10 Must-Try Business Ideas In 2020

More people are choosing to work online than ever before. Many individuals are embracing the potential of having an online business and are taking advantage of what they have to offer. There are many opportunities available out there that no one should miss out on.

An online business is just like any other business; the only difference is that you work in the comfort of your home. You need to put in the same hard work you would have put into your regular job. Furthermore, you need to offer something great, that is the only way you can make money online.

If you feel that 2020 is your year to start a business, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled the top 10 profitable business ideas that will change your life this year. Continue reading to see what endeavors made our list.


Start A Blog

Are you a good writer? Then make use of your skills by starting a blog. The only way you can be different and stand out from the crowd is if you specialize in a specific niche. Something to do with healthy living or how to live life as a nomad will make you a decent monthly income. Provide entertaining and useful information to your readers.

Write E-Books

This is quite different from writing a book because they are short, and you can never run out of ideas or topics to write about. If you are a good writer and feel like there is a topic that you would like the world to know about, then writing an e-book is the way to go. Because they are so short, you can easily write multiple e-books and generate income from all of them.

Self-Publish A Book

Many authors have made great sums of money from their books. However, many authors have also had to give a large part of their profits to their publishing companies. Thankfully, with the accessibility of internet resources, you can now self-publish your own books. This way, you can take all of the profit for yourself. However, you need to have a marketing strategy in place before you start.

Flip Domains For A Fee

Yes, this is also another business idea that can make you some good money. Basically, you buy a domain, keep it for some time and then later sell it at a higher price. Think of it as buying something that appreciates in value with time. However, make sure the domains you buy are ones that people will want to have in the future.


This is another popular venture in the online business world today. What you will do is to act as an agent. In other words, you buy a product from a supplier and then sell it to the final consumer. You can even have the supplier ship to the customer directly so the items never even touch your hands.

Create Online Courses

As more and more people turn to the internet with questions and to learn skills, online courses are a booming business. You can create an online course and earn money every time someone signs up. You will be amazed at how much demand is out there for such short lessons. Find a niche, do your research, gather the necessary study materials, and you will be on your way to making top dollars.

Become A Copywriter

Again, if you are passionate about writing and have a mind for marketing, this job is for you. The goal of any copywriter is to make sales. They write many different things including billboards, brochures, emails, websites, advertisements, and so on. The beauty of this job is that you don’t need any money to get started, only a computer, stable internet and your writing skills.

Online Lending

Peer-to-peer lending is when individuals lend money online to other platforms and businesses. This comes in handy for people need quick money but cannot access any funds for one reason or another. It also eliminates hefty interest fees imposed by banks.

Lead Generation Services

Some individuals have mastered the art of garnering leads for businesses. If that is you, then turn this skill into a business in 2020. If you are great with lead generation, help out the businesses around you. They will pay you big amounts if your skills are great enough,

Social Media Manager

We have all seen how businesses are moving online. Since most owners are very busy, they might not be able to take care of the marketing and social media for their company. In such cases, they are willing to pay professionals to manage these efforts for them. If you are skilled in managing Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, then think of this business venture this year.


Bottom Line

Thankfully, the internet has created a variety of opportunities that you can capitalize on. With dedication and hard work, you can even turn your business into a seven-figure income-generating venture. Whatever the case, if you are hoping to start an online business in 2020, we hope you can pick one from this list.