How to Find Job Vacancies with the Best Benefits Near Home

Nowadays, companies not only offer good compensation to their workers, but they also provide holistic benefits beyond basic bonuses. Some employees are even provided with food and transportation allowances, gym discounts, longer sick and vacation leaves, and more.

If you are looking for job vacancies with the best benefits, here’s everything you need to know.

Jobs with the Best Benefits Near Home

Benefits play a vital role in helping employees save money, especially if the company can provide generous perks. Employment opportunities in marketing, advertising, and financial industries usually get the best perks, like catered lunch, free gym memberships, paternity and maternity leave, full-stack health coverage, and financial counseling.

Popular job positions you may check out include account manager, sales and marketing associate, accountant, financial analyst, and graphic designer.

Average Job Rates + Benefits

For those eyeing a position in the retail and marketing industry in the United States, total compensation for entry-level is at $15.31/hour minimum or around $30,000 yearly. Meanwhile, if you are applying for a managerial position, expect to be paid around $20 to $35.70 per hour. Usual benefits for these positions are healthcare insurance, life insurance, paid vacation, sick leaves, and retirement plans.

In the UK, the usual wage for corporate personnel ranges from £12 to £20 per hour. Benefits include medical insurance, wellness programs, retirement plans, income protection, and holiday allowance up to 5 weeks.

Job salaries for corporate employees in Canada can start at an hourly rate of CA$15 to CA$50. Common benefits that come with the job include assistance programs; health, vision, and dental insurance; paid sick and vacation leaves; training; and pension plans.

Australia’s minimum wage for employees starts at AU$18.93 per hour to AU$25.22. Employment benefits for corporate employees include flexible working arrangements, annual paid leave, sick leave, redundancy pay, and healthcare insurance.

The average wage for formal sectors in South Africa is R21,190 per month and can go up to R32,552. Employee benefits and programs include a pension plan, medical insurance, paid sick and vacation leaves, and financial management.


To enjoy a wealth of employee benefits from corporate sectors, you need to have formal education or a bachelor’s degree, skills needed for the job, and experience in the chosen field.

How to Find Job Vacancies with the Best Benefits Near Home

Given that the employment market is competitive, applicants like you need to have an edge over other candidates. Start by working on your resume to build a good impression. Singing up on LinkedIn can also help you find a network of employers you wish to connect to.

Online job applications are also common these days, so make sure to check out a couple of job listing sites like CareerBuilder, Indeed, and Glassdoor.

  • CareerBuilder – By registering an account, you can manage your profile and submit an application to several job vacancies on the board. The great thing about this website is that you can access salary offers of employers and benefits of working for a specific company. Positions available include tech associate, graphic designer, content writer, human resources employee, accountant, and more.
  • Indeed – This website is famous not only in Western countries but also in Asia and other parts of the world. Listed jobs contain all important information about the employer, and users can filter jobs according to field and location. Job vacancies on Indeed are in a wide range, and you can find many career opportunities from this site.
  • Glassdoor – Job hunters can sign up with Glassdoor to find career opportunities in varying fields. It also provides company reviews from users, so applicants can get an idea of whether a specific company is ideal or not. Job vacancies with the best benefits are huge in number, particularly in the marketing and financial sectors.

Government Sites & Programs

If you are aiming for a government position, know that many countries offer impressive benefits to employees. See career listings in different government websites to find out about the job opportunities.

  • United States

Visit the website! Explore job vacancies in varying fields, such as engineering, science, human resources, business, and industry programs. Sign up to make an account, and submit the required documents.

  • UK

Find a career opportunity on the UK’s government website, and find out about the list of benefits that you can enjoy while serving the people.

  • Canada

Visit the official website of the Government of Canada to look for available jobs open to the public. Programs available include student employment for undergraduate, full-time jobs, and the Federal Student Work Experience Program for those seeking on-the-job training experience.

  • Australia

The Australian government offers employment assistance programs for entry-level up to managerial positions. In addition, the Australian government also provides self-employment assistance programs, skills Australians Fund, and skills and training.

  • South Africa

Register an account to apply for jobs listed on the South African government website. You can check if there are vacancies in different government institutions, such as Public Service Innovation, Tourism, Public Service Commission, Department of Labour, and Higher Education and Training.


Get set for your career goals by exploring popular job vacancies with the best benefits online. Follow this guide to choose the path where your skills and experience will be valued.