3 Career Reasons to Have a Personal Website

Do you want to stand out from the other applicants? Creating a personal website could help you do that. If you’re looking for a job and feeling annoyed that there’s more to you than a sheet of paper, don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

At one point, we all face the same challenge. The good news is, there are other avenues for prospective employers to get heard. To help pave the way for your career success, one choice is to create your online image. 

Creating a personal website is your latest secret weapon. Here are some of the best reasons why you need a personal website to advance your career. 

3 Career Reasons to Have a Personal Website
Image Source: Domenico Loia (Unsplash)

Stand Out From The Rest 

Your website offers prospective employers a more in-depth look at your real personality and accomplishments, unlike a conventional resume. Your personal website is a sure-fire way to stand out in the crowd, with hiring managers receiving hundreds of resumes. 

It helps to carve out my start-up experience more quickly than the “traditional” career route, which is really difficult to do on a resume. People are visual, so the more you can illustrate (rather than tell), the better. 


Your resume can state that after 15,000 engaged readers, you “created a company blog.” However, your personal site can take someone directly to the blog and demonstrate why it is very engaging and what sets your work apart. 

Your personal homepage will serve as a digital portfolio of your online work and personality by featuring work samples, pages you’ve worked on, articles you’ve posted, whatever.

Your personal, professional website provides the opportunity to stand out from your rivals. You have to show everyone what you’re good at, not just let them know about it. 

The X factor that gets you short-listed for a job interview and gives you the chance to shine may be examples of your work or your blog material. 

You Make Your Recruiters’ Lives Easier

Recruitment agencies have a resume database, but it doesn’t mean the only thing they consider when looking for the right candidate is these submissions. For their gain, they also use Google and perform online searches for top-notch talent. 

This means that you and your personal technical website will stumble upon them. Of course, you should bear in mind that your prospective employer(s) will look you up online when you apply for a job, so owning the search results with your unique domain name will help you obtain an interview along with making a great first impression.

At first, the thought of having a personal website might seem a little vain. But websites are not for tools only! The reality is that you actually already have a personal brand online. Then why shouldn’t your contacts make life easier? 

If you can just give them one easy connect, yourname.com, you will not only get cool tech-savvy points, but nothing will slip through the cracks as well. They’re going to have your LinkedInTwitter, or Email, and hopefully a pretty good idea of what is one, the accessible location you’re all about.

Affordability, Efficiency, Connectivity

It is simpler to make a good, clean website than it seems to be. To build your website, select a forum! Three easy options are given here.

Let your elegant website talk for itself. If another applicant meets all the criteria and has a similar background in education/work but does not have a personal website, this may be a distinguishing factor. 

Also, by getting a website, individuals can get to know you, follow you, and communicate with you from all over the world, contributing to new friendships and better job prospects.

3 Career Reasons to Have a Personal Website
Image Source: Glenn Carstens-Peters (Unsplash)


You’ll see what works for you and what doesn’t until you start working on building a personal website. To have a professional look and feel, you can continue to customize and polish your unique website. 

You’ll test new ways of conveying your message to boost your personal brand.