Artists & Designers Resume Samples

This field includes various work roles comprising of art, creative and design. There are various career possibilities in this field which involved designing or creating any artistic pursuits. The resume samples of the artist & designers can include product designing as well. The various sectors of art like painting, drawing, music, sculpture, film, music, stages, performance are included in this field.

All the professionals in this sector have a creative vision for the work. The basic work activities included in this field is to generate, develop and implement innovative ideas. The person should have ability to deal with the material suppliers and grow their networking. The hired candidate has to manage the tax, handle marketing, update portfolio and attend various events.

There is a huge prospect of career growth in each job title. Employers usually hired the applicants with the graphic designing degree or some work experience in the relevant field. The other beneficial skills are creativity, computer knowledge, communication, teamwork, using software’s, interpersonal skill, meeting with clients and organization capabilities.

Resume Template for Professionals in Artists & Designing Sector:


Rob Wilson

Graphic Artist and Designer

743 Xyz Abc Road.
Chicago, IL – xxxxx

Email: | Home: xxx-xxx-xxxx | Mobile: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Professional Summary

Highly gifted, creative, energetic and enthusiastic Graphic Designer, and for the past thirteen years, I have challenged conventional ways of viewing ideas, logos and brand recognition through my visual conceptualizations as a Graphic Designer. In doing so, I have worked in practically every echelon of the media industry; putting my talents to work as a staff member at designs companies, several local and regional magazines, and a national sign and graphics company.

Work Experience

1) Graphic Artist

ABC Company – Charleston, SC

June 2009 to March 2017

  • Generates artwork used on garments, brochures and promotional items.
  • Assist sales representatives and customers on completing orders.
  • Typesetting, design and layout for silkscreen, embroidery, promotional items, and catalogs.
  • Prepares files and materials for production.
  • Prepares art layout for employee business cards, company letterhead and specialty cards.
  • Maintains and structured electronic filing systems.
  • Website maintenance.


2) Graphic Designer,

ABC Company – Atlanta, GA

May 2007 to April 2009

  • Website development.
  • Created original artwork used in catalogues, brochures and promotional items.
  • Typesetting, design and layout for weekly publication.
  • Logos and Identity development.
  • Prepared files and materials for production.


3) Graphic Artist,

ABC Company – Atlanta, GA

January 2006 to May 2007

  • Created/ recreated artwork used in signage.
  • Prepared files and materials for production.
  • Typesetting, design and layout.
  • File conversions and reproduction of customer-provided files.
  • Customer service assistant.


4) Embroidery Supervisor / Graphic Artist,

XYZ Company – Charleston, SC

September 2003 to September 2005

  • Created original artwork used in catalogues and promotional items.
  • Prepared customer designs and ideas for screen-printing, color
  • separations, typesetting, and logo design.
  • Attended sales meetings, presented design solutions to prospective clients
  • Communicated directly with all clients from project inception through completion.
  • Prepared daily schedule for production.
  • Collaborated with sales personnel about new designs for their clientele.
  • Create new digitized file/edited files for production.

Educational Qualification

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sequential Art

ABC University – Chicago, IL

September 2001 to April 2003

Skills and Strengths

  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat
  • Graphic Design & Advertising
  • Digital Imaging & Photography
  • Microsoft O ce Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Sales & Training Materials
  • Corporate Identity/Messaging & Branding
  • Packaging & POP Design

— References Available upon Request —


Artists & Designers

Video Game Designer

In the field of Designing, the Video Game Designers play a crucial role. Their work is very vital when it comes to game designing and creating. They are the core members of the game design teams. They need to perform duties like creating characters, designing game levels, writing the game code and choosing the animation. They also have to test the game and debug the errors. The applicant must not need to have particular education or training but should have knowledge for game designing. Skills like programming language, coding and analytical thinking are a plus.


The main work role of the actors is to portray the imaginative characters into real life. They have to perform with proper body language, correct movement and clear speech. The work role mentioned in the resume of Actor is usually to perform on stage and in front of cameras. They have to liaise with agents and seek jobs. The candidate should have strong networking skills and should be flexible with long rehearsal hours. The applicant must have strong voice for the commercials. Formal education is not mandatory, but having degree in a film study area is plus.

Stage Manager

Stage Managers are frequently required by theaters. They are employed by the organizers of the stage shows to handle the group of the performing artist. The main work role of the stage Manager is to offer help to the production team in their process. The hired candidates has to test the rehearsals, oversee the designers and manage the set. He/she has to coordinate with the other crew members and communicate with actors to start, pause or stop their performance. Employers usually select the applicant with the precious experience in stage management.

Storyboard Artist

The main work of the Storyboard Artists is to prepare and make storyboards for the different productions. They have to create the storyboards for films, animation movies, commercials, music videos or computer games. These professional experts have to read and process scripts. They have to change the scenes and make them easy. The skills required for this job role are creativity, expertise in computer, experience in storyboard creation, and teamwork. The applicant must showcase Bachelor’ Degree in animation technologies in resume for this job.

Event Photographer

The responsibility of the Event Photographers is shoot and capture the best moments of the various events like weddings, parties, anniversaries, and shows. They have to catch the extraordinary glimpse of moments in the form of photos. The basic work duties included in this job is to communicate with clients, know their requirements and take pictures accordingly. The person should be skillful in taking compose shots, still shots and must know how to edit photos. The ideal candidate should have relevant experience showcased in the resume to get selected.

Autocad Operator

AutoCAD Operators have to create the technical and specialized drawing by utilizing the computer aided design software. These kinds of drawings are useful in the manufacturing or construction industries. The resume of the AutoCAD experts must have technical drawing skills and computer proficiency. The hired candidate has to develop the designs, choose materials and select the techniques for the construction procedures. He/she has to collaborate with engineers and deliver the design in time. Having degree in relevant field or training is beneficial.

3D Artist

The main work role of the 3D artist is to create and deliver the 3D animations with the use of advanced computer technology. They are involved in the making of movies, videos, commercials or computers games. The duties mentioned in the resume of 3D artist are to create the special effect coordinating with the script. They have to scanning devices and gadgets along with software’s to produce the effect. The ideal candidate should be creative and must have artist talent. The education requirements are a degree in art, animation, and design or movie production.

Architectural Draftsman

The main responsibility of the Architectural Draftsmen is provide support, assistance and help to the Architects involved in the project. They have mostly in charge for creating drawing. The other duties included in this job role are checking the plans and designs, use the AutoCAD and make designs, measure the accuracy and estimate the errors. They have to perform certain calculations and also has to visit the construction sites. The technical drawing skills is usually required for this role. The applicant must have training course in drafting and AutoCAD for this job.

Fx Artist

The FX Artists are the part of the team involved in producing computer games and animations. They have to work with the production team and collaborate with the development team. The work duties mentioned in the various resume samples of FX Artist is to create and design the special effects, align them with the script and introduce these effect in the game world, and use advanced computer software’s to create graphic elements. The essentials skills needed for this job are software expertise, knowledge of animation, creativity and previous work experience.


The florist can be hired by the business persons or they can run their own business and work as individuals. They mainly have to create the innovative floral designs. The work role mentioned in the various resumes of Florist are to grow the flowering business, take the orders and fulfil them on time, maintain the supplies, communicate with clients and discuss their requirements, design and develop the flower arrangements, wrap the orders and promote the business. The skills needed for this job are creativity, marketing, flower cultivation, and customer service. Having high school diploma or the some previous work experience is beneficial.


The main work role of the DJ is to mix the various music tracks and play them at the music events or parties. They have to broadcast these music over radio stations as well. The duties involved in this job role is to create the energetic playlist and provide the music according to the party theme. He/she has to mix various tracks and interact with clients, public or audience. The skills required for this job are communication, knowledge of music trends and interpersonal abilities. There is no formal academic qualifications required but having experience is a plus.

Gallery Director

The Gallery Directors are appointed to supervise the proper running and functioning of the gallery. They are responsible to oversee the day to day operations of the gallery and the workers. The work included in the various resumes of Gallery Directors are to promote the business, establish the gallery, hire the staff, manage the visitors, network with artist and maintain the budget. He/she has to organize events and develop exhibition plans. Having the degree in any art field is mandatory. Multitasking skills and leadership qualities are required.

Tattoo Artist

The Tattoo Artists have to design permanent or apply temporary tattoos on their client’s body. They have to use needles and inject the ink within the skin layer for the permanent tattoo designing. The duties mentioned in the resume of Tattoo Artist are designing the tattoo as per client’s requirement or advising them to choose the most preferable tattoo. They have to clean the working area and keep it safe as well hygienic. Having manual dexterity and expertise in sterilizing methods are the most sought after skills for this job. No degree is required for this job but certain states require license.

Jewelry Designer

The main work role of the Jewelry Designer is to design the innovative jewelry paces and create them with some symbolical meaning. They need to have knowledge about gold, platinum, diamonds, silver and other precious stones or gems. Various work activities included in the resume of typical Jewelry Designer is to communicate with clients, take commission, sketch the ideas, produce the product and get involve in the making of jewelry. Essential skills required are knowledge of using CAD software and expertise in activities of jewelry. Having degree in art or designing is beneficial but otherwise no formal education is required.

Film Producer

The Film Producers are actively involved in the movie making process. They have to oversee the movie construction from concept to completion. They have to arrange the funds, manage the budget, raise the movie popularity, increase networking, hire the staff, communicate with writers, manage the crew and supervise the production team. The ideal candidate must showcase business skills, supervising abilities and organizational qualities in the resume. Having the degree in fine arts or filmmaking is required. The applicant must be creative.

Graphic Designer

The main work of the Graphic Designers is design and create various amazing visual artworks. They have to make websites, covers of book, front page of magazine, advertisements, logo, computer game graphics, brochures, calendars and product packages. The skills like innovative ideas, creativity, computer expertise, networking, communication and presentation are showcased in the resume of Graphic Designer. The ideal candidate for this job has degree in the fine arts or graphic designing course. The applicant is evaluated based on experience and profile.

Web Graphic Designer

The main work responsibility of the Web Graphic Designers is to design the visual elements for the website. The duties described in the resume of the various Web Graphic Designers is to communicate with clients, consult clients with suitable designing, choose the ideal layout, select the perfect pictures, make the graphical adjustments, create sketched, and prepare the design before the delivery. The skills demonstrated are designing expertise, creativity and innovative ideas. The ideal candidate must have degree in graphic designing or any relevant field.

Set Designer

The Set Designers are a very important part of the designing team for film, TC or theatre. They have crucial role as they need to visualize the set and create it exactly as per the demand of script. They have to interpret the script and design the set. The work included in this job role is to create the set, craft the set, sketch it on the paper and prepare layout using software. He/she has to research, order the material and supervise the set. The ideal candidate for this job must have degree in scenography or theatre arts. Creativity, stamina, endurance and work flexibility is needed.


The composers are the masterminds behind the great and soulful musical tracks of movies, serial or commercials. They create the music as per the requirement and conduct orchestras. They also teach the craft and pass on to the other people involved. The work duties mentioned in the resume of composer is to compose original sound tracks for recording or live performance. There are various degree programs, certification courses or training availed for those who want to become composer. The ideal candidate must be spontaneous and confident.

Ux Designer

The UX Designers are hired to oversee the user friendly designs of the mobile apps and websites. They have to supervise the various software products and analyze their complete functionalities. The basic work duties involved with this position are to collaborate with clients, communicate with developing team, stay updated with advanced technologies and manage the visual assets of the product. Having knowledge about designing and programming skills is essential. Employer’s usually select the candidate with degree in software engineering or graphic designing. The resume of applicant should have creativity skills and ability to design.

Wardrobe Stylist

The main work responsibility of the Wardrobe Stylists is to style the artist and advise them for the proper wardrobe. They have to involve in the production of the music videos, films and commercials for the wardrobe collection of the celebrities. The basic work duties included in this job role is to communicate with the client and understand their needs. He/she has to assist the public figures in their shopping and purchasing of garments. Having fashion expertise and being updated with the latest fashion trends is the most common skill. The ideal candidate must also have some fashion-related degrees along with previous work experience in as Wardrobe Stylist.

Voice Actor

The main work role of the Voice Actors is provide voice over for the commercials, movie, video games, animated films, dubbed films or various TV shows. They have to lend their voices and read the scripts. These professionals have to work most of the time in the recording studios. They can work independently and are hired on contract basis. The ideal candidate must do regular exercise and prevent the damage of vocal cord. The applicants must have speaking abilities, strong and clear voice, proper accents and willingness to work in odd hours. Few employers select the candidate having training in the dubbing or the voice overs.


The basic job profile of the Animators is to produce the animated characters for the films, websites, series, games, or commercials. They have to use the various graphical images, prepare their proper sequence and produce the illusion of momentary effects. The duties mentioned in the various resumes of the Animator are producing designs, communicating with clients, discussing the sketches, presenting the movie to clients and using the animation software. They have to find innovative ideas and opportunities which supports the production team. The essential skills required for this job role are computer expertise, software proficiency, creativity and artistic talent. Having the degree in animation is also mandatory for this position.

Art Curator

Most of the museum, art galleries and other art institutions require the Art Curators. They are employed to develop the collection of the gallery and maintain their various artworks. There are diverse duties included in the resume of an Art Curator. They have to write promotional material, prepare the list of artist, liaise with agents, organize events, collect artifacts, catalogue acquisitions, ensure safety of the gallery and implement rules of regulations. He/she also has to handle the viewers, audience and answer the public queries. The candidate with the bachelors or the master’s degree is arts is often preferred.


The main work role of the Videographer is to record the moving images and edit them as needed. They have to work for the various media productions like TV, films, documentaries, news channel and other events. The most common work activities included in this job profile is to collaborate with clients and discuss their requirements. He/she has to record and film the videos, direct the camera position and handle the equipment, edit the video and improve its quality. The skills required for this profession are proficiency for a videography equipment proficiency and physical endurance. The candidates with creativity, multitasking abilities, attention to details and dexterity is highly preferred. Having course certificate is beneficial.

Interior Decorator

The Interior Decorators are appointed to assist clients in renovating the interior of their house or designing the interior of their house from scratch. They can work as individuals and run their own company or can be employed by the interior designing agency. They have to create the comforting, cozy, beautiful, elegant, or modern interior as demanded by client and according the space. They also have choose the colour of paint and select the lightening elements. He/she has to discuss with clients, estimate the cost and plan the budget. They have to oversee the purchase and sourcing of interior products. The skills required fort his job are technical knowledge and creativity. Having certificate, degree or license is required to apply for the job.

Casting Director

The casting directors have to choose the best celebrity face for the movie, commercial or serial according to the script. They also known as Talent Directors who are responsible for the entire casting process. The skills showcased in the resume of most of the Casting Directors are creativity, innovative ideas and ability to deal with various people. The basic work included in this role is to assist the directors, discuss roles with the artist, and decide the shoot location and placement of the product. There is no formal education needed for this job however having basic bachelor’s degree in the relevant field is highly recommended.

Textile Designer

The Textile Designers are hired by the textile company to create, plan and produce the design. They work in the textile industry and monitor the designs on the woven, printed, and knitted items. The other duties described in the various resume of the Textile Designers are to communicate with client and know their requirements, create the sample designs and discuss with the clients, inspect the product and respect it standard qualities. He/she also has to oversee the supply and purchase. They have to complete the order before delivery deadline. The skills required for this job are eye for colors, knowledge about fashion trends, creativity, attention to details and sharp awareness. The employers choose the candidate with the degree in the relevant field or having some vocational training.

Film Director

The film director is responsible to direct the entire film. They have to interpret the script and picturize the scenes. They have to use their artistic vision and bring the dialogues into real life. They have handle various technical aspects while making movie and must also supervise the organizational problems. These are the movie making professionals who have to plan the budget, select the movie location and balance the workflow between the schedules of celebrities. They need to oversee the work of various crew members. The ideal film director must have at least Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in film theory. The skills required for this profession are diplomacy, business skills, technical expertise and creativity.


Choreographers are skilled dances who has technical knowledge about various dance forms. They have to design the dance performance according to the script and mood of the song. They have to convey the emotions in form of dance movements. They need to be creative and use different ideas to present the same dance style in different manners. The work activities included in the resume of the Choreographers’ are to provide the dance lessons to the actors and give customer service to dance studios. They have to conduct the dance classes regularly and check the registration candidates. There is no need of any education but having expertise in dance and getting training certificates is crucial.

  • Architectural Technologist
  • Drafting Technician
  • Entertainer
  • Design Engineer
  • Industrial Painter
  • Journeyman Painter
  • Senior Architect
  • Digital Artist
  • Vfx Artist
  • Creative Graphic Designer
  • Motion Graphics Artist
  • Painter Helper
  • Curator
  • Interior Design Assistant
  • Fine Artist
  • Stagehand
  • Junior Graphic Designer
  • Event Designer
  • Interaction Designer
  • Test Architect
  • Motion Graphic Designer
  • Professional Actor
  • Interactive Designer
  • Digital Designer
  • Creative Designer
  • Opera Singer
  • Painter
  • Tool Designer
  • Senior Designer
  • Junior Interior Designer
  • Print Designer
  • Concept Artist
  • Web Tester
  • Production Assistant
  • Video Editor
  • Archivist
  • Curatorial Assistant
  • Artist
  • Draftsman
  • Illustrator
  • Freelance Designer
  • Craftsman
  • Freelance Makeup Artist
  • Intern Architect
  • Recreation Director
  • Senior Interior Designer
  • Design Director
  • Music Production
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Compositor
  • Creative Director
  • Wedding Photographer
  • Design Manager
  • Cinematographer
  • Freelance Musician
  • Technical Artist
  • Junior Copywriter
  • Theatre Director
  • Visual Designer
  • Graphic Artist
  • Retoucher
  • Painting Supervisor
  • Layout Artist
  • Image Consultant
  • Dance Teacher
  • Game Artist
  • Cartoonist
  • Production Designer
  • Layout Designer
  • Project Architect
  • Hair Designer
  • Musician
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Assistant Curator
  • Production Artist
  • Sound Designer
  • Autocad Technician
  • Aircraft Painter
  • Art Handler
  • Actress
  • Sign Installer
  • Music Director
  • Dancer
  • Digital Imaging Specialist
  • Kitchen Designer
  • Post Production Supervisor
  • Freelance Graphic Designer
  • 2D Animator
  • Electrical Drafter
  • Senior Art Director
  • Design Assistant
  • Landscape Designer
  • Artistic Director
  • Woodworker
  • Violin Teacher
  • Visual Artist
  • Design Intern
  • Photographer Assistant
  • Civil Designer
  • Recreation Manager
  • Professional Photographer
  • Recreation Coordinator
  • Senior Graphic Designer
  • Subway Sandwich Artist
  • Character Artist
  • Photographer
  • Drummer
  • Dance Instructor
  • Lighting Designer
  • Structural Draftsman
  • Art Gallery Assistant
  • Electrical Designer
  • Video Production Assistant
  • Freelance Interior Designer
  • Structural Drafter
  • Host
  • Songwriter
  • 3D Animator
  • Photo Editor
  • Multimedia Designer
  • High School Art Teacher
  • Visual Manager
  • Photo Assistant
  • Visual Information Specialist
  • Designer
  • Motion Designer
  • Big Data Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Creative Manager
  • Floral Designer
  • Artist Manager
  • Pianist
  • 3D Modeler
  • Freelance Photographer