Check Out These Exercise Science Jobs

Exercise science refers to the study of the impact of physical movement on the body. It can also involve diet and nutrition effects on the general physical well-being.

Typically, exercise scientists are involved in analyzing clients’ history and assessing the risks when they exercise. They tell which type of exercise best fits the patient.

Additionally, these experts conduct stress and fitness tests with medical equipment and perform analysis of the obtained patient data. If you want to learn more about this interesting career option, read on.

Check Out These Exercise Science Jobs
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Exercise Science Job Roles

Usually, exercise science specialists are designated to work in corporate, fitness-based, academic, or medical settings.

Notably, an exercise specialist’s particulars will vary depending on whether they operate in a clinical or non-clinical environment.

However, their day-to-day duties will revolve around interacting with patients, cardiac diagnosis, and fitness programs.

Fitness Trainers and Instructors

Fitness instructors and trainers instruct, motivate, and lead people or cohorts in exercise activities, including exercises for blood circulation and the heart, stretching, and training.

Trainers and instructors explain how to do different exercises and enhance fitness and reduce injuries. They also watch their clients perform the activities to ensure accuracy while also providing alternative work-out exercises.

Becoming a fitness instructor indicates that you are ready to operate your business. To achieve this, you need training, certification, and liability insurance.

The training and education for this job differ by specialization; however, employers prefer the certified ones. If you are interested in this job, you need at least a high school diploma, as most trainers do.

Some employers may require you to possess a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in exercise science. The median annual salary for fitness instructors and trainers is $40,390.

Recreational Therapist

A recreational therapist seeks to rejuvenate a person’s interest in life by using varied leisure activities, designed specifically for each client. Recreational therapists can operate in medical facilities, schools, or even community centers.

If you are interested in becoming a recreational therapist, you need a degree in therapeutic recreation or related disciplines like leisure studies or recreation.

You may also require a license in some states, as some managers prefer it. Most people in this role work full time. An average recreational therapist earns $48,220 as the median yearly salary.

Exercise Physiologists

An exercise physiologist is responsible for creating a fitness schedule for a person recovering from illness or injury. They ensure that the mobility of the client is improved.

Mainly, an exercise physiologist assesses the needs of the patient, develops the ultimate exercise programs, and consults the patient on the best action plan.

To become an exercise physiologist, you need a master’s degree in exercise physiology. However, a typical exercise physiologist requires at least a bachelor’s degree in programs such as anatomy, biology, nutrition, or kinesiology.

An exercise physiologist earns $54,135 annually on an average, in the US.

Gym Manager

Gym managers are responsible for the overall cleanliness and safety of the gym. They ensure that the machines and the equipment used are working correctly and in good condition.

They ensure that the sauna and the locker rooms are hygienic, and also oversee the work of employees.

To be a gym manager, you need a bachelor’s degree in management, business administration, or sports science—notably, most employers fancy people who have pursued these courses.

Also, a person must be experienced as a gym or business worker before enrolling as a gym manager. An average gym manager earns $35,087 annually. The pay varies by experience, city, employer, or skill set.

Check Out These Exercise Science Jobs
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Activity Specialist

An activity specialist conducts recreation activities in private or with groups. They also promote sports, games, crafts, drama, or music activities. You have to be creative if you are interested in this job.

The education and experience for this position depend on the kind of employment you choose. For instance, if you are interested in working at an assisted living facility, then you must have a strong base of creating therapeutic recreational activities.

The 2020 annual average wage for an activity specialist is $32,421 in the United States.


Most of the listed exercise science jobs are expected to grow in the near future. With the rapid growth in this field, getting an exercise science degree will put you in an excellent position to be considered for hire. This field is broad, and there are so many careers you can choose from!