Advertising & Marketing Resume Samples

The Advertising and the Marketing domain has the wide range of job possibilities. All the job seekers who are expert in the advertising and marketing can apply for the job. This sector also covers various openings for the public relation positions. Increasing the sales and marketing the brand effectively are main duties involved in this sector.

The professional experts of the adverting & marketing field have to assist the marketing department of the company for the product promotion. They have provide services and build the strong brand value between the public. They have to on the print media and also on the social platforms to increase the engagement with the customers.

The hired candidate has to develop the advertising campaigns, plan the marketing strategies, direct the work implementation and oversee the various communications. The experts in this field can work as individual freelancers or can be hired by company or directly by advertising firm. To be eligible for this field, applicant must have marketing knowledge and relevant degree.

Resume Template for Professionals in Advertising & Marketing Sector:


Rob Wilson

Marketing Manager

743 Xyz Abc Road.
Chicago, IL – xxxxx

Email: | Home: xxx-xxx-xxxx | Mobile: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Professional Summary

Goal and results oriented sales professional with proven ability to drive revenue growth in highly competitive markets. An individual with strong relationship building, excellent individual and group presentation skills.

Work Experience

1) Marketing Manager

ABC Company – Norcross, GA

September 2016 to March 2017

  • Keep inventory update of promotional items
  • Create Facebook campaigns, surveys and weekly specials.
  • Schedule promotions every week at different locations (mexican stores apartment complexes, churches, soccer leagues) and massive events (5 de mayo, fiestas patrias)
  • Grassroots in Norcross and Gainesville (Hispanic stores: restaurants, check cashing, hair salons)
  • Schedule Visits with Companies to increase referrals offering discounts and group presentations about oral health
  • Production analysis from call rail, Dentrix, Facebook and call center.
  • Review competition prices and marketing strategies


2) Office Front Manager

XYZ Company – Atlanta, GA

September 2014 to November 2015

  • Assist in the administration of application forms, conduct reference and/or employment checks, and maintain records, reports, and logs pertaining to applicant flow procedures.
  • Assist with processing of employee change request, terminations, etc.
  • Have a general understanding of the Construction industry and various aspects to processing, coordinating, and executing Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Contracts, etc.
  • Understand and interpret Contract requirements, execution, terms and conditions.
  • Manage Invoices, accounts payable and accounts receivable.
  • Address contractor issues and reporting on contractor activities.


3) Project Coordinator

ABC Company – Atlanta, GA

February 2013 to August 2014

  • Tasked with working directly with customers to ensure product installs are done in a timely manner while achieving high service levels.
  • Work with internal customer team to ensure all requisites are met for installation process to begin and ensure all customer requirements are covered.
  • Analyze project deliverables to understand where risk lies and diminish all risk related to each project.


4) Marketing Coordinator and Sales Representative

XYZ Group – Atlanta, GA

October 2009 to September 2012

  • Conducted interviews and recruited a team of 25 sales promoters.
  • Planned and conducted training sessions to sales promoters to operate foreign currency transfer terminals.
  • Followed up and evaluated the results of local promotions on a weekly basis, as well as the performance of each sales promoter.
  • Responsible for managing budget assigned to promotion activities and payroll of sales promoters in the state of Georgia and North Carolina
  • Provided customer service to agents and customers.
  • Opened new retail doors and maintained existing customer accounts.

Educational Qualification

Diploma in General Studies

ABC School – Conyers, GA

August 2004 to May 2008

Skills and Strengths

  • Self-motivated
  • Developed great communication
  • Adapt easily to new concepts and responsibilities
  • Respond to different environments
  • Well organized
  • Great communication skills
  • Great attitude towards kids and parents
  • Time management skills

— References Available upon Request —


Advertising & Marketing

Advertising Copywriter

The main work role of the Advertising Copywriters is to design and create the marketing strategies. They have to develop the advertising campaigns for websites, magazines or any other publications. The candidate has to have experience of collaborating with creative and marketing teams. The employers choose the candidate having the degree in marketing, communication, writing or journalism. Having marketing expertise is a beneficial skill.

Social Media Coordinator

The main work role of the Social Media Coordinator is to plan and manage the social media activities of the company. He/she has to work on the social promotion strategies and campaigns. The skill required in the resume of Social Media Coordinator are interact with users or prospects via social networks. The employers choose the candidate with expertise is marketing and decision-making abilities. Having degree in marketing or advertising is required.


The responsibility of the Telemarketers is to contact the customer via telephone and do the sales marketing of the product. The candidate has to be spontaneous and answer according to the customer queries or they can also read the scripts. The hiring employers look for candidate having excellent communication abilities and telephone etiquette. Ability to handle the pressure and having patience is must for this job. To be eligible, applicant must have diploma or degree.

Brand Manager

The Brand Managers are appointed to increase the brand value of the company in the competitive market and promote the product between the audiences. He/she has to increase the market shares and sales of the product. Essential skills required in the resume of the Brand Manager are sales orientation, business acumen, marketing expertise and leadership abilities. The applying applicant must have Bachelor’s Degree in marketing or advertising in the resume.

Marketing Analyst

Market Analysts are professional experts who are appointed to offer advice on various company aspects. He/she has to do the market research and provide insights about the customer portfolio, market trends and competitors. They have to assist client in calculating profit on the investment. The employers usually select the applicant with the degree in marketing or business. Ideal candidate for this job must have research abilities and strong analytical thinking.

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Managers are appointed by the hiring managers to handle the marketing work of the company. They have to coordinate with the marketing team of the organization to work on the online promotion strategies. The most sought skills for this profession are communication, creativity, marketing expertise and writing skills. Most candidates applying for this job have degree in the marketing or at least a Bachelor’s degree in any relevant field.

Media Director

The Media Director is responsible for detecting the available market opportunities and capitalize them. They have to supervise the team and perform the market research. They also have to oversee the planned strategies and help in developing products. The top skills required for this job position are analytical thinking and strategic planning. The candidates willing to apply for the designation of Media Director must have a degree in marketing, advertising or communication.

Retail Marketing Manager

It is the responsibility of the Retail Marketing Managers is to make sure that the companies achieve the sales target and meet goals. They have to plan and handle the budget, supervise and manage the team, oversee and maintain stock, attain customers and solve their queries. The essential skills employers check in resume are communication, commercial awareness, marketing, sales, and leadership. Bachelor’s Degree in marketing or relevant field is required.

Advertising Account Manager

The main work role of the Advertising Account Manager is to supervise the account details of an advertising agency. They have to plan, develop and maintain the relationship with clients. They also have to ensure customer satisfaction and offer the new business opportunities. The employers usually look for candidate with a bachelor’s degree in the field of advertising, marketing, or business administration. Having knowledge of finance and accounting is a plus.

Creative Project Manager

The Creative Project Managers are responsible to handle the creative resources of the advertising agencies or the marketing companies. They are employed to maximize business performance with optimal use of resources. The skills mentioned in the resume of the Creative Project Manager includes monitoring abilities, communication, analyzing project and profit making. The candidates must have Bachelor’s Degree in communications or marketing.

Marketing Strategist

The Marketing Strategists have to analyze and detect the various lucrative capitalizing opportunities. They have to plan and develop the promotional strategies. The work included in the resume of Marketing Strategist is to guide the staff and communicate with clients. The skills required for this job are analytical thinking, business awareness and strategic planning. Employers choose the applicants with degree in marketing, advertising or communication.

Public Relations Specialist

The Public Relations Specialist can work as freelancers or they can be employed by a variety of organizations. The independent PR firms hire them to propagate the positive image of brand between the audience and clients. He/she has to influence the people, work on campaigns and promotional activities, supervise the staff and assign them duties for events. Employers select the resume with Bachelor’s Degree in communication. Having skills like networking and communication capabilities are a plus.

Client Relations Manager

The Client Relations Managers are employed by the companies to ensure the best customer service. The have to maintain relations with clients and take the retention level high. He/she is responsible to make the customer budget, plan campaign, start new initiatives and improve the customer care. Employers usually select the candidate with the college in marketing, sales, or communication. The skills like customer service orientation and problem solving abilities are also required.

Digital Marketing Analyst

The work of the Digital Marketing Analyst is to plan, design and implement various digital marketing strategies after analyzing the market and the product aspects. They have to promote the business online to meet its objectives and goals. They need to know the market trend and user behavior. Employers seek the skills like analytical thinking and client orientation in the resume of Digital Marketing Analyst. The candidate must have degree or training in this field.

Chief Marketing Officer

The main work role of the Chief Marketing Officer is supervise the marketing strategies of the company. They have develop, plan and execute the campaigns. They have to sales oriented and must do the market research. He has to assign the duties to the employees and monitor their task performance. The most sought after skill for the Chief Marketing Officer Resume is analytical thinking. Having master’s degree in marketing and some work experience is needed.

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Managers are hired by the company to supervise the marketing department. They have to get involve in the product designing, development and distribution. They have to create content and campaigns for its promotions. He has to liaise with clients and company stakeholders. The skills required for this job are communication, presentation, sales, marketing and teamwork. Having Degree in relevant field along with previous experience is required.

Advertising Manager

The responsibility of the Advertising Managers is to plan the promotional activities for a product and direct the staff for implement it. They have to handle the advertising campaigns and generate the maximum sales profit. He has to collect the marketing materials, organize it and submit it for publishing. They has to assist the sales employees and help company reach it market goals. Having bachelor’s degrees in advertising, journalism or marketing is required.

Vice President Of Marketing

The Vice Presidents of Marketing play a crucial in any company. They are main bodies who serve their advice and final verdict on the planned marketing strategies. They have to check the prepared marketing plan, analyze the competitors and do market research. They also have to identify opportunities and invest. The hiring managers choose the candidate with the Bachelor’s Degree in marketing. It is beneficial to have marketing experience and previous training for job.

Product Marketing Manager

The main work of the Product Marketing Manager is to organize and co-ordinate various marketing activities in order to promote company product. They have to oversee the product promotion and create the promotional lines for the product. They have to position the product and help in the development stage. The applicant must have marketing expertise and technical knowledge. The applying candidate must have Bachelor’s Degree in marketing or business.

Internet Marketing Specialist

The main intention of the Internet Marketing Specialists is generate the company sales and get more customer through the online promotion. They have to communicate with the internet users and attract them for the purchasing of product or using the company service. The other duties include publishing content, building network, increase traffic and user engagement. The education qualification required for this job is Bachelor’s Degree and training in relevant field.

Content Strategist

The content strategist is the most important part of the marketing team. He/she is the key person in the creative department. They are responsible for provide new, unique and fresh content on the regular basis. They also have to develop the content strategies based on the client requirements and users interest. The applicant must know how to use CMS and should be able to organize website content. A bachelor’s degree in journalism or literature is beneficial.

Advertising Sales Manager

The work role of the Advertising Sales Managers is to mentor the sales department of the company. He is responsible to guide the selling staff and offer advice on the various aspects. They have to cultivate the relation with old clients and change the price of the product as per trend. They have to ensure the advertisements are shown on time. To be eligible for this job, one must have degree in marketing, public relations, communication, or advertising.

Events Coordinator

Event coordinator is the individual who handles and plans the various events. The task of the event coordinator includes to settle the meetings with the clients and carry out the required discussion. A good Event Coordinator must have great negotiation abilities along with problem solving skill. For the people seeking job in this industry must have marketing or hospitality degree. The higher degree and certain certifications are always helpful.

Sales & Marketing Manager

The main work responsibility of the Sales and Marketing Managers is to supervise the sales and marketing personnel’s. They have to motivate the employees and oversee their tasks performance. They also have to recruit and train the new staff. They need to make reports and submit to seniors. The ideal candidate for this job must have sales expertise and self-motivation. A Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field with previous work experience is required for this job.

Digital Content Manager

The work role of the Digital Content Managers is ensure that the correct content is published on website at the correct time. They have to supervise the functioning and promotion of the content. They need to regularly update the content on the website and keep developing the strong content strategies. They have to report corrections in the content. The candidate must possess Bachelor’s Degree in marketing or communication to be eligible for this job.

Trade Marketing Manager

The Trade Marketing Managers are employed to work at the level of wholesaler or distributor level. They have to attain the company targets and help the company reach tis objectives. They need to increase the market value and attend the trade fairs. The skills mentioned in the resume of Trade Marketing Manager are networking, marketing expertise, strategic thinking and computer knowledge. The applying candidate must have degree or training in marketing field.

Marketing Communications Manager

Marketing Communications Manager have the responsibility to supervise and handle the sales of the company. They need to manage the staff, assign them task and promote the brand. They need to do market research and calculate ROI. The skills included in the resume of marketing communications manager are marketing expertise, leadership, teamwork and communication. The employers choose the candidate with bachelors or the master’s degree in this field.

Communications Director

The Communications Director is employed to represent an organization in front of mass public. They have to oversee all the aspects of PR and supervise the staff. They have to develop the communication strategies and be the media spokesperson of the company. The skills required for his job are mainly leadership qualities and communication abilities. Most Communication Directors hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree in business, public relations or any relevant field.

Online Marketing Specialist

The Online Marketing Specialist has to use the online channels and social platforms for the promotional activities of company. They have to implements adverting campaigns over the internet. They have to choose the correct channels for the products and handle the site SEO. They need to focus on the lead generation. The skills required for this position are computer proficiency and results orientation. Having any bachelors or master’s degree is mandatory.

Promotions Manager

The Promotions Manager is hired to supervise and coordinate with the promotional teams of marketing department. They are responsible to oversee the product or service promotion activities. They need to plan the campaigns and implement them. They have to allocate budget, analyze target audience and increase retail stock. Skills like marketing expertise and budgeting are successful skillset for this job. Having college education and training in marketing is required.

  • Technical Marketing Engineer
  • Marketing Engineer
  • Brand Strategist
  • Social Media Intern
  • Account Coordinator
  • Event Production Manager
  • Advertising Account Executive
  • Trade Show Coordinator
  • Marketing Representative
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Print Production Manager
  • Senior Marketing Manager
  • Customer Service Clerk
  • Communications Assistant
  • Director
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing Supervisor
  • Field Marketing Manager
  • Commercial Relationship Manager
  • Communications Specialist
  • Account Officer
  • Marketer
  • Marketing Sales Manager
  • Conference Coordinator
  • Community Organizer
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Sales And Marketing Coordinator
  • Communications Officer
  • Assistant Marketing Manager
  • Advertiser
  • Marketing Intern
  • Marketing Officer
  • Sales Marketing Manager
  • Freelance Marketing Consultant
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Brand Consultant
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Advertising Coordinator
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Circulation Manager
  • Sales Promoter
  • Associate Brand Manager
  • Telemarketing Manager
  • Presentation Specialist
  • Regional Marketing Manager
  • Car Sales Consultant
  • Booking Agent
  • Product Demonstrator
  • Internet Marketing Manager
  • Corporate Event Planner
  • Event Project Manager
  • Talent Agent
  • Brand Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Seo Manager
  • Special Event Manager
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Disc Jockey
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Car Sales Associate
  • Marketing Communications Specialist
  • Commercial Manager
  • Digital Strategist
  • Marketing Product Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist
  • Director Of Marketing
  • Pr Manager
  • Branch Sales Manager
  • Events Planner
  • Tour Director
  • Sound Technician
  • Automotive Sales Manager
  • Car Sales Representative
  • Account Planner
  • Community Manager
  • Assistant Sales Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Administrator
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Digital Producer
  • Marketing Operations Manager
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Ppc Manager
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Ambassador
  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Car Sales Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Pr Account Executive
  • Project Management Specialist
  • Talent Manager
  • Creative Services Manager
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Pricing Manager
  • Special Event Coordinator
  • Marketing Project Manager
  • Marketing Professional
  • Advertising Project Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Demonstrator
  • Digital Marketing Director
  • Marketing Writer
  • Junior Product Manager
  • Conference Services Manager
  • Marketing Account Executive
  • Professional Organizer
  • Communication Specialist
  • Marketing Account Manager
  • Seo Specialist
  • Marketing Associate
  • Assistant Brand Manager
  • Event Planning Intern
  • Area Sales Manager
  • Channel Marketing Manager
  • Tv Host
  • Lead Generator
  • Advertising Director
  • Associate Marketing Manager