that show performance. Therefore, it is a source of inspiration if your sector is doing well.

On the other hand, these meetings are a great opportunity to review the performance of specific individuals. As such, this is a great time to see who is doing well and who could use a little more assistance or guidance in their role. In addition, this meeting provides a to-do list for the week, giving you a reason to work hard and achieve the set goals. You will indeed feel recognized and appreciated during these meetings.

Overview With Leadership

In many companies, there are monthly meetings between the employees and employers. Therefore, the opportunity to enhance a strong relationship among colleagues and leaders. The monthly overview is a must-go meeting where you can express any grievances as well as share your new business ideas.

During this meeting, you will have an opportunity to help formulate new solutions or gain ideas from others on the best way forward. If you miss a session, it shows disregard for the company objectives, which can result in weakening the leadership’s trust in you.

Such meetings are meant to build relations. They can often introduce you to new people whom you might be working with in the same company but in different departments. You can ask a question or give suggestions during the monthly overview with high-rank executives.

Training Meetings

Some meetings involve training on new company policies or procedures. For instance, a business can decide to train their employees on how to use modern technology. Such meetings are beneficial to you, as they allow you to learn and gather different skills.

Promotions in companies are mostly based on experiences, and such training will give more you experience while exposing you to new opportunities. Such workshops create an opportunity to learn from other professionals where you can engage in a conversation for inspiration or advice.

Decision-Making Meetings

Companies also formulate meetings where employees share their insight on how to solve specific issues. Decision-making meetings are essential for you to get firsthand information on the new set of policies and ideas. This is an opportunity to use your voice to shape your workplace that should not be missed. 


Bottom Line

Meetings are designed to be a time to communicate, share ideas, and formulate solutions to help run the company. Such meetings are a must-attend to avoid second-hand information, which is mostly distorted.

Attending meetings allows you to feel recognized and have a clear understanding of the people you are working with and for. You may not be able to may it to every meeting. However, these are some meetings that you should never miss.