10 Best Websites To Find A Job As A Programmer

Let’s face it, finding a job nowadays is quite hard. However, thanks to technology, looking for a job can is now faster and more accessible. If you want to find a job as a programmer, there are a variety of sites that can help you.

The internet has a lot to offer as far as programming jobs are concerned. There are several websites out there with lots of jobs. It’s up to you to sort through them and see which one works best for you.

If you are looking for a job as a programmer, then you have come to the right place. We have done the tough part for you. Without wasting much of your time, here are the top 10 websites to find programming jobs. 



This is one site that connects top talents with successful businesses all over the world. Before entering their freelance talent pool, they always have to screen and find out if you are the right fit.

Part of their screening test includes a language and personality test, technical screenings, time algorithm testing, and so much more.


This platform works with freelancers throughout the working process and payment. The aim to provide customer satisfaction. You begin by creating a profile, then start applying on the jobs that best suits you.

Once you are hired, you have to keep communication on the platform. With that, payment is made through Upwork’s payment system. This makes your funds safe, and you don’t have to get worried about the cons.


Like Upwork, Guru also posts jobs and freelancers are expected to send proposals to get hired. However, they usually provide options to filter and search for specific categories, locations, specialties, and so on.

There is an option for chatting with your employer via the workroom, where you can share both projects and deadlines. It is available for you to chat with your employer, quickly and effectively.


This is another platform that also posts programming jobs. It is user-friendly and makes finding a job a walk in the park. Once you find the task that suits you, you have to send proposals and wait to be contacted.


You will have to clearly state who you are and what you do in your profile. Also clearly state how you can stand out to find a job quickly.

The employees will reach out by either typing in keywords, in this case, “programming freelancers” or by searching under categories. On this platform, you determine your rates.


If you are looking for long terms programming jobs, then this is the right platform for you. Their services help people like you land that dream job they have been looking forward to.


Just like Upwork, Elance also takes on freelancers who are looking for programming jobs. Companies will post jobs, then it is your role to apply. Once you are hired, you will work through the platform and also get paid there.


This is another solid platform for freelance work. All you need to do is browse through their job listings and find one that works best for you. These listings are usually sorted by the date they were posted, but you can still type in keywords to find jobs.


This platform also works like most of the sites we have mentioned above. Create a killer profile and start applying for the jobs that are posted. Once hired, you can manage your projects and communicate with your employer via their system.


This is another market place that connects freelancers to companies and businesses looking for their services. They understand that most freelancers are in different geographical locations, thus bringing work closer to you.

Buyers post jobs for free and wait for freelancers to bid. You can also send your portfolio to impress potential clients.


Bottom Line

If you are a programmer looking for jobs or looking to break into this market, hopefully, you now have answers to your questions. The good news is, these platforms are free and user-friendly, making your work even easier.