Music Producers: Discover the Best Laptop for Music Production

Technology is changing the world, there’s no doubt about that. Even the music world is fast adapting to the idea of technological change. The old recording setups are gone and this has brought about the idea of improved ones.

With improved studios, the computers in use had to be upgraded to fit the different styles and bandwidth. This has even brought about the idea of on-the-go studios. These are virtual studios set up within a laptop with the basic functions and capabilities.

There are some laptops that have proven to be better than others where music production is concerned. With a lot of misconceptions about the best laptops for music producers, here’s a list you can consider. Info on the specs you should look at when it comes to music production laptops can also be found here. Read on to know!

Music Producers: Discover the Best Laptop for Music Production

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

One thing producers want when it comes to a laptop is that it has to be a lightweight. And this one fits that bill as it weighs around 1.7 lbs. Another thing is that the laptop has around 8 GB worth of RAM, making it super fast to get through the tasks.

The processor that this machine is fitted with is core i5 and is pretty fast with a processing speed of 3GHz. This is probably the fastest laptop on the list. And with a 12.3-inch screen, you have a portable machine. You also have to consider the 7-8-hour battery life that this laptop possesses, when deciding on a machine.

Apple 13’’ MacBook Pro

You have probably seen this Mac laptop with a number of DJs. There’s a reason for that as a number of them favor it due to its lightweight. This is a 7th generation laptop with a core i5 processing power.

The speed is not as high as the first laptop, but it comes close with speeds of 2.3 GHz and an 8 GB RAM. Together with the SSD, the machine chews through data at great and convenient speeds.

It also means that it can handle even more software suites and run them at the same time with little fuss. Another thing that makes it a favorite for many is its 10 hours battery life. If you’re looking for a laptop specifically for on-the-go work, this is perfect.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y700

Lenovo is another brand that has looked to solve the producer’s dilemma with this offering that is basically a working station. The laptop has an internal space of up to 1 TB.

It is also fitted with gaming graphics that make the whole experience refreshing. It then carries a processing power of a quad-core Intel i7 processor. This is probably the most impressive part of this one as it carries high speed.

Couple all that with an 8 GB RAM expandable to up to 16 GB, you have a solid laptop. The only downside that you will find here is the battery life. The laptop has a battery life of around 4-5 hours only.

Music Producers: Discover the Best Laptop for Music Production
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Dell XPS 13 9360

One of the impressive machines that any music producer should consider is the Dell laptop. It meets all your requirements as it comes with 8 GB RAM, however that sadly can’t be upgraded, but it does have a dual-core processor powering it – a core i5 processor.

With a 13.3-inch screen, this is quite a user-friendly laptop, especially if you’re running it on Windows 10. With a solid-state disk of around 128 GB, you have enough space to sample and store your beats easily.

Another reason why you would want this machine is its portability. It weighs around 2.3 lbs, making it equally impressive on the go. When it comes to the price, this one is quite cheap as opposed to the other brands in this mold. It, in fact, comes $100 cheaper than the other brands.


As a music producer, both upcoming and professional, you need a laptop that can help you enhance your work. You don’t always have enough time to run to the studio to put down a beat, and you may need to do it from home.

This is where you need an impressive machine like the ones above that can handle the multiple functions you need to run. They promise peace of mind while you create music and follow your creative pursuits!