Jobs To Apply For Within The Division Of Labor

The Department of Labor focuses on administering different programs and enforcing the laws and policies that ensure all employees have a proper working environment. There are various career opportunities within the Division of Labor that you can seek. In these positions, you can to help make sure the goals in this department are achieved.

The opportunities in the Division of Labor are exciting and diverse. Furthermore, they are suitable for a wide range of people. If you want to work in the Division of Labor, several opportunities require special qualifications. At times, you have to be available for training in order to secure long-term, well-paying jobs.

The Division of Labor is a diverse sector with numerous job opportunities. Here are some of the jobs you should look into within this department. These opportunities can be greatly rewarding if you have the necessary skills.

Division of Labor

Major Occupations In The Division Of Labor

The Division of labor offers hundreds of job opportunities. This department is categorized into different agencies specializing in various activities. The department opportunities vary with the agency.

Bureau Of Labor Statistics

Economist — The Bureau of Labor Statistics involves statistical calculations and research. Working in this field entails conducting surveys, planning, and collecting economic data. Technology has made this job easy since collected data is stored through client-server computers. After collecting data, you are responsible for analyzing and providing a briefing on the findings.

Computer programmer — This agency provides a great opportunity for you if you are a computer programmer. You will be responsible for writing goal-oriented programs as per the specifications given. Additionally, you have to be creative and with extensive computer programming skills to secure this job.

Statisticians Your role will include design and estimations while working in simple selections and sampling data. This is an important role as you will be compiling information on which laws will be based.

Employee Benefits Security Administration

The EBSA is another prominent agency of the Division of Labor that deals with enhancing the benefits of the employees. The opportunities for work include the following.

Investigators — In this position, you will conduct investigations on employee benefit plans. Additionally, you will provide solutions and suggestions on how to make sure all employee needs are addressed, even after retirement. Finally, your job will involve collaborating with other departments to understand what employees are going through.

Advisors — This job opportunity allows you to provide assistance and solutions. You do this while planning improvements for employee beneficiaries, administrators, and their rights. Additionally, you must have extensive knowledge of various acts and set regulations when advising.

Accountants — This job requires the latest accounting as well as auditing techniques. Your role will include reviewing financial information in the annual reports and filed pensions. Then, you will provide a well-outlined final report. Ultimately, you will have to be sure you understand if there are any wrong or omitted entries.

Other Occupations

Program analyst — Your job will include reviewing and analyzing the agency programs. You can recommend any needed improvements for the effectiveness and efficiency of the particular program.

Law clerks — You will work in the office of the Solicitor General, where your responsibilities will include analyzing the legal impact of the administrative and court decisions.

Managers — Every agency requires a manager, where your role will include monitoring and coordinating other employees ensuring they do their best. Also, you will be responsible for providing a report to other related agencies. As the manager, you must be collaborative and ensure there is no fraud in your department.

Wage and hour compliance specialist — The wage and hour agency of the Department of Labor requires you to investigate and gather essential information. This information includes the fees, hours, and other practices of various workplaces. You do this to ensure employee rights are being adhered to and addressed. Subsequently, you will make recommendations and changes in areas where you recognize there are violations.

Division of Labor

Bottom Line

Ultimately, working in the Division of Labor guarantees a ton of benefits and long-term job opportunities. After understanding the area you want to specialize in, you should seek employment through the government or this department’s website.

There are numerous job opportunities with different roles and qualifications. Therefore, you must find the one that fits your personality and skillset.