Animal & Pet Care Resume Samples

Individuals who love taking care of animals and has an interest in the animal well-fare must choose this profession. There are various career opportunities in the animal & pet care section. This is the perfect career choice for individuals who want be in direct touch with animals.

There should be a highlight of skills like anatomy to keep animals healthy. The work in this industry has a lot of responsibilities and requires patience to handle animals. The employees have to use their knowledge of animal care to keep them happy.

The resumes of the candidates applying for the Animal & Pet Care designations must have knowledge of animal care. They should have degree of the related field and some certifications. Having previous work experience or training in animal care is always beneficial to get the job.

Animal & Pet Care Specialist

Here is an Resume Sample of Pet Care Specialist:

Rob Wilson

Pet Care Specialist

743 Xyz Abc Road.
Chicago, IL – xxxxx

Email: | Home: xxx-xxx-xxxx | Mobile: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Professional Summary

I am an experienced telesales pet care professional and retail manager. One of my greatest strengths is learning new things quickly. I also implement the skills learned in the work place in an effective and efficient manner. I enjoy having a business mindset and live my life with respectful and polite Christian values.

Work Experience

1) Pet Care Specialist

Chicago, IL

February 2017 to Present

  • Monitor groups of dogs of various sizes in a daycare setting.
  • Observe dog behavior.
  • Facility cleaning.
  • Documenting daily tasks.
  • Feeding the pet.
  • Communicating with staff to ensure the best care for dogs and cats.
  • Practiced basic animal husbandry skills


2) Barn Assistant

Chicago, IL

February 2017 to Present

  • Muck stalls.
  • Turn horses in and out.
  • Practiced basic animal husbandry for 41 horses


3) Stable Manager

Chicago, IL

September 2016 to Present

  • Muck stalls, paddocks, and pastures.
  • Turning horses out.
  • Preparation of food.
  • Haying or providing alfalfa nets.
  • Administer homeopathic medicines and assist the owner with tasks at hand.
  • Some of my experiences have been with ticks bites, abscesses, grooming horses when needed (picked feet, cleaned male sheaths, and female vulva area).


4) Dog Trainer/Daycare Attendant/Bather/Kennel Attendant

Chicago, IL

October 2015 to September 2016

  • Learned basics of dog obedience.
  • Assisted with training classes.
  • Training evaluations, delivery lessons, and daycare evaluations which included observing dog behavior, communicating with staff and clients, teaching owners how to train their dog using positive reinforcements.
  • Supervised daycare yard with anywhere from 10-70 dogs at a time.
  • Maintained yard, cleaned facility, monitored good play behavior.
  • Before focusing on dog training I was useful all over the facility including power washing the kennels, preparing diets, bathing dogs, and communicating with clients about their dogs needs and concerns

Educational Qualification

B.S in Animal Biotechnology and Conservation

ABC University

Chicago, IL

May 2016

Skills and Strengths

  • American Red Cross CPR and First Aid certified
  • SCUBA certified
  • Animal Husbandry care and observation
  • Licensed driver
  • Can lift more than 50lbs
  • Written and oral communication
  • Risk Management
  • Public Speaking

— References Available upon Request —

Dog Groomer

The main work responsibility of the Dog Groomers is to groom the dogs. They have to trim the dog hair and style them. The other work role is to brush and bath the dog, cut and clip his nails, clean his ears and give massage. The candidates willing to apply for the designation of Dog Groomers must have grooming skills, patience and strong ability to work with animals. The resume of the Dog Groomers must showcase high school diploma degree and state licensure.

Zoo Keeper

The main work responsibility of the Zoo Keeper is work in the zoo and ensure animal care. They have to provide safety, comfort, food, water and exercise needs to animals living in the zoo. They also have to clean the living space and provide the animal training. The skills required for this job are ability to deal with wild animal and having knowledge of animal care. Employers look for candidate with degree in zoology or animal science along with basic veterinary skills.

Veterinary Technician

The Veterinary Technician have to do the animal care, wrap and heal their wounds. They have to collect the test samples and administer treatments. They have to prepare the animals for the exercise and surgery. He/she has also to work and handle the clients in the veterinary office. The skills demonstrated in the resume of Veterinary Technician are clinical skills and empathy. The employers look for the Associate’s Degree in applicants resume while hiring the candidates.


The main work role of the Veterinarian is to clean the animal teeth’s, inspect their hooves, do the surgery and euthanasia. They have to perform various medical deeds for the animals. They also have to recommend the protocol to the clients. The skills required for this job are having knowledge of animals and knowing about the preventive measures. To become a Veterinarian, candidates must have Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and license.

Pet Groomer

The Pet Groomers have to make the animal’s bath and they also have to brush teeth’s of the domestic animals. They have to check the ears, wash the furs, brush the coats, and clip their nails. The pet groomers also have to sanitize the equipment and manage the grooming salons. The skills required for this job position are grooming skills and ability to work with animals. To become pet groomer, the applicant must have high school diploma and also require licensure.

Veterinary Receptionist

The main work role of the Veterinary Receptionist is attend clients and welcome the patients. They have to administer the veterinary office, answer the calls, handle correspondence, take payments, sell items, schedule appointments and announce emergencies. The most common skills found in the resume of Veterinary Receptionist are ability to interact with people and communicate with animals. No formal education is required but having high school diploma is beneficial.

Pet Sitter

The pet sitters have to supervise pets when the owners are not available. They have to administer the medicines of the pets while owners are absence. They need to provide them water and food, they have to take pets to vet and do their grooming. The skills required for this job are ability to deal with the animals and must have basic training knowledge. There is no formal education for this job but having high school diploma is beneficial.

Animal Control Officer

The main work role of the Animal Control Officer is to protect the animals from the abuse and the distress. They also have to oversee the various animal control issues and enforce various animal control laws. They have to respond to calls of the citizen and investigate the animal cruelty. The skills highlighted in the resume of ACO are knowledge about animal control law and basic expertise of veterinary science basic expertise. Having diploma is sufficient for this job.

Kennel Attendant

The responsibility of the Kennel Attendant is to provide care and medicine to animals living in the shelter. They have to give them food, water, anticipate their animal needs and administer treatments. The candidates interested in the position of the Kennel Attendant must have ability to restrain animals and should possess expertise in the animal care. There is no formal education required for this job but having previous work experience is more preferable.

Dog Walker

The Dog Walker is appointed to take the dogs out for a walk. They have to make the dogs walk in the neighborhood premises regularly twice a day or once a day as per the employment contract. They also have to teach dogs manners, make them obedient and well behaved. The skills included in the resume of the Dog Walker are ability to work with animals, train dogs and understand their body language. Having dog training certification or high school diploma is beneficial.

Animal Shelter Volunteer

The main responsibility of the Animal Shelter volunteers is to host the animals seeking shelters and help people looking to adopt pets. They have to give the animals care and provide them with food. They have to regularly groom the animals and keep their living place clean. The skills required for this job are mostly physical fitness, empathy and the ability to restrain animals. There is no need of any formal education but having basic knowledge of veterinary is beneficial.

Animal Caretaker

Animal Caretakers are appointed by the veterinary clinics, animal shelter homes, zoo or any other animal care facility. They have to supervise the animals and offer them food. The other duties included in this job role is to feed, clean and meet animals. At times, they have to help animals while transporting and administer the treatments. To become animal caretaker, one must have high school diploma or vocational training. Physical fitness is also required.

Horse Trainer

The main responsibility of the horse trainer is to train and prepare the horse for the race, shows and events. They have to correct their bad habits and improve the public behavior of horse. The employed trainer also commands horses and manages the selling or purchasing of horse. The applicant must have some previous training but there is no need of any formal education. Having skills like experience of working with horse and training abilities is beneficial for this job.

Dog Sitter

Dog sitter has to supervise the pet dogs in the absence of their owners. They have the responsibility of feeding dogs, grooming them and taking them to the vet. He/she also has to monitor the dogs’ medication and provide the companionship. The skills required for this job are empathy, ability to deal with dogs, expertise in dog training and communication skills. To become eligible for this position, no formal education is need but high school diploma is a plus.

Dog Trainer

The Dog Trainer are appointed by individuals, pet shops or other animal facilities to give proper training, manners and behavior to the dog. They have to give commands to dog and correct their bad habits. The appointed dog trainers has to oversee the physical exercise of dog and off mental stimulation. The skills mentioned in the ideal candidate are dog training and handling abilities. There is no education required but the applicant must have dog training certification.

Veterinary Assistant

The main work role of the Veterinary Assistant is to provide assistance and help to the veterinarians in the clinic. They have also have support the Veterinary Technicians. He/she has to oversee the cleaning of animal living space, sanitize equipment’s, provide first aid, handle emergency cases, take X-rays and handle various instruments. Having little clinical knowledge is beneficial. The applicant must showcase veterinarian assisting training in his/her resume.

Animal Care Technician

The Animal Care Technicians is appointed by the vet clinics or research labs. They have to over the see the animals who are in the lab for research and provide them companionship. They have to monitor the animals and provide them with proper medication. He/she also have to give them their desired environment condition and keep recording the collected information. The applicant candidate must have Bachelor’s Degree for veterinary technicians or some training.


The main work role of the Aquarist is to maintain the aquarium and keep it clean. They are hired by the marine research institutes, pet shops or by zoos. The other work duties included in the resume of Aquarist are conducting and implementing the training or educational programs. They have to conserve marine life and advocate people for wildlife conservation. The employers usually look for applicant having Bachelor’s Degree in zoology or marine biology. The candidates with interest in underwater life and physical fitness are highly preferred.

Ranch Hand

The rand hand has to have interest in farming and working as rand hand. They have to plan the feeding schedule of animals and feed them with proper diet. They need to clean animals and must know how to use various tools. They have to prepare land for crops, harvest crops, collect eggs and oversee the milking. There is no need for any formal education but having previous work experience is beneficial. The candidates with high school diploma are generally preferred.

Animal Technician

The animal technicians have to work in the clinic or the laboratory premises. They have to check and care the animals involved in the clinical researches or trials. The appointed animal technician has to feed animals, monitor and relive the animals from stress, check the health conditions and provide medication, clean cages and collect the animal data. The ideal candidate for this job must have knowledge of veterinary technician and animal science training.