10 High Paying Jobs You Don’t Need a University Degree For

There are misconceptions that the better and higher paying jobs on the market are only geared towards university graduates. What many individuals don’t know is that there are different job paths that pay just as much.

While a good college education can pave the way for career advancement and opportunities, there are many industry positions that no longer require candidates to finish or even undergo a four-year education experience.

Below are some of the 10 best high paying jobs that don’t need require you to have a college degree. You might consider applying for one today!

10 Best High Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

Computer Support Specialist

10. Computer Support Specialist

Computer support specialists earn an average salary of around $45,000 per year. They are dedicated to helping customers navigate their way through various computer- and network-related issues. They also handle requests and technology resolution, among other issues.

Dental Hygienist

9. Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist gains an average salary of $58,242 per year. They work closely with dentists and are tasked with similar responsibilities. From providing oral healthcare education to cleaning teeth, these dental hygienists also assist during procedures from time to time.

MRI Technologist

8. MRI Technologist

An MRI Technologist works with MRI machines to scan and read images about a patient’s medical condition. This particular position requires MRI technologists to oversee the quality of images and scans, as well as establish rapport with the patient to ease them during the MRI scan. This job provides an average salary of $66,941 per year.

Web Developer

7. Web Developer

With an average salary of $75,487 per year, web developers focus on creating user-friendly websites. They are responsible for putting together the overall look of the website – from the images, to the graphics, to the effects being seen on screen. They are required to know a variety of different programming languages.

Radiation Therapist

6. Radiation Therapist

While a radiation therapist works in the medical field, they don’t necessarily have to attain a bachelor’s degree or a degree in medicine. Radiation therapists are professionals who work with cancer patients by administering radiation treatments to eliminate tumors. The average salary for this job is around $76,000 per year.

Computer Programmer

5. Computer Programmer

A computer programmer’s main task revolves around writing code to make software programs. Often, these experts are tasked to design and streamline operating systems, as well as remove computer errors. For their duties, these individuals are paid an average of around $67,000 annually.

Police Officer

4. Police and Detectives

Police officers and detectives who are first-responders and who have a managerial position earn an average salary of $89,030 per year. Part of their duties includes supervising cases, training new members of the force, and planning and participating in raids and arrests.

Warehouse Manager

3. Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers

At an average salary of $94,730 per year, managers from these sectors are in-charge of overseeing transportation, storage, and distribution from one facility to another. Besides managing warehouse operations, these managers also handle managerial tasks, such as handling different departments and directing the varied duties of employees.

Computer Security Analyst

2. Computer Security Analyst

Computer security analysts get an average salary of $98,530 per year. These specialists are tasked to safeguard the computer, internet, and the overall network of an organization. While most companies require a degree in a related field, more industries are recognizing relevant skills and training over a degree.

Commercial Pilots

1. Commercial Pilots

Commercial pilots operate planes that fly to different countries and locations using commercial airplanes. These professionals are tasked to bring passengers safely from one destination to another, alongside heavy cargo. This job usually requires a commercial pilot’s license and a high school diploma, together with relevant training hours. The pay in this industry is the highest in this list, garnering a median $130,059 per year.

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